Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Looking Up and Looking Down

Hello and

 to you my friends. 

I wish I had a pretty vignette or tablescape to share with you today, but I do not. Trust me, you would not want to look at my table right now! It is covered in my kitchen stuff that did not get packed up. Not exciting...at all!

Anywho, I felt the need to go outside for a bit and soak up some of this glorious Florida sunshine and warm breezes. It is a spectacularly gorgeous day today. I have been contemplating life a lot lately. I've had a lot on my mind...besides the kitchen remodel that is. This little walk around the yard was good for me. It helped me clear my head of the negativity that sometimes like to creep into my happy thoughts.

You know, real life stuff...heavy stuff. Seems I'm either very happy or very sad lately. Fortunately the happiness wins out the majority of the time, but those sad times are so hard on my heart.

Life has so many ups and downs.

I try hard to keep it real here on my little blog, thus the reason I'm even typing this post. Life is unfortunately, not all sunshine and roses.  But, life is good and God is great and He takes my worries from me when they get too heavy for me to carry around. He's good like that!

As I was reviewing these photos to share, I realized that almost all of them were shots either looking up or down. Kind of my life...kind of like your life too if I had to guess. 

I'm sitting here listening to the Blend on TV. I love music and so funny how songs speak to you when you're in a contemplative mood. They reach out and squeeze your heart so much it hurts or cause tears to roll slowly out of the corners of your eyes. And on the flip side, sometimes they are so catchy, I find myself dancing while I work...:)

Have you heard I Hope You Find It by Cher? It's a really pretty song. 

I love the chorus....

And I hope you find itWhat you're looking forI hope it's everything you dreamed your life could beAnd so much more

And I hope you're happy, wherever you areI wanted you to know thatAnd nothing's gonna change thatI hope you find it

It got me thinking....and I can honestly say I'm happy. Very happy. 
Can I ask for more?

And my answer to that question is yes....I can. 
I want for those I love the most to be happy too. Life isn't just about me and my happiness. And again, I find myself turning it over to God, praying for happiness for those I know are struggling to find it. And, I'll keep praying until they do.

Thank you for listening to me ramble. I am grateful for each of you dear readers friends. I appreciate the fact that I can use my blog to catalog not only my home improvements, thrifty finds, trips and so on, but also my thoughts and feelings from time to time. I'll never be the blog that has thousands of followers. I don't want that. It would leave me with no time to communicate with you faithful friends that visit me often and leave me the most wonderful comments.....even when I sometimes can't find time to reply. It makes my heart happy to have friends around the world, friends I've never met in person, but friends just the same. Again, I thank you.

Until next time.....


  1. This is so uplifting, Vicky. Thank you for cheering my soul.

  2. Vicky, I'm sending some supportive hugs your way. You are right, we blog happily away, but underneath that we are all working our way though some crisis, problem, or sorrow at most any time. I think bringing it to your blog friends is cathartic. Glad you chose to share with all of us, who support you. Sending, prayers, hugs and good thoughts your way. xo, Pam

  3. Vicky, I am so sorry that you are feeling down, but I am so glad that the majority if the time you are up and that you have faith in GOD, what would we do without him. It's good to share the ups and downs of life, I certainly have......and my blogger friends have been there for me too. I am envious of your warmth and sunshine. Have a blessed remainder of the week.

  4. I love your blog. I love reading blogs and I am drawn to the real life ones the most. And yes, life is full of ups and downs. I am not sure how people get through without the Lord. Sweet post.

  5. I can't believe somehow I've missed your last 2 posts! Jeez! What's wrong with me!?

    This is a beautiful post Vicky, I'm glad to hear that most of the time your happy feelings win over the sad feelings. :o] Life is a funny thing... full of so many opportunities, losses, and wins. I think sometimes we just need to reflect on things like you did today.

    I love how the kitchen is coming along! Isn't it fun planning and picking out things?!


  6. It's funny, my daughter and I were just sitting here on the window seat talking about happiness.

    I am the family "pollyanna", the one who always looks on the bright side. I remember from teaching that March is always the long month when you really need a break. So remember, it is less than 3 months until you will be on vacation and have long weeks of leisure for yourself.

  7. I just loved that you shared your heart so openly with us! I am with you and also go through those up and down thoughts often. I question myself on whether I am just needy or are there things that really need to change in my life. All in all, I know I am where I am supposed to be in life....I have given it to the Lord and asked Him to direct me, so here I am! At a particularly hard time in my life recently I bought the Mercy Me CD Welcome to the New. Two songs, Flawless and Dear Younger Me touched me so deeply and were just what I needed to hear that my spirit was actually renewed. It is what I listen to in my truck whenever I drive. You can be joyful in the Lord, but not always be happy.

  8. Life is so full of ups and downs and I am glad you feel able to share your feelings on the blog. Sending you big hugs.


  9. What a wonderful post, Vicky. Yes, life definitely has its ups and down. And yes, you are right, God is great! We have to pray for ourselves and each other. I'm sending you virtual hugs up the road, my friend.

  10. Dear Vicky, I think you summed up the joys of blogging and the real life we all live in! Ups and Downs...
    Hugs, And look forward to seeing your new kitchen cabinets! xo

  11. Bless you Vicky, if I could be just around the corner I would be at your door right now to give you a great big hug! No matter how much we see the good in life, there will be times when we feel a bit down. Sometimes we can put our finger on it, sometimes not, but you have such a wonderful family around you that can wrap you in love and joy. You take care my lovely - sending you warm hugs across the pond xx

  12. Such a thoughtful post. I pray for my friends and family too and hope that they can find all the good things that bring happiness. Sometimes just knowing what you have is enough, makes the difference. Cheers Vicky and happy weekend to you my friend!

  13. Oh this was such a lovely post and yes we all have our ups & downs. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Good luck with your kitchen!

  14. What a great post Vicky. Your photos are so pretty. It's so true. We all have our ups and downs that's for sure. I hope you have a wonderful up weekend.

  15. I hope whatever it is that is causing you or your family to be sad is rectified very soon. Just as sure as Spring will come, this too shall pass Vicky, but in the meantime, it's wonderful to have a blog where you can share with those of us who care and are here to support you.

  16. I enjoyed this post for being real. Life has so many ups and downs and when it is mostly ups that is great. Over the last few months with my dad struggling for life, I often asked my family how do people handle this without God. I know I couldn't and He sustained us through the roller coaster ride. I am so happy that today my dad was released from the hospital without a trach or feeding tube. He is now at a rehab center. Thank you for this post and the lovely photos.

  17. My sweet friend, I am so glad you're "real!" That is what I love about you, dear Vicky, you are YOU and you are wonderful! We definitely have our ups and downs in life and every day is not always a roses and cupcakes....although we could definitely get roses and cupcakes every day - hee hee :)

    I am thankful we have the Lord for He makes every day worth living - He is our strength and tower to lean upon. Love and hugs to you!

  18. That was a very powerful post to read and I love how the photos reflected your mind.

  19. This was a beautiful post, Vicky. We haven't known each other long, but you can count me in as one of your friends too.

    I hope whatever is bothering you will soon pass.



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