Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Weekend in Mexico....Beach!

Hello friends and happy Friday to you! I don't know about you, but I am I am oh so ready for the weekend. It's been a long week considering it was actually a short week at work. I think it has something to do with my being out of town last weekend. It always takes a few days to get caught up on life and rest after being gone...even if it was fun! I'm here today to share the events of last weekend with you. If you are my friend on Facebook, then you already know I was at the beach last weekend....Mexico Beach, Florida to be precise.

My friend, Jeana asked my sister and I if we wanted to go with her for a Girl's Weekend and of course, we said yes! I had never been to this beach before. It was a nice little town and very laid back. Not busy at all considering it was a holiday weekend. That's the adorable little townhouse we stayed in above. Love the favorite color! Here's the view from the balcony.

This was one of the bedrooms.

Love this setee!

This was the other room and the one my sister, Nancy and I stayed in. favorite color along with accents of coral. Couldn't have been any more perfect! And I absolutely loved the bedding and the bicycle art on the wall!

We had a lovely weekend of walking on the beach, soaking up some sun, eating lots of great food, watching the movie War Room (I loved it!), and late night talking and catching up on life! Such a fun weekend! Here's the sunrise Sunday morning.

I enjoyed my early morning walk on the beach with Nancy. This wasn't eh best beach for shelling, but I did see a few. I loved this one with the holes worn in it. It is the only one I brought home.

I saw lots of these tiny shells that reminded me of a butterfly. See at the bottom of the photo.

Pretty sea grass swaying in the breeze.

Here are some more photos of the townhouse. The kitchen was so cute with it's upper white and lower grey cabinets.

I love the open shelving above the counter. 

The shell like chandelier was very pretty.

This little area in the dining room was super cute!

The downstairs half bath was really pretty.

Love the mirrored frame surrounding the mirror.

I absolutely loved this coffee table!!

The entry was very welcoming.

As was the back patio area.

I had to take sunset photos on Sunday evening. It was such a wonderful evening. So perfect for photographing.

The photos I took of the cross and sunset were my favorites.

Such a wonderful, long weekend. We had such a good time together. Silly at the photo of my sister with the "man" she met. 


I truly enjoyed myself! It was a much needed weekend away. Thanks again Jeana for the invitation! 

I hope you are all doing well. Thank you so much for the sweet comments you have left on my last couple of posts. They are truly appreciated. And, just a little update on Miranda's move to Prague. She is doing very well and absolutely loves it. She has a flat now and a job and the Visa process is going smoothly so far. She has met a nice guy and is enjoying his company. Her heart is full and so is mine. She is loving life and living it to the fullest! Here's a recent photo of her. 
Prague looks beautiful on her.....

If you would like to read about her adventure, you can follow her blog. Here is her most recent post.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time.....



  1. What a cute little getaway your friend put together! I've never heard of Mexico beach. When I saw the title I thought maybe you had gone to Mexico lol.

    Glad to hear Miranda is doing well and is happy. That's what matters :)

  2. The weekend sounds delightful! Love all of the great photos...

  3. What a fun, refreshing time away! Love all the aqua in the townhouse! So beachy!

  4. What a great place to stay and most of all, a wonderful get-away with your sister. Love her new man. He's pretty hot! How wonderful that your daughter is doing so well! Sounds like a dream job!

  5. Love the house you guys stayed in. And love the sunset pictures. I'm glad y'all had a fun weekend. Love and miss you! The next vacation you will be on will be here with me! :)

  6. Mexico Beach is such a nice little getaway! Glad you had a fun girls weekend. Miranda looks beautiful and happy!

  7. Sounds wonderful Vicky! I'm glad you had a nice vacation. Loved the photos! And you daughter is just gorgeous! Prague does look good on her. Hope you can rest up a bit. Have a great weekend!

  8. Ah Mexico Beach! Gotta love the quiet beaches of FL. Your photos are amazing. What a lovely rental. Girls weekends are hard to beat, so thanks for sharing. Going to check out Miranda's post. :)

  9. It looks like a lovely place for a getaway! Glad that you enjoyed it so much! Hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  10. Sweet friend, did you decorate that little cottage because the colors are so you! :) What a fun and blessed time for you and the girls - I'm so glad you were able to get away and enjoy yourself, dear Vicky.

    The photos of the sunset and cross took my breath away. Enjoy your weekend, my dear. Love and hugs to you!

  11. What fun, Vicky! I've been longing for a beach trip but I don't think it's going to happen this year. Oh well! Yours looks like ya'll had a blast. We called those shells angel wings and I like yours with the holes worn into it. Love your sunset photos - the one with the bank of clouds in half of the picture is amazing. Very nice!
    Glad Miranda is doing well. It does our hearts good when our children are happy and living life. Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Absolutely amazing!! That condo was made and decorated just for you, Vicky. :-) You must have hated to leave that place.
    What a blessing to be able to have a weekend with the girls, and that ice cream cone, yikes!

    Your sunset photos Vicky were gorgeous. I loved every one of them. Sigh...

    Rest up and enjoy your weekend.
    In of to visit Miranda, she sure is beautiful. :-)

    Blessings~ Debbie

  13. Hi Vicky! :)
    That looks like an amazing beach and an amazing girls get-away! I love the sunset photos, so pretty!!
    I love how the townhouse was decorated too! I love Florida decorating!!
    That's great that your daughter is doing so well, it's so great that she's experiencing something so amazing! I wish I had of been that brave when I was younger!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! :) Kimberley

  14. Looks like a lovely weekend, Vicky. I've never been to Mexico Beach.

    Your photos of the cross and sunset are so pretty, you should frame them.

    Great news about your daughter. I didn't know she had a blog. I'll check it out.

    Enjoy your week ahead.

  15. Hi Vicky, wow how fun to get away for a girls weekend! I'm so glad you had fun at the beach and I love the photos!
    I hope you have a nice week.

  16. How fun to have a girls weekend, and in such a neatly decorated house.. cute, cute, cute! Love the photo of the cross and sunset.. you got camera skills my friend! Beautiful.

    Hope you have a great week.

  17. I have never heard of Mexico Beach, FL. I love the picture of the white white sand! There's nothing better than a girls' weekend!!!

  18. This looks like wonderful time spent. The pictures were wonderful as well. Thanks for sharing your getaway. Have a blessed week!

  19. I've not heard of Mexico Beach - I'll have to look it up.

    I'm following Miranda's blog and really enjoying hearing about her adventures there. What a sweet girl you have.

  20. It certainly looks like you had a wonderful "girls' weekend!" The townhouse is adorable, and I love all of the fave, too! So happy for your daughter. Prague does look beautiful on her!

  21. What a fun place! It looks beautiful there too and I'm glad you had such a good time :)

    Happy to hear your daughter is doing well, also :)



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