Monday, June 9, 2014

A Fun Birthday Weekend

Hello was your weekend? Mine was great! It started with my yummy birthday dinner at mama and daddy's house on Thursday night. My sister gave me this adorable little honey jar and a Michael's gift card and my parents gave me money which I used for a pedicure.

Friday, I wrapped up almost everything at school. All I have left to do is clean a couple desks (I ran out of Magic Erasers Friday), and sign cumulative folders in the guidance office and I am done! Only two hours of work tomorrow and then four days of training. I enjoy those though...:) Anywho, on the way home Friday, I stopped by a yard sale. Actually it isn't really a yard sale. An older lady who lives up the road shops estate sales and resells items at an old house she has turned into a boutique/shop. She has all kinds of things and I have seen most of them already, but I did find something to bring home. I liked this pretty silk arrangement in a painted white metal pitcher.

When I pulled up in my yard Friday afternoon,  I noticed my hydrangea is blooming. I had been so busy all week I hadn't even noticed. I love the periwinkle blue's my favorite!

Saturday morning, my sister, mama, and I went for pedicures. We made our appointments a while ago to all go together...:) On the way, we stopped by a yard sale and I got a couple things. 

Look at this beautiful brass bubble glass frame. It is so pretty and quite large. I like the painting inside, but it will probably be replaced with something more my style and I'm sure I will paint the frame. I spotted this on a table right away and was scared to ask how much it was, but I did and the buy said $3! I quickly snatched it up and! It is rare to find a convex glass frame of this size for that price. I was tickled pink!

Here's a closer picture of the painting.

I also bought this metal, oval frame for $1. It's about 9 inches high. I have a thing for oval frames...I have several of them in all different sizes. They are so pretty painted to me.

Here's our pedicures...from top to bottom, Nancy (my sister), mama, and me! This was such a nice, relaxing way to end an incredibly busy week!

 I also got a much needed haircut after my pedi! After that we went to lunch. It was a really nice girl's day out...:) We also made appointments to go back again in August...:)
 I keep forgetting to share this vase with you. My sister bought it for me at a thrift store a couple weeks ago. It is like milk glass with a flower frog lid. I love it!

Here's the lid.

OK...back to the weekend. Last night, my sister and I met my best friend for dinner. We always get together for our birthdays. She made me this delicious's my favorite! I'm telling you, it tastes even better than it looks...absolutely divine! Three layers of white cake with buttercream frosting and strawberries between each layer....Mmmm!

We met at a new restaurant (in an old building). I have been wanting to try it since it opened a few weeks ago. It's in the Putnam Lodge, which you may remember me talking about in this post.

I love the amethyst colored glass knobs on the front doors as well as the key cool!

Here's a small portion of the front of the building. Not the greatest pictures, but I forgot my camera and had to take them with my iPhone.

When you enter the building, you can see the long sun porch to the left. You can dine in this area too. I love the arched windows on the left. 

Here are those windows from the outside of the building.

I didn't take many pictures, but I will try to remember my camera next time I go.

Moving on through the weekend...
Sunday morning, the hubby, Joey and I took Dakota birthday shopping in Gainesville. His birthday is on the 13th and the Joey's is on the 23rd. We're all June babies...:) Actually we all did a little birthday shopping. First stop though was Pepper's for a yummy Mexican lunch. We let Dakota choose the place and I was happy with his choice since Mexican food is my favorite! Here's my lunch below...I had already cut my chimichanga up before I thought to take a picture. It was so tasty!

We stopped by several stores, including Rack Room Shoes, Old Navy, Target, Michael's , and Party City. I had to pick up a few things for my niece, Taylor's graduation party next weekend. And of course, I had to go by Michael's since I had a gift card! I only found a few things though, so I still have money to spend. At Target, I bought a cute new pair of sandals and this cool galvanized orb. I will leave it alone for now, but I am sure I will eventually paint it. It was on the clearance aisle and I thought it would look great on the new bookshelves we are planning to build this summer.

After a day shopping, we were all tired, so we headed home. Joey and I went down to share my birthday cake with mama and daddy. They love Jeana's cakes too and as much as I love it, I needed to get it out of the house so I wouldn't eat it all. I'm trying to eat better this summer and hopefully shed a few unwanted pounds. So, that's my weekend in a nutshell. I'm off to put in my last two hours at school and then pick up one of our district vans since I'm driving our group to the training in Gainesville this week. After that, I'll be coming home to clean my neglected house. Maybe I'll even have time to finish a project I started a couple weeks ago. If so, I'll share it with you tomorrow.
 Until next time.....


  1. happy birthday Vicky! Wow, you had a busy fun filled weekend, as a birthday weekend should be. I love your convex picture, just the way it is. I think you should give it a try with the picture that is in it, you can always change it. Now pass me a piece of that yummy looking cake, lol.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend, Happy Birthday!! :o)

    I love that oval bubble frame, so cool!


  3. Wow that was an action packed birthday weekend but sounds like a fun one. I'm so happy you enjoyed it. What a great find in the convex frame. Good job Vicky!

  4. Hi Vicky, Happy Birthday! It sounds like you have a wonderful birthday with your family and how fun are pedicures! Enjoy your week.

  5. Hi Vicky, and Happy Birthday to you! (and your family)
    That cake looks amazing... and it sounds like you had a fun filled time over the weekend. Have a great week as well! -Tina

  6. Happy Birthday Vicky! Sounds like you had a great time and that large picture frame is an excellent find!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend full of good food, family, friends, and some wonderful vintage treasures.

  8. Late Birthday wishes to you Vicky from another June baby!! I can't wait to finish this move and get home and back to blogging!

  9. Stop! Step away from the print, Ma'am. You need to research it before removing it from the frame. Some of them are worth major bucks. The frame alone is worth a lot, but with the original print - Wow! Glad your b-day weekend was filled with happy adventures. I am sure some readers are shocked to learn that teachers have to clean all desks and furniture in their rooms before being dismissed for the summer.

  10. Sounds like wonderful birthday. Once again, all of your finds are great; love that milk glass vase. Have a good last week!

  11. I find very modern almost futuristic, bravo for design! And thank you for sharing
    Your Neutral Living Room


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