Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Buzzing By for a Quick Update!

Hello everyone! I'm still alive...even though it's been over a week since my last post. I tell ya...the end of the school year is just madness for a! My personal life has been busy as well and everything together has left little time for creativity or thrifting, which means I have nothing much to share. I also haven't had time to reply to comments...I am so sorry for that. I really like to reply as they come in, but I haven't been able to and they piled up on me and I just don't have the time to answer them all. I am so very sorry...I dearly love your comments and will try harder. I do have just a couple things to share today. Not much creativity required as I got the idea from my blog buddy Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home. If you don't know her, you really must go visit! Anywho, if you have visited recently, you may know I decided to create a subtle milk and honey theme in my kitchen and dining room. And you may have seen the shelf below. Do you notice anything different on it?

Maybe this close-up will help. Like my new bouquets...aren't they the coolest? Donna gave me this idea and of course I loved it and had to immediately go to Amazon and find some honey dippers. I got a good deal on this set of six...just a little over $1 each! I had thought about painting them, but am liking the natural look for now.

At least I think so...:)

While I was placing an order, I had to add a couple things to my cart. I'm an Amazon Prime member and love ordering things I don't have to pay shipping on. I had seen this post-it not holder on a blog recently and loved it. I had to have it for my desk at home. It is glass and cork and I love it!

Out of the packaging...:) I love pop-up post-it notes and normally the holders are plastic with a weighted base to allow you to pull the post-in note up. The glass on this one works as the much pretties than a plastic one. And as some of you know, I am an office supply snob and only use Post-it brand!

My final purchase was this devotional book.....

My sweet blog friend, Cecilia from The B Farm recommended it to me a while back. I had mentioned that the hubby and I were both having some health issues and she thought I might enjoy this devotion book. I had heard about it already, so I decided I needed to check it out. Thanks Cecilia...:)

Well, I said I didn't have much to share and I was right! I don't foresee much creativity happening until the end of June. I have one and a half days left with my kinders and I work a couple hours Monday and then I have  4 days of  training, a 5 day training, and an out of town 2 day training in Tampa. That one will be fun since we will stay a couple nights...and there is an Ikea there! I have several items for home and school on my Ikea wish list! I can hardly believe this year is over! I have been busy making a slide show of pictures from the year and I burned dvd's for my kinders to take home. We watched it today and they loved it. One of my little girls came up to me and said "this kind of makes me want to cry." I told her it was did make me cry while putting it together with some special songs. They have grown so more ways than one! I sure do love my other 19 kids and will miss them. Tomorrow is our big waterslide party and they are over the moon excited! It's my birthday as well, so I will be partying all day! After school, mama is cooking supper for us....homemade chicken alfredo and fresh blueberry pies. She and daddy picked a few gallons today and she said they are good ones. I can't wait...:) I'll try to take pictures to share...:) And after waterslide day...I will be too tired to cook...again! I haven't cooked all week! This is the norm for the first and last weeks of school though....busy, busy, busy!

Until next time.....


  1. Oh, Vicky, the bouquet of honey dippers look as great as I thought they might in your room. I love their quirky shape anyway, but here they look special. It is sad the last day of school when the students suddenly realize they have to leave you. Wonderful idea with the slide show. Prayers of grace and healing are being sent your way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!.

  2. Happy Birthday Vicky!!! I love your honey dippers, I'm embarrassed to say that I never knew what those were until now lol.

  3. First of all Happy Birthday to you - Happy Birthday to you - Happy Birthday, Dear Vicky, Happy Birthday to youuuuuu ♪♫♪♪
    And secondly I MUST order some of those on Amazon - they look so pretty in the vases !
    Hope your health issues are resolved quickly - much love,

  4. I really like the honey dippers idea. Hope you have a wonderful day at the waterslide party and enjoy your Happy Birthday!

  5. Hey Vicky! Just dropping by for a quick hello..Many Blessings!

  6. You really have been super busy Vicky! I hope you enjoyed your day today (Thursday)...i'm late stopping by.

    Happy Birthday my friend, I hope it has been blessed.

  7. Happy Birthday Vicky! Those honey dippers look great in the vases. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    1. Happy belated birthday Vicky! So sorry I missed it, but like you with the wedding fast approaching it's been a busy time and I haven't been blogging much.

      How sweet of Cecilia to send that book, but that's her in a nutshell. Hope your health issues are resolved. It's so important.

      Love the honey dippers!

  8. The last few days of school are always hectic. And, I know you have some training coming up.

    I have been helping out at school for several days and will do so all next week. The person who replaced me as Activities Director transferred in January, the office manager was promoted to the district office and the Assistant Principal who who worked with me on activities was tragically killed just 2 months ago. No one knows what to do for promotion so I am busy making certificates, the program, etc.

    Hang in there for the last few days.

  9. Happy late Birthday! As you see, I'm also late replying comments and reading blogs... We still have one more month of school in France, but staff meetings are already multplying!


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