Sunday, September 20, 2015

Project Life and Catching Up!

Hello there! 
How are you on this beautiful day? I truly hope you are doing well! 
Once again, it's been a couple weeks since I posted, so I am going to share what's been happening in my life lately.

Last night was the hubby's 30 Year Class Reunion! Wow...that means mine is just a couple years away! Anywho, it was a wonderful evening even though only a few of the classmates could make it. We had such a nice time catching up with friends and sharing what's going on in our lives. 

The hubby bought a new "toy"! It's a Volkswagen rail buggy and it's street legal. He has promised me our first little road trip will be to a local area called Shired Island. I want to take some sunset photos! He has a few things to do with it, but isn't it cute? 

I have been busy trying to catch up on life...both at work and home! I am finally feeling like I am getting there. Today I had time to "play" in my happy place!
This is what I was doing!

I am so excited about my latest hobby! I have been watching tons of YouTube videos about the Project Life process and I was thrilled to start on it today. I got a great deal on my supplies to get started at Michael's on Friday. I went in to purchase just a box of the page protectors with my 50% off coupon, but they had the albums for 60% off, so I got the two albums and the box of page protectors for just a couple dollars more than the page protectors normally cost! I love the design on these two albums!

This lovely saying is on the inside of the album on the hard plastic page protector piece. I feel that I already cultivate a good life, but I wasn't so good about recording it. I plan to change that! My goal is to document my life through these photo & journaling spreads. I want to do a page every week or two of just random moments in life. I will also create spreads for special occasions. 

My first spread is my recent trip to Mexico Beach. I love the way the pages turned out! You can click on them to enlarge if you want to see a closer image.

I created 4 pages using photos from my trip. I am pleased with how my first attempt at Project Life style turned out. Let me know what you think.

I also had time to clean up and organize in my craft room today. I found this beautiful box at Tuesday Morning to hold my washi tapes. I LOVE this stuff and use it in my planner every week and will also use it in my Project Life albums.

You can see it on the side of my desk in the photo below.

I also reorganized my Raskog cart. The top tray holds all my journaling cards and a few other items. The middle holds various planner supplies and punches. The bottom holds my paper cutter, a large punch, and my fall and Christmas stickers and supplies.

I think I shared my planner obsession in an earlier post as well. I am still going strong with this and love decorating and filling in my planners each week. This first one is my Happy Planner. I won it a few months ago in an Instagram giveaway. I already had my desk planner and my purse planner on the way, so I decided to use this one to document blessings and happy moments in my life and well as recording who and what I am praying for. This week, all my planners are dedicated to Miranda since she turns 26 on the 27th! I can hardly believe my "baby" girl is that old! We'll be celebrating via Skype on the big day!

My desk planner has a garnet and gold theme for her alma mater, Florida State University. The feather washi along the bottom represents the Seminoles. It's very simple but I love how these pages turned out. I will fill things in as the week goes on. So far, this week is pretty empty!

This is my personal size planner. It finally came in a few weeks ago. It is a Webster's Pages Color Crush planner. I carry it in my purse. Isn't it pretty?

Sprinkle washi tape  and cupcakes adorn these little pages. I am thinking about turning this one into a wallet/planner. That's what a lot of people do and I like the idea. We'll see!

Earlier today, I went up to the pasture to see if I could get some photos of my Uncle's new baby calf to send him. He and my Aunt Loretta are out west visiting with all their sons (all 8 of them) and their families. The calf was born after they left. I thought I would show you a picture of the little cutie too.
He is such a pretty boy!

While I was up there, I snapped this random photo and thought it turned out so pretty. I added a nice quote to it. See the reddish blur under the words, if you truly? That's one of the big cows!

I hope you enjoyed this random post. I wanted to thank those of you who are taking time to visit Miranda's blog. She has enjoyed you following along on her journey! She is doing so great! I admit I was missing her terribly yesterday, but today was better. Christmas will be here before I can turn around and I don't want to rush life by. So, I am being patient and enjoying any correspondence I can with her. Hope you have a blessed and beautiful week!

Until next time.....


  1. Enjoyed your update! You've sure been keeping busy with so many projects and family activities.

  2. Hello dear Vicky! Oh, it is SO good to catch up with you this morning before the day gets going in certainly have been busy...but it looks like you've had a lot of fun too! I love the picture of you and your are simply and you have a kind heart as well! I count it as a blessing knowing you in this wonderful little world of blogging, dear Vicy!
    Your hubby's new car is too cute...enjoy your trip when it comes! *smiles*
    And oh! I am loving your sweet craft room...all your washi tape has me going crazy! Hee! I will have to go have a look at Project sounds like wonderful fun and you have made some stunning pages so far! Aww, and I know you must be missing your daughter terribly...I pray she has a blessed birthday! You must be so proud of her!
    May your week be delightful, dear Vicky! Sending the biggest hugs and SO much love to you...always!

  3. Love your project life albums! They are wonderful...I know you will do a super job with all of the pages. I know you miss your daughter...glad you have Skype. Have a great week!

  4. You are just so busy as ever, and I enjoy catching up with you! How fun to go cruising with your hubby in his new toy. I don't know my way around washi tape or any of the paper crafts but love to see what can be created. Yours look so fun!

  5. I've been thinking about you Vicky and I'm happy to see you've been happily busy doing some fun things. I checked into Project Life also and almost bought a couple of albums because I have tons to do in that department. You've inspired me to get my butt moving :)

  6. Hi Vicky, I was wondering where you where but then realized I haven't posted in awhile either. ;-) I used to do scrapbooks but somehow that fell along the wayside...too many distractions, I guess. I love your pages you created. Your craft space looks so neat and organized; makes me want to clean mine up...kind of lol. Can you believe I've never used washi tape? Tragic, I know.
    Your hubby's new toy looks fun! We just went to our 35 yr. reunion. And a happy birthday to Miranda! Glad you can Skype! Have a blessed week, my friend.

  7. Vicky, visiting your blog is a joyful thing . . . you amaze me. If I were even half as organized as you are, I would think that I was doing a magnificent job, LOL. I love your new project. I have gotten behind on my family albums . . . blame it on digital and computer storage. There is nothing quite as nice as sitting down and going through albums of all the special moments in your life. Not only does it refresh your memories but it is a wonderful way to carry on your life to those who come after you. I want my daughter, granddaughters and someday great grandchildren to know the people in their past. I have a few stories to tell about my grandparents, but nothing about their parents . . . family history is a good way to connect and I think that albums are the very best. A picture is worth a thousands words, right :) It is always fun visiting your blog . . . have a lovely week.
    Connie :)

  8. That is a great picture of you and your sweetheart. I celebrated my 30th class reunion a couple of years ago. Time sure flies by.

    I have read many articles on Project Life and have been so tempted to join in but I really am struggling right now with finding time to do anything creative. We have had so many unexpected / unplanned events occur recently that I am all off kilter.

    I love your journals, it is hard to select a favorite. Happy Birthday to Miranda this weekend...enjoy your Skype party :)

  9. Vicky, I love how you are documenting your life with your planners and now project life. I will need to read a bit more about that, but it looks like a good thing. I have so much scrapbook things and while I love doing them, they end up being really large books. I'm still doing some pocket letters and enjoying them a lot! I'm keeping busy and trying to enjoy Fall.

  10. Your layouts look really great! A lovely way to record what you have been up to. I am a tape fan, mine is all in a tin! xx

  11. Love your project life books and journals! I used to scrapbook my trips with my ex-husband and it was a lot of fun and fun to look back on... but then we got divorced and I haven't done any of it since. I like to doodle and write I should start a journal of some sort.


  12. I see that your love of planners has spilled over to Miranda. ;-) She was talking about that on her blog the other day. I'm a planner addict too. I am really enjoying her blog.

  13. Hi Vicky, I too like your project life books and the planner. It is so great the way you stay so organized!
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Julie xo

  14. Oh to be so organized! Love it Vicky! I really love your Ikea cart too. So handy!

  15. Hi Vicky! :)
    I love your Project Life project, such a special way to capture things and to document them! Your Mexico beach pages look beautiful!
    And your Washi tape obsession...ah, ha, ha...we are Washi tape twins you and I! ;) Should I tell you that Dollar Tree also has the cutest Halloween Washi tape??? :)
    Where is your big planner from? I am still researching planners, every year I settle for one, but still haven't found 'the right one' that doesn't cost a small fortune!
    Your work space/craft room is lovely!!

  16. Oh, I think you are going to have so much fun with Project Life. Your pages look great, Vicky! I have "several" of the core kits, but use them on other things as well as albums....I pretty much haven't found one I didn't love, but always get them with a coupon! I just got a new release called "Seasons," and I'm so excited about it! I also just got my first Happy Planner to use in 2016. It's going to be hard not to use it sooner (it's one of the 18 month ones), but I'm currently using my Heidi Swapp planner-journal for my every day things, & will force myself to continue until the end of the year! I do keep a separate planner-journal for my "Cancer Journey," which is small enough to go in my purse. I think it's so interesting how there is this new surge of enthusiasm for planners and journals.....makes me happy!

  17. Hi lovely lady! You and your husband are such a darling couple and your hair is so pretty :)

    Your Project Life is simply fabulous, my friend. What a wonderful and special way to capture the moments and remember the sweet times.

    Thinking of you and wishing you a beautiful week. Much love!


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