Sunday, June 15, 2014

Oh the Places You'll Go!

If you visited yesterday, you may remember me saying I would share my niece, Taylor's graduation party photos with you today. She wanted a travel theme and I was the decorator, so I gathered things from my house and got to work. It was such fun to put together and she loved it!

Here is the dessert table. There were three kinds of cupcakes and two desserts made by Taylor. She loves to bake! She wanted a food from each of the seven continents and two of them were sweets. 

Lamington is an Australian dessert. It is sponge cake dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut.
 It was really yummy!

Koeksister is an African sweet and is basically a twisted donut. I didn't eat one before they were gone, but I was told by several folks they were yummy!

I used one of my vintage globes and a smaller light up globe that I brought home from school in this vignette, along with a mason jar filled with fresh flowers. My niece, Shelby (Taylor's sister) works at a florist part time while she is working on her college degree. She put all the arrangements together and they were so pretty!

Here's a shot of the drinks and dessert table. We had two types of punch in green and blue to go with our theme, water, and sweet tea. The ice was the "food" from! 
The banner above the table says "Oh the Places You'll Go". I made it for Miranda's college graduation two years ago. Glad I saved it!

Each of the tables had a slightly different vignette. The tables were covered with brown craft paper and I used scrapbook papers as the base to the vignette. I used vintage books, scrabble pieces, apothecary jars, milk glass, small globes, a cloche, and blue and green mason jars to decorate with.

This one features a small cloche with photos of Taylor inside.

This one features my armillary.

An apothecary jars holds photos of Taylor as a baby here...:)

I used the extra scrabble tiles in an apothecary jar here. I love how the vignettes turned out...each one a little different.

Taylor enjoys painting, so a table was set up with small canvases and supplies for guests to paint. The paintings were for Taylor. She will put them all together to make one large piece of art to remember her special day.

Props for the photo booth. Lots of fun was had here...:)

One of the backdrops for the photo booth. I had my nephew, Nathan randomly place old Atlas pages on a large sheet of cardboard. Quick, free, and easy!

There were garlands of photos hanging all around the room. Such fun to look at all the photos!

The gift table.

Taylor's globe is on this table, along with a few things my sister picked up for the party. 

Love the quote on this artwork she bought for her.

I made this tiny banner for her cards. 

book to write messages for Taylor...:)

The napkins and plates were set inside a vintage suitcase that belongs to my daughter, Miranda but used to belong to my Granny Valentine. Miranda's room is decorated in a vintage travel theme.

The other end of the food table got a vignette as well. This globe came from my classroom. The little trunk box is Miranda's and another pretty bouquet by Shelby. Love those orange Gerber daisies!

Taylor wanted sliders as the North American food, so Mama made a bunch of them!

I made bruschetta for Europe.

Asia was chicken curry which was made at the restaurant Taylor used to work at. 
It is her favorite dish from there.

I didn't get a picture of the South American was something from Trinidad and was made by our friend Martha who is from there. 

It was a fun day! It was especially nice to have all of my and my sister, Nancy's kids together at the same time. With Miranda living in Tallahassee, Shelby living in Gainesville, and the oldest four all working, it is hard to get them all together at once. We took a picture of them in age order below. Miranda and Dakota are mine and the other five are Nancy's....but I love them like they are mine too!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am looking forward to spending Father's Day with the hubby and Dakota. Miranda had to go back home last night since she was singing in church this morning. We are trying to decide where to go for lunch and I have to buy groceries if we plan to eat this week as well! 
Have a blessed day all...until next time......


  1. Congrats congrats oh so excited for you. This is such an honor and your home so deserving. I cannot wait to see you in the next issue.
    DIY Project

  2. Hi Vicky, thanks so much for sharing the graduation. What a nice theme as traveling is fun. So nice that there was food from all over the world too. Have a nice week.

  3. What a fun post full of clever party ideas, love the theme. All the food looks delicious and I'm sure it didn't last long.

  4. Wow, quite creative theme and tables, just beautiful. How wonderful for all of you to enjoy being together, a rarer happening with families living distances from each other. Lucky niece! :)

  5. Oh, this party looks like it was such fun! I love the theme and you did a GREAT job with all the decorations! Love the globes (I just bought another one at a garage sale Saturday) and all the little vignettes, genius!! Oh, and the food looks so yummy. It's funny because when you mentioned sweet tea the only sweet tea we have around here is a new thing to us... never had it before... now you can buy it at McDonald's and a few other places. I know it is something they have had for a long time where you're at but I have no idea if what they are calling sweet tea here is the same.


  6. Love it...great theme and the way you carried it out!

  7. When you retire from teaching, you need to be an events decorator. Love the tiny vignettes on each table. Great theme for a special graduate.

  8. The creative gene definitely runs in your family Vicky. Those are some wonderful could be an event planner / decorator full time.

    Thanks for sharing the photos and congrats to Taylor!

  9. . . . love the globes . . . love the theme . . . love all your vignettes . . .

  10. Now that's a party!!! You are just so creative, Vicky!

    I am going to have to try and make that Australian dessert, it looks so yummy!

    Have a lovely week!


    PS.. I'm off on a much needed camping trip with the fam, I'll swing back by in a few days.

  11. What a fabulous party decor - I love it! You are very creative my friend, and you fill me with inspiration :)

    Hugs and blessings to you!


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