Friday, September 13, 2013

Sneezy, Dopey, and Thrifty!

Weren't those some of Snow White's dwarf's names? LOL! I have never been more happy to see Friday arrive! Kindergarten....coupled with extreme allergies has just about wiped me out this week...I am totally exhausted! I have seasonal allergies and the fall season...albeit my favorite....makes me sick every year. If you have never suffered from seasonal allergies, you are blessed. You know that feeling you get when you feel like you need to sneeze but can't? Well, that's how I feel much of the time...along with the roof of my mouth itching, eyes watering and itching, and my nose staying so stuffy I can't move air through it half the time and the other half the time, it's running and I have to blow it constantly until it is sore! Not to mention the sneeze attacks! Just call me Sneezy! Not a pretty picture I know....sorry! I guess I need to go see an allergist and get those shots....but, I really don't like shots! So....I am taking allergy medicine and sometimes that makes me feel all groggy and sleepy! can also call me Dopey!
Anywho, I managed to run by a thrift store one day this week and stopped by a yard sale today on the way home from work. Here are the things I bought! This is why you can call me Thrifty! I answer to any and all of the above mentioned names...LOL!

I love to shop at the Hospice thrift stores. Hospice was wonderful when my father-n-law was dying of cancer and my sister, who is a registered nurse, works for Hospice, so I love to give them my business. 
I found 3 hardcover books for $1 each. I have always wanted to read Anna Karenina and I found an older copy of it and of course it hopped right off the shelf into my cart! 


A set of 4 reversible blue place mats for a couple bucks. 

A vintage sheet to add to my collection....also a couple bucks.

A pretty little metal filigree dish for $1.59. I think it will be pretty painted.

I bought this cone thingie to put an arrangement in for my door. It needs a handle but the painted metal was really pretty for just $1.29. And the hubs is a pretty fantastic handyman and will get a handle put on for me lickety split!

We love to get together with family & friends and play games. I have never heard of this game but it sounded fun and was like new for just $1.29.

This lovely little set of dessert glasses was just $2.39 and is in perfect condition. They look grey in the photo but are really a brown color. Pretty for fall!

At the yard sale today, I found this funky retro insulated carafe. Doesn't it look like something from a cartoon? The maker is Villeroy & Boch and I had heard of them before so for $1 I decided to bring it home and research it. I am glad I did....there is one exactly like it listed on ETSY for $30! I love the aqua blue color and am trying to decide whether to keep it or sell it. Decisions.....decisions!

I also bought this vintage Crayola tin. I used to have one just like it and still have the ornament that came with it. I bought my original one new in 1992 when my daughter was just 3 years old. I have been a Crayola snob my entire! I will share the adorable little ornament that came with it when I decorate for Christmas this year. I have quite an assortment of ornaments and collect them everywhere I go! I am excited to have a few new ones to hang on my tree this year! Anywho....back to the post! This cute tin was just $1.

Last up is an adorable apothecary jar to add to my ever-growing and totally ridiculous collection of apothecary jars! Isn't it a cutie? I really NEEDED this one....I didn't have one like it yet! I think it is really cool that so many versions have this exact same lid. I have several with this lid style. I will have to share them some day...all an apothecary jar family reunion! They are scattered about the house now and it would require me to dust a few of them and even wash a few that live on my bathroom counter and have hairspray over spray dried on them. Just keeping it real! This little cutie was just $0.50 and will most likely find a home in the craft room.

Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out my latest thrifty finds! I may head over to a local yard sale/flea market in the morning if I feel better when I wake up. I sure hope I feel better tomorrow evening as I was asked by a fellow teacher friend to be a cake tasting judge for a local event she is in charge of. I sometimes lose my sense of taste when my allergies are really bad! Let's hope that doesn't happen tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

I'm off to blow my nose....again! And, I feel a sneeze attack coming on, so until next time.....


  1. Oh Vicky, I hope you feel better soon!

    You found some great treasures...especially the Villeroy & Boch carafe. Enjoy!

  2. Hello Vicky! You always manage to find great items :) I love the cone for your door - do we get to see the finished product? My mom worked for Home and Hospice care for many years and through her I have come to see how much they do for people - they are a blessing!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend. Hugs and blessings!

  3. Vicky when my allergies flare up I'm miserable!! Hope you are feeling better soon. You found some great stuff!! Love the!! hugs from Paris, Linda

  4. Great finds! Those little sherbet dishes are great. Hope your allergies calm down.

  5. I can see why you are miserable with those allergies, my friend suffers from them, fortunately I do not. I have watery eyes often, but that does not compare to your symptoms. I suppose you are anxious for a freeze. It is fun to stop after work at an unexpected garage sale or at the thrift store. You found some great items........can't wait to see what's in their future.

  6. I am a dwarf named Junky! I don't which part of the allergy season is worse - the burning, dry eyes or in the next minute the itchy, running eyes! We had a cockatiel for 16 years who greeted me each morning by mimicking me sneezing. Great finds - my favorite is the small silver dish.

  7. I totally understand your allergies. I suffer year long and have since I was 6 years old. I live on Allegra.

    The game sounds fun. We always get a new family game for Christmas so maybe I should check out yard sales for something old, but new to us.

    Feel better Sneezy, or is it Thrifty. Despite your allegies, it doesn't sound like you are Grumpy!


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