Monday, September 28, 2015

Feeling Crafty!

Well, I'm back! Two days in a row, which is miraculous for!
I shared this monogram I bought to make a wreath out of in yesterday's post and told you I would show you how it turned out today. So, here it is! I chose to paint it a shade of aqua blue. Big surprise I know! I added a bow I made from burlap ribbon and called it done. Here it is on my door.

I also told you I would share something I got in the mail. I love happy mail! I recently installed an app on my phone called Chatbooks, It pulls photos from my Instagram accounts and when I have 60 photos that I approve of to be printed, they publish them in a little book and send it to me. They are just a few dollars and you can get your first one free with this code if you are interested....2URKUYWF.

You can title your series. See mine below....

This will print on the spine of each book along with the volume number and the dates of the first and last photo they use in the book. I started my IG account a few years ago but didn't use it much until the past few months. Now I have two IG accounts. You can find me here....@jovic4 or @vickyshappyplace

Here's the cover I chose. My kids look so much younger here!

And here you can see the size of the book. I can't wait to have a few on my shelf! I love the idea of printing these random photos from my daily life. How cool will it be to look back in the years to come. :)

I came home today to more happy mail. My Wal Mart Beauty Box came today. This one had some pretty nice products inside. If you're interested in subscribing, just google it. They are delivered quarterly and are only $5 each. I like trying new products but hate it when I buy a full size of something only to dislike the product. This gives me a chance to try products before I spend money on them. Sometimes they send full size products. My last box had a nice tube of lipstick...I just strongly disliked the color! 

Moving on, I also had some stickers in the mail today! I love stickers for my planners and my Project Life album. These are so pretty....they are by Simple Stories, the I AM collection. I put them under the lamp so you could see the gold foil. 

Speaking on planners and Project Life, here are my weekly layouts in my Kate Spade desk planner and my Color Crush personal planner. I decided to go with a fall theme in the Kate Spade, even though it doesn't feel much like fall here in Florida. We have had a few glimpses of fall recently though and that gives me home that it is on the way!

I just love this week in my personal size. Isn't that book washi tape the cutest ever? My friend, Heather was kind enough to share. I wrote book quotes on each date. I still need to finish filling in all my to do's for the week.

I also wanted to share the Project Life pages I worked on over the weekend. I want to document Sadie's life so I had several pictures printed from the time she was a puppy. Oh, how I miss that sweet baby face!

Sorry about the glare in some of these.

Cute or what?

Well folks....that's a wrap! I seriously need to get to work grading some tests and finishing some paperwork for school. I will be at school tomorrow but have meetings throughout the day so I had to leave plans for a sub. I detest writing sub plans! I hope your Monday was marvelous and your Tuesday is too!

Until next time.....


  1. Hi Vicky,
    I love the way your initial came out in the pretty acqua color with the burlap ribbon.
    The Instagram books are great and I will have to tell my daughter about that one as she will love this.
    Your planners are so nice and my daughter also wants a cute one I think I will get for her as a gift for Christmas. I really should use one but I just use the calendar in the kitchen. Lol.
    Well take care and enjoy your week.
    Julie xo

  2. Love the H on your door. I am enjoying a tiny bit of craftin w ith more soon. I hope.

  3. Love the H on your door. I am enjoying a tiny bit of craftin w ith more soon. I hope.

  4. Love what you did with the H. The burlap bow is perfect for fall!

    The IG books are a great idea. Thanks for sharing the app and information. I never learn about these new and neat things on my own.

    Sadie has really grown. It's nice that you are including pages just for her.

    Enjoy your week.

  5. Another great craft reveal Vicky! I love the Instagram book that you have mentioned. I will have to do this as I don't tend to print off my photos and I REALLY should! Have a wonderful week my lovely xx

  6. I love that you chose my favorite color for your front door! It is simple but fabulous! I love seeing all your goodies. I love seeing what you do with all your stickers and tapes and things because I have no idea how to use it all! Your Sadie is adorable in the pictures!

  7. I love your simple monogram for your door. The burlap ribbon was just the right touch! I didn't know that about IG books but that is pretty cool!

  8. All of your albums and diaries are so prettily decorated! They will all be treasures to look back on in years to come. xx

  9. Love your H door, sweet! Ah Sadie, so cute but nothing beats those puppy faces. :)

  10. Love the H and the colour is so pretty! The burlap ribbon is perfect.

  11. Love the H and the colour is so pretty! The burlap ribbon is perfect.

  12. Hi Vicky! :)
    I love the aqua you used on the monogram letter and I think the burlap bow is perfect! Very pretty!!
    I hadn't heard of the Wal-Mart beauty box before, $5.00 is a really good deal!
    I love all the stickers and things you've been getting for your planners!
    I found the 365 planner at Hobby Lobby today in the polka dot I was looking for. Now I'm going back again tomorrow so I can use another coupon to get another accessory for it! :) I can't wait to get it all together the weekend! You've inspired me!!
    Hugs, Kimberley

  13. Love it! Fantastic color Vicky! What a great idea with your pictures. How cool for your kids to be able to have books to look through. How I wish I could be more organized. I just seem to lack the motivation but I do envy you! Have a great weekend!

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  15. Hi Vicky! I do Project Life, too, sort of. I don't do weekly pages like most do, instead I scrapbook major events and then do a "month in review" type pages. I find it's a good balance and it keeps all of our stories and memories for the future. Have a wonderful weekend!


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