Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring Decorating in the Dining Room

Welcome back! 
I'm happy to have you stop by today. I have been busy piddling around the house today doing a little spring cleaning and decorating.Today I will share the dining room with you.
Come on in... 

How do you like my copper bunny? This bunny started out a mint green color, then got painted white a few years ago, and this year, I gave him a coat of copper. I love it! The platter on the stand is a thrifty find from a couple years ago.

I only purchased a few new items this year. The first is these white egg shaped plates from the Target Dollar Spot. They were 2 for $3. Of course, I also purchased the tulips. Here is one of the plates. I only set the table for two this time. Most of my dishes, place mats, and glasses are in sets of four which looks funny with 6 chairs now at the table.

 I am thinking of getting rid of most of my dishes I have collected. I may keep two of some of them as well as the ones I have 6 or more of. I'm not sure yet though. The tulips are so pretty today. They were still closed when I brought them home last night. They are such a cheerful flower!

I am enjoying the simplicity of the table. What do you think?

This Old Country Roses bunny teapot looks cute sitting atop the china cabinet.

The buffet stayed the same and I just added the bunny and the chick as well as a couple of the egg plates and a white candle holder with a yellow egg shaped candle inside. I also hung a couple wooden carrots from the picture frame.

I opted to get rid of most of my traditional Easter decor this year. I am taking some to school and donating some as well. I did keep two glass eggs I have had for years. I put them on the bookshelf.

The chalkboard also got a new saying today. It did say...Baby it's cold outside...which really fits today since we are having a cold front this week. 

Yesterday I spent the day in Gainesville. I went to Target and shopped a bit, then drove across town to pick Miranda up for lunch. We had Chipotle and then went to Lucky's Market to get a cookie for dessert. I went in to see her office when I dropped her off and met a couple of her co-workers. After I left, I went to Goodwill to kill time before my chiropractic appointment. 
I only bought a few things...a Scrabble board game. I cannot pass these up as you know I love using the trays and tiles to decorate around the house. This was $1.99.

I also bought some books. The hardcovers were 5 for $5 and the paperbacks were 2 for $1. I found some really good titles. I also bought one shirt which I did not photograph.

Along with the egg plates, I bought this sweet planter box at Target. I want to grow some wheat grass in it I think. I'm not sure yet though. It was $5. I really have to show restraint at the Target Dollar Spot because they always have the cutest things! My word of the year comes into play a lot when I am there...as I try to be mindful of not only my spending but remembering I have to store all of the things I bring home. They have some really cute spring things in now though if you are interested. The other item I bought will be shared in my kitchen spring decor post in a day or two.

I hope you all are enjoying the week. I am certainly enjoying my time off from work. It is always nice to not have to think or worry about school stuff for a few days. I do hope my students are all well and happy and enjoying their spring break as well. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to be back tomorrow or Thursday to share the spring decor in my kitchen. 
Until then....



  1. Target's Dollar Spot is a dangerous place indeed! I have to constantly remind myself I have to store it after I buy it! Love all your pretty spring decorating! Your table looks very nice. Love the simplicity of it. I need to go through my Easter stuff again and get rid of some things. I try to do that each season as I pull stuff out. Sounds like you're making the most of your week off. Enjoy!

  2. The dining room looks so pretty, Vicky. The place settings are perfect for the spring. The bunny looks great in copper. You've really gotten a lot of enjoyment from him.

    You've inspired me...I think I'll call my Mom and see if she wants to go thrifting this weekend. Hope I have some of our good luck.

    Enjoy the rest of the week. I look forward to seeing the kitchen.

  3. Your home is so Springy! I love Target dollar spot also. I'm doing better at keeping less of my holiday decor. I also downsized my Easter decorations. Keeping just a few things. Enjoy the rest of your week! Hugs!

  4. Hi Vicky, your dining room looks lovely. I haven't really done anything to "Spring- Up" our home other than yesterday when I washed the bedding I replaced the quilts with light colored ones. Our weather is still cold, but warming up a little bit each day. Last week we had some days that reach the 50's by afternoon. That green platter on your table is absolutely stunning and your egg shaped plates are so cute. You are an inspiration . . . I need to dig around and pull out some spring items. Maybe I can at least get the inside thinking it's spring, even if the outside is holding on to winter. LOL
    Have fun with your kinders!
    Connie :)

  5. Your place looks lovely! I love all the Spring decor! That little bunny on your buffet is the cutest! I need to bring in some more Spring to my home. With boys, it's a bit challenging! Ha!

    I hope you enjoy your break...
    Hugs to you,

  6. It all looks so pretty! I saw that green bunny platter at Goodwill the other day! I almost bought it but didn't... trying to restrain myself!! ha!


  7. Your dining room table looks darling with just the two settings and what adorable dishes.
    Your table looks like the dining table my husband and I had when we are first married, now my sister has it.
    You always find such amazing deals.

    Bless you~~

  8. Your dining room table looks darling with just the two settings and what adorable dishes.
    Your table looks like the dining table my husband and I had when we are first married, now my sister has it.
    You always find such amazing deals.

    Bless you~~

  9. All the decorations are so cute and cozy...

    Please visit: http://from-a-girls-mind.blogspot.com

  10. I love the egg plates, and your table looks so nice! I like the place setting for 2 as well! Have a great week Vicky :)


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