Sunday, September 29, 2013

At It Again!!!

Well....we did it! Mama and I started walking again this past week and I am so happy that we did. It is so hot and humid during our summers here in Florida that it's almost unbearable to walk outside. The temps have been a little cooler recently, so I called mama last week and asked her if she was ready to get back on the trail and she said yes! I feel so much better when I walk a couple miles every evening. I have been so sick with my allergy and sinus issues lately and so tired from teaching kindergarten that I was beginning to get a little depressed. I do not like that feeling and every time I recognize it beginning to consume me, I try my best to find something to turn it around. Walking is one thing that does that!
 So...I have a few photos from our walks to share. 

I am not sure what these little flowers are....just weeds I think, but up close they are quite pretty!

These tall purple flowers bloom here every fall. 

They are so pretty and I would love to pick some of them to put in a vase but I am afraid that I might be allergic to them!

Sadie accompanied us the other day for a few minutes until my hubby came by and took her home. I am trying to train her to walk n a leash. She, I mean loves it! Doesn't she look happy? She was happy because we stopped for a second to take a photo of the purple flower above. She does not like the leash, but we will get there.......eventually!

The zoom on my little camera isn't very powerful, but I wanted to show you the banana spider I spotted on our first walk. It was about 20 feet off the ground between two tree limbs. These things are very common around here. 

A few yards down the road, we spotted another web with not one, but two spiders in it. They were everywhere in the trees. I have never noticed so many of them before.

We rounded the bend to the paved road and the sun was hitting the trees and making them glow. This photo just doesn't do the sight justice. It was so pretty.

The yellow flowers in the photo below is Goldenrod. It would be one of the culprits responsible for my illness lately! I am allergic to this stuff....and it is everywhere......:( It would look pretty in an indoor arrangement too, but no way I'm bringing it in my house!

These little lavender beauties were just closing up for the night. 

And these tiny yellow flowers are oh so pretty!

As is this feathery lavender flower.

Love the Spanish moss hanging from the trees. This is one thing that sets the south apart from the rest of the country. I love it...:)

We saw a deer yesterday evening. zoom stinks, so this is a horrible photo, but you can see her standing there.

Not sure what these things are called. 

They are not edible, but they are really pretty little clusters of berries.

I so enjoy these walks with mama. It's so nice to chat as we walk and just enjoy each other's company. After our walk yesterday, we came back to her house where my hubby and daddy were watching football. They had just finished watching the Florida State University/Boston College game and FSU won! Woo! Hoo! You may remember me saying my daughter graduated from FSU last year and is a true Seminole! The University of Florida/Kentucky game had just started so we watched most of the game with them. My niece, Shelby is a University of Florida Gator. I root for them too....except when they play! We enjoyed a yummy bowl of chili and a slice of toasted homemade pound cake mama baked yesterday. If you have never toasted pound cake and slathered a little butter on it, you don't know what you're missing. Oh so yummy! Perfect fall dessert too.

Well, thanks for taking a walk with me...:) I'll be sharing some photos now and then. Prayers for a restful Sunday afternoon for each of you and a wonderful week ahead!

Until next time.....


  1. Thank you, Vicky, for the lovely walk. The flowers were beautiful and Sadie looks as if she wants to be rescued from the walk. Our two dogs do not like to walk more than a block or two. They will just sit down and wait for me to pick them up. That would be about 60 pounds of wiggly dogs! Our last dog did not consider a walk a walk unless it was at least three miles. I will start walking outside again this week since it is cool enough. I hope your week is a stress-free week with the kinders.

  2. Sometimes we just say weeds and overlook them....but if you look at the flowers they are just as beautiful as any other flower. How lucky you are to be able to enjoy walks with your mom.........I should just walk, alone or with any one. have a good week!

  3. I'm glad you're back walking, because it makes for the best flower pictures! Nature is so beautiful.

  4. Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing your walk.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk :) Your photos made me feel like I was right there with you. And the flowers/weeds are stunning. Have you ever noticed that sometimes the weeds are prettier than flowers? :) It was lovely visiting you, friend. I hope you are doing well. Love and hugs!

  6. Beautiful flowers on your walk. I too am suffering from my allergies.


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