Friday, September 27, 2013

A Day Like None Other.....

Today is a very special day in my life.....the 24th anniversary of the day that my life was changed forever....the day of my amazing, kind-hearted, beautiful daughter, Miranda's birth! If you are blessed to have children, you know just what I mean. A week overdue and a second induction, 20 hours of labor only to dilate to 3 centimeters, she was born by cesarean section at 3:37 am, weighing 8 lbs 9 oz!  Miranda was my first born and only child for nearly six years before Dakota came crashing into our! Life is forever changed when you have a child...your heart no longer belongs to is instantly taken over & inhabited by your child. So much so, that the ability to live and breathe without my children in my world in unimaginable. So hard to believe she is 24.....I mean, just yesterday, she was this little girl running around in her hair bow shoes (what she called her flats with bows on them...:)) with her Toddler Bible in her arms and her nose constantly in a book. Not much has changed though.....although she did trade in the Toddler Bible for a regular Bible, but she still always has her nose in a book. Oh yeah...and she still loves flats! 

I was blessed to get to spend the weekend with her last can read about that here if you haven't already. Today she is off with friends for a fun weekend in Jacksonville to celebrate. She text me earlier and was so excited....she and her friends stumbled upon a place called Poe's Tavern and decided to eat there. Here is the text she sent me.....

I thought it was so sweet and I can just picture her excitement. I hope someday she and I can go sounds like an awesome place! She is such a book lover (she gets that honest) and this sounds like it was the perfect place for her...:) Miranda.....if you're reading this, I'm so happy that you were so happy on your birthday. I love you more than life and thank God for blessing me with you. Have fun and be safe....<3

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  1. Oh how sweet is the photo of the two of you! Happy Birthday to Miranda!

    What a cool restaurant. You need to go visit and do a post on it. :)

  2. Happy birthday Miranda! I love this post Vicky. My daughter is nearly 14 and I still see her as a blonde cute girl even though she is anything but now :-) xx

  3. What a wonderful tribute from a mother to her daughter. So nice to have a close relationship like that. The Poe's Tavern sounds like a great place for a book lover to celebrate.

  4. Sweet tribute to a sweet daughter! Thanks for sharing.


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