Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Is In the Air

Hello! It's Tuesday evening already and I felt like I needed to blog...even though I have nothing really exciting to blog about. I thought I would share a few moments from my day if that's OK. Florida weather has been so beautiful this week. I have been able to wear capris again which is my favorite thing to wear to work. Now I just need a pedicure so I can wear sandals and I will be a happy camper!

I had to run out to my car earlier at work to get something and I noticed bees buzzing around the weeds flowers so I tried to snap a picture. Hard to see him, but look where the arrow is pointing. A sure sign spring is almost here!

I had a really good day with my kinders today. They are learning so much and have come so far in the time I have had them. It is amazing how much little ones learn and grow. It is parent conference time and I have had two after work each day this week. They have gone very well. Anywho, I walked in my door after work to this sight. The hubby borrowed some containers from his mom for me to pack up my kitchen! We had plans to start renovation Sunday evening, but wouldn't you know, the fuel pump in his truck went out so that meant he had to fix his truck, so that caused a slight delay in renovation. He finished it this evening, so hopefully we can start tomorrow evening. I can't wait!!!

I was also greeted by these beautiful camellias on my coffee table. They won't be blooming much longer, so I picked a few to enjoy indoors.

After they quit blooming, I will just have to enjoy these beauties instead! I stopped by the local grocery store after work yesterday and it looked like spring had exploded in front of the store! They had annuals priced at $1 each so I bought 15 of them and potted them today after work. Such bright and cheery colors!

I love the purple and yellow together.

Such a happy flower!

They look even prettier in the bright pots...turquoise, coral, and aqua blue. Did you notice my gazebo in the background here? My daddy built that for the hubby and I to get married in, so it's almost 27 years old! It needs some work done to it, but I can't bear the thought of tearing it apart. It is surrounded by all my camellias. 

I placed one of the pots under my maple tree which is in front of where I park. I forgot to snap a picture of the other two pots, but they are by my front steps. I will enjoy being welcomed home by these colorful beauties after work each day.

While Miranda was here over the weekend, we had to run to the grocery store so of course I ran into the thrift store while we were out and about. I hadn't been to this one in several weeks and I always find something good when I do visit. I thought these milk glass dishes were very pretty. They probably used to have another piece or two with them but these four fit together perfectly and will be useful in the craft room or for fruit & veggie platters for showers or parties. 

They have pretty scalloped edges and no chips at all.

I also found a pretty set of vintage salt and peppers for just $1! The gold filigree around the bottom edges is so pretty. I know these are old because they have those yellow age spots on them.

The tops have a pretty floral design.

This pattern looks so familiar to me. I am thinking someone had this pattern when I was a child. Does anyone know what it is called? There are no markings on them at all.

I know this wasn't a very exciting post, so than you if you stuck around to read it. If you know me at all, you know my blog is an online diary of sorts for me and one day I will enjoy looking back over it and reading about these every day moments that bring me much happiness. I appreciate your stopping by for a visit. I hope to be able to share some kitchen news soon!

Until next time.....


  1. I had to laugh when I read the weather has been beautiful. Of course...because we left! lol May I ask what part of Florida you're in Vicky?

    The cute little s&p shakers were a great deal, and yes, the pattern does indeed look like something I remember too, but darn if I know the pattern name.

    Sounds like you're doing a great job with your students, but I'm not surprised ;).


  2. Oh happy, happy spring to you, dear Vicky! Seeing your beautiful photographs of all the flowers makes me want to sing with happiness - I just love flowers...:) But now it is autumn here and time to plant sweet peas - how I love them! We plan to plant them along our garden fence for some much needed colour during the cooler months!
    Lots of love to you and may your day be wonderful!

  3. I enjoyed hearing about your day Vicky. Those flowers are so pretty. It's supposed to be near 80 degrees today. I'm ready for some spring weather. February was rough here in NC. The milk glass you found is so cool. Perfect for a veggie/fruit tray. I know you're excited about the kitchen reno. I am too :-) I look forward to the updates. Happy Hump Day!

  4. Vicky, love that you are in capris and planting flowers. We are not there yet! I'm so ready for some Spring weather. Love the milk glass and those adorable s&p's!! I love that you share your life with us.

  5. SPRING? What is that? And where do you find it? It has been cold here with yet another round of snow. I personally am ready for a warm beach somewhere. When it begins to warm up (if it ever does) it's going to be a muddy mess here. Just trying to get to my car is a challenge that requires mud boots! Not a pretty site to say the least. I love all your pretty flowers and wearing capri's.... I am so jealous!

    Enjoy your touch of spring ans soak in some rays of sunshine for me!


  6. Your Spring pics are so lovely Vicky! Spring is a long way away here. We're still buried in snow, but it's so nice to see those gorgeous flowers. Love those milk glass dishes!

  7. The weather in Florida sounds nice, it's still kind of cold here... today I think it got up to 54 degrees which isn't warm enough for me but the sunshine is nice :o)

    I love the dishes you got, I could see them used for all kinds of things like you said!

    Have a great rest of the week!


  8. Love all the colorful flowers! My jonquils and doing great right now and I love the signs of spring. Your finds are always good. I'm not positive, but more than likely that pattern never had a name, just a number. The floral pattern with a large pink rose was a common one used in the 40's and 50's and beyond by several different china companies, such as Homer Laughlin, Salem, and others. They are very sweet!

  9. Ah, flowers outdoors in pots...beautiful! I'm dreaming of doing that in a month or so. Love your sweet lazy susan dishes. Usually the wooden spinning bases can be found at fhe thrifts too. I put mine together that way.

    Enjoy getting started on the kitchen! :)

  10. Vicky! Quit showing off about that gorgeous FL weather! Your flowers look lovely and I could relate about those car problems, oh and garage opener problems and a pantry door that won't close!!!! Ugggghhhh!!! All at once! Anyway, have a wonderful rest of the week and that gorgeous weather!

  11. Hi Vicky, wow what beautiful photos of the flowers and so glad that you are experiencing spring there! I'm now following you on instagram and hope that you will follow me too. I'm @brklynhousewife. Take care and have a nice Friday and weekend.
    Julie xo

  12. I need to make a copy of your annuals to hang by my front door so I can be greeted by something pretty. Still too chilly for most annuals. My stone crop has started jumping up and my rosemary and thyme have shaken off the dead winter stuff. Good luck with the kitchen reno.

  13. I love those little salt and pepper shakers. I used to have a salt and pepper shaker collection and now I am sorry that I gave away so many sets.

  14. Those flowers are so pretty! I love your new finds too :)

    Oh and YAY for your new cabinets!!

  15. Ahhhhh beautiful spring flowers! Love your thrift store finds and I am hopeful for you to start your renos. It's always those darn vehicles causing grief eh.

  16. Pretty flowers, Vicky! Love them. I saw a few tiny wild flowers this we eked at the farm. Oh if it was warm enough for capris I'd be in weather heaven! Still in long sleeves and jeans. Oh well, it will soon be HOT. :)
    Great finds. I don't know the pattern name but it looks familiar.
    Hope you can start on your cabinets soon. Have a good week!


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