Saturday, October 10, 2015

Organizing, Happy Mail, and Planner Fun!

Hello friends! I'm so happy you stopped by for a visit! I am relieved to have a 3-day weekend to rest and relax and have a little fun too! I just finished parent teacher conference week at school. We worked late Thursday evening to allow for Friday off. Thursday was my 27th wedding anniversary as well, so the hubby took Friday off so we could go do something fun. We had a wonderful day out shopping, eating a nice lunch at a new (to us) place, and watching a movie. We ended the day watching my nephew's football game. We had a great day! This morning my Mama, Nancy (my sister), and two of my nephews went to a fun festival called Pioneer Day. We went last year as well. I enjoy these festivals in the fall. We had a nice time. I am resting a bit now so I can go to the races later this evening to watch my son, Dakota race! Busy, busy!

Anywho, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying life! Last weekend, I spent part of Sunday piddling in my craft room. I was working on organizing my scrapbook paper and supplies. The first thing I did was empty my scrap paper drawer and organize all my scraps. I saw an idea on a YouTube video where the lady stored her scraps standing up in a box so she could see everything at a glance rather than digging to the bottom of a box or drawer. Here's my drawer after cleaning out about half of what was in there. 

Here is the container I used to store it. One of the teachers had this clear container out in the hall in a giveaway pile, so I snagged it. It works perfectly for storing all my scraps. It holds 12 x !2 paper too. 

This is why I like it so much....I can see through the sides too. I organized my paper by rainbow order, starting with pink and ending with purple and then browns, blacks, whites, and multi-color scraps. I think this system will work well for me. 

I also recently organized my journaling cards and ephemera for my Project Life albums I am working on. Here is the system I used for those. I ordered these sturdy Avery Elle plastic storage bags that were designed to hold dies. They work well for my journaling cards too!

I am ordering a label maker soon to label each bag. I cut the back of the packaging off that shows the card designs and also has the maker's name and tucked in the bags too. I can see at a glance which cards are in the bag. I am storing them in a basket I got from the Target Dollar Spot a while back. I spray painted it gold.

It sits in the top of one of my Raskog carts. The other container holds various items for scrap booking as well.  

I had purchased a second Raskog for school over the summer, but decided to bring it home since I wasn't getting much use out of it at school. It holds all my scrapbook papers as well as the newly organized scrap paper bin and I have an empty space to fill!

This little acrylic container sits to the side of my desk and holds little scraps from recent pages I have been working on. I will move them to the big scrap bin later on.

I was blessed to receive some happy mail earlier this week! My sweet blog friend, Kimberley from SEASIDE AVE.  shares a love of planners and washi tape and such and was so sweet to send me some items I haven't been able to locate. 

Look at this adorable tape she used on the outside of the package! I love it! I haven't ever seen any like it...have you?

I opened the box to find these sweet little packages inside! They were all dressed for Halloween!

I love this card! This is one of my all time favorite quotes! 

Just look at the cuteness!

I was like a kid opening each little package! You truly made my day Kimberley!

Love these adorable sticky notes!

I have wanted some of these message pencils for a long time! So excited to finally have some!

Here's all the goodies! 
Isn't it awesome how little random acts of kindness like this always come at just the right time. My week was so busy last week, not to mention exhausting, so this really lifted my spirits. I'll be paying this forward for sure!
Thank you again Kimberley. You are so sweet! 

Last thing I wanted to share today is something planner related. I went in my craft room one night this past week and played...:) These little monthly pages are pretty with their gold foiled month and year, but they were a blank canvas other than that. So, I decided to get creative. I found several images online and made my own stickers and mixed them in randomly with washi tape, rub ons,  and some other stickers and decorated them. Here is October's page. The Forever and Ever, Amen sticker was for my anniversary. That Randy Travis song was our wedding song. :)

Here is November...

And of  course, December! The lower right corner is a scene from Prague's Christmas market in the Old Town square. I had to include Prague since I will be visiting Miranda in December! I am planning to fly our Christmas evening or the day after!

Speaking of Miranda, she is still having the time of her life. She is visiting Berlin next weekend! I am so excited for her living her dreams! She is a little nervous about her upcoming Visa interview so if you if you don't mind saying a prayer for her, it would be appreciated. I appreciate all of you so much and hope you have a truly delightful rest of the weekend!

Until next time.....


  1. Vicky, happy anniversary! I like how you organized your things. What great goodies you got in the mail! Hope you have a very relaxing weekend!

    Blessings to you and your family, Dianne

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your day out sounds exactly like what my husband and I would do to celebrate! I love all your creativeness with paper! You have it organized perfectly!

  3. Well Kimberely was certainly good to you - what a doll.

    I love your green cart - what a fab color. And the November page is my favorite because it has Snoopy on it.

    You are flying to Prague for Christmas? That is AWESOME!! You must be so excited.

  4. Happy Anniversary and sounds like a great day! I love all the creativity and now I need to organize my paper like you did, great idea! I can tell Miranda is having a wonderful time and will say a prayer for her interview.

  5. Happy, happy A-Day to you and Joey. He "hunted" a "Valentine" and found a good one. I do not think I could open those cute little presents. I am always the last person to open gifts at Christmas - I enjoy the wrappings as much as the gifts. So excited for you and Miranda to spend part of Christmas together in Europe. Could you possibly squeeze a tiny bit of time and come organize my scrap paper drawers?

  6. You are so welcome Vicky, I am so glad that it was a bit of fun in a hectic week! :)
    I am still collecting my supplies for the Create 365 planner...I just haven't had the time to sit down and lay all the stuff out and start putting it together...hopefully next week! I really need to get my craft room organized! I keep saying 'next week' ;)
    Sounds like you had an amazing Anniversary fun day! Congratulations again, such an accomplishment 27 years!
    I love how you organized all your paper, and the see through container is a perfect idea! I have that same Raskog cart in my craft room and I love how much stuff it holds.
    So glad to hear that Miranda is still loving it there, and that you will be able to go for Christmas, it will be so pretty there then all decorated! Their Christmas decorations are beautiful and different.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Hugs, Kimberley

  7. Happy belated anniversary Vicky! So glad you had a fun day with your hubby.

    See thru containers are a must for craft organization! Love all the fun things you've been doing to get things in order, and what lovely gifts you received from Kimberley!

    Happy to hear Miranda is enjoying her time in Europe. What is the visa interview for?

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and Joey, sounds like you have a nice day! I love days like that where there aren't any big extravagant plans, just time spent together. That's nicer in my opinion :o)

    The idea for storing your paper scraps is awesome! I have mine in a clear envelope for 12" x 12" paper but it gets so stuffed I can't see what's in it. I may use this idea instead. I really need to downsize my crafting supplies in general, I have so much stuff and I don't use a lot of it. But on the other hand it is so nice to be able to sit down to do a project and not have to run to the craft store... I have everything already! lol!

    Kimberley's gifts are so nice, I love the pencils and little note pads! She's a sweetheart!

    Have a great Sunday!


  9. I wonder if Miranda's ears were ringing last night. At our son's birthday party, I met one of his co-workers whose girlfriend is a college student. She wants to teach ESL abroad and I talked about Miranda and my friend's daughter who also chose Prague. The young girl was so excited to hear about the possibilities.

  10. Happy Anniversary, Vicky! Sounds like you had just a delightful few days. Isn't fun to get in our crafty spaces and play and organize and re-organize things? Cute things you got in that fun mail! I really like how you decorated your planner pages. I'm sticking it out with my Heidi Swapp planner until the end of the year (I do like it very much), but I'm so excited about MAMBI Happy Planner that is sitting on the shelf waiting for January 1st!

    Of course, I will keep your daughter in my prayers that she will sail through the Visa process!

  11. Hello Vicky,
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! Sounds like you both had fun!
    How nice to have your crafting room organized. I'm so glad your daughter is doing well.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  12. Aw, how sweet of Kimberely! Sounds like it came at a perfect time too. Happy anniversary too! Isn't it nice to get your creative space cleaned up? I really need to work on mine. Not feeling very motivated though. lol. Hope you have a great week.

  13. Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie. 27 years!!!

    I love all of your organization and the sweet gifts Kimberely sent to you. I still haven't caught the journaling bug and I don't know why not. There are so many adorable items out there to make it fun. Your monthly pages are cute.

  14. Oh, I forgot to say that I will say a prayer for Miranda, that her nerves settle and she has a successful interview. I'll also be sure to say a prayer for you...for safe travels at Christmas time.

  15. Hello Vicky!
    Happy Anniversary! 27!
    I love how you organized your papers and cards and well...Everything! I should do that too, but I never can find the time. It might have something to do with having boys at home.And they keep me busy! Maybe one day...Haha!
    I am so glad Miranda is still having the time of her life and I will be lifting her up in prayer!
    Enjoy your week!
    Hugs, Amy

  16. Hello Vicky!
    Happy Anniversary! 27!
    I love how you organized your papers and cards and well...Everything! I should do that too, but I never can find the time. It might have something to do with having boys at home.And they keep me busy! Maybe one day...Haha!
    I am so glad Miranda is still having the time of her life and I will be lifting her up in prayer!
    Enjoy your week!
    Hugs, Amy

  17. I must say I admire how organised you are. My home office is a huge mess!

  18. Hmm... I haven't jumped on that planner bandwagon yet. I guess it would be a great way to use up more of my scrapbooking stash. Or a reason to buy more!! :)

  19. Hmm... I haven't jumped on that planner bandwagon yet. I guess it would be a great way to use up more of my scrapbooking stash. Or a reason to buy more!! :)

  20. Wow, lots of news here. Happy Anniversary! 27 years is something to be proud of. Love how you are organizing. Now that my fall crafting is done, I have to get organized so I can move on to Christmas. Great happy mail package. Blogger buddies are the best. Glad Miranda is doing so well. Will send a prayer. :)

  21. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Mr. Vicky!!! So nice that you had such a fantastic time and sweet that Mr. Vicky took the day off to celebrate! You seriously need to come to my house and organize for me. It really is a gift to have that skill! Looks amazing. What a wonderful package you received. How thoughtful. Glad to hear Miranda is still enjoying her exciting adventure.


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