Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Progress

Hello friends! Just popping in for a quick post tonight. I wanted to give you an update on our kitchen remodel progress. I am sharing one side of the kitchen tonight, and will share some photos of the other side soon. The collage below shows  before, during, and after so far. Not very pretty to look at just yet, but we have a lot of the time consuming parts done. As most of you know, we live in a mobile home and nothing, I repeat nothing is level or square! It is a chore to get everything to look right, but so far so good! We have totally ripped out all the old cabinets, lowered all the electrical outlets a few inches, and put up all the bead board. It doesn't sound like a lot, but we have done it in less than a week, working in the evenings and over the weekend. Lots still to be done, but I am happy with the progress we've made so far. Next step is to paint the ceiling and walls and install the crown molding. After that, we will hang the upper cabinets then install the lower cabinets. We have some really cool cabinet levelers ordered that should make the job easier. 

After cabinets are installed, it will be time to put on the hardware, install the counter tops and sink, open shelving, remodel the inside of the pantry and install a new pantry door, install the new lighting, install the new range hood and dishwasher, and finally the floor. Whew...I'm tired just typing it! Speaking of lighting, let me show you one of the light fixtures I ordered.

If you read my last post, you will notice this is not the same fixture I shared there. Let me explain why. I loved the look of the other was beautiful! I read the reviews though and more than one person said the panels were not glass but a plastic type material. I also got to thinking how hard it would be to keep the glass/plastic looking clean and dust free. So, this one happened to pop up when I was searching for something and I went to Overstock to check it out. I am an O Club member which means I get free shipping and discounts via e-mail. I kinda think it was meant for me to have this fixture because I came across it at 11:30 PM Friday night. I went to my e-mail to see if I had a discount with them and as luck would have it, I did. They usually give me a 10 or 12% off coupon, but since it was Friday the 13th, they had sent me a 13% off code. So, since this fixture would be much easier to clean, it holds a cool Edison bulb (which I love), and I got a good discount on top of it already costing less that my first pick, I had to have this one. Why was it meant to coupon code would have expired at midnight and luckily I found this one just before midnight! Score! What do you think? I love it!

It is not easy remodeling a kitchen...not at all! I will not have a sink for days so I am washing dishes in the guest bathroom. You don't realize how often you go to the sink until you don't have one anymore! My range is not hooked up yet because the hubby has to go under the house to reroute the electrical since we are moving it. You can see in the photos above that it used to be in the corner. There was a wall behind it that closed off the corner. It was totally wasted space behind that wall, so we knocked it out and opened the corner up. I will have an upper and lower corner cabinet there now and have gained storage space. The range will be staying in the spot it is in now. It will have a cabinet and range hood over it. We are considering building a wall to the left of it to make it look more finished, but we are waiting to see how it looks with everything in place before we decide.

I have several new treasures to share soon. I haven't had time or a clear spot to get them out to photograph yet though...maybe tomorrow. Sadie Lou goes for her annual shots in the morning and I may do it after we get home from the vet. I am sharing my first hibiscus of 2015. Love this beautiful pop of color!

And, I'm sharing some funny photos I took of two of my silly kitties earlier. They are so nosy!
Bashful is my Tabby cat...he's a pretty handsome fella! He was a shy kitten, thus the name Bashful.

Farrah is our youngest kitty. She's a Torby...Tabby mixed with Tortoiseshell. She's a big girl! She and Sadie are great friends, they grew up together. Farrah was just a big kitten when Sadie came to live with us. We have a couple other cats as well, but they weren't around for the photo!

I hope your weekend was blessed and your week is too! I am so happy this is my spring break this week, although I will most likely be working harder than I would at school! I'll try to update with another kitchen post soon and hopefully one with my treasures too.

Until next time.....



  1. Your kitties are so cute! I'm drooling over your hibiscus. I usually buy a hibiscus each spring to enjoy, but ours do not weather over, too cold. Oh kitchen renovating...I remember not having my sink, that is the worst. I didn't mind not having the stove though, lol. You accomplished a lot, it all takes so much time. I got tired just reading your list too. :)

  2. Hello very dear Vicky! Oh, and happy Monday - I hope your week is truly wonderful!
    My! Your kitchen is coming on quite nicely... I can't wait to see the 'finished product'!
    Aww! Such sweet kitties you have - they must rather intrigued as to all the changes being made in their home at present:)
    Sending love and a hug to you -

  3. That light fixture is wonderful and even better by that great deal you got! Your kitchen is really coming along, and I can tell you are getting so much more storage! Wonderful job...can't wait to see it all.

  4. Hi Vicky, I am so happy for you. Your kitchen is going to be so bright and beautiful. You are doing a major job on it . . . full gutting . . . such a brave couple of DIYers you both are. Love the light fixture and I love your wire chairs. Those have always been a favorite of mine. Have a happy week and don't work too hard.
    Connie :)

  5. Awww... Farrah is quite the beauty! Just look at those eyes....

    Your kitchen is coming along nicely, my friend! How exciting! I am so sorry I have been absent from the blogging community. Computer issues....but thankfully everything has been resolved :) Happy Monday, dear Vicky. Hugs!

  6. I love the photos of your sweet kitties! The kitchen is going to be fabulous. I must say I like the new light fixture better! Meant to be! Hang in there, it will be done and you will be so happy!


  7. What a transformation in the kitchen already. I love the bead board wall. You must be so excited.

    Great choice on the lamp. Yes, it sounds as if this one was meant to be.

    Cute kitties...such innocent faces :)

  8. It's coming on leaps and bounds Vicky, keep going!! Your cats are just too adorable. I love the faces that our feline friends pull and the mischievous things they do. Have a lovely evening xx

  9. Wow, Vicky, so much progress. It already looks so much more lighter and brighter. Love the mean-to-be light fixture. Thanks for sharing your fur babies - they make me smile. One more word : TAKEOUT!

  10. Hi Vicky, hang in there the kitchen will look gorgeous when finished! Good luck with it all! I love those two cats of yours, they are adorable. Have a nice week.
    Julie xo

  11. Hi Vicky :)

    If you haven't ordered the counter tops, I wanted to tell you that I had the butcher block counters in my old house from Ikea and they were wonderful. I didn't use them for cutting so I used floor varnish and they were dark. You can kind of see them here:

    I know how hard it is during a kitchen remodel and my biggest advice is have fun, take your time, take it easy and don't get stressed out. Eventually it'll all come together and you'll have a kitchen you'll love :)

  12. Wow...this will be so awesome when it's done. Very exciting times Vicky!

  13. It's cool that you have really gone through the remodeling of your kitchen right down to the last detail. I just hope that the detail that you took the most concern of is plumbing. Whenever you can get effective plumbing service to take care of, you should right? That will help you get a much better cumulative result in the long run. In any way, thanks for sharing that! All the best!

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  14. It's looking so good! I know the process you are going through, we did our walls in the beadboard in our living room. I am really looking forward to seeing the end result, and hearing about you hanging the new cabinets up, because I want to do the same in our kitchen, but I worry about hanging new cabinets up on the walls of our manufactured home, seeing as how they aren't as thick and sturdy as a stick built house.

  15. I like this light fixture just as much! And I think easier to keep clean seals the deal! Hang in there girl... it's all worth it. It's going to be so pretty when you're all done.

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  17. Yay! I'm so proud of you, Vicky! Renovating a part of a house is not an easy feat, so you should be ready for anything. Although it seems that everything went well with the remodeling of your kitchen. I just hope that every odds and ends were focused on, especially the plumbing. Thanks for sharing that! Kudos and all the best to you!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing

  18. It looks fabulous and the pulls are great to! In my opinion I think you should put a light, a vase with flowers and some candles!
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