Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Medley of Moments

Hey y'all! I hope this finds you enjoying a restful Sunday. I am trying to get some rest as this past week was such a busy one for me! Such a variety of moments....let me share a few!

The week started off busy at work since I had to finish up my parent/teacher conferences by Thursday. My principal likes us to meet with all parents to let them know how their child is progressing. I think this is a wonderful practice since everyone appreciates hearing how their child is progressing. So, I had meetings pretty much every day at 7:40 am, and after school at 2:30, as well as a couple during the time the students were at PE. I also had lunch duty last week which meant no rest for the! I got home pretty late most evenings since I was trying to get some things caught up at school, so I only walked once, but I sure did enjoy it and took some photos to share.

This first one is my uncle's fence....I love it.

This one shows a couple shell casings that were beside the road. We have lots of hunters in our neck of the woods! My mother-in-law used to make the cutest ornaments out of these shotgun shell casings.

A pretty little weed along the way!

Love these mini dandelions....they were so cute and about the size of a marble.

A couple friends that were in our path. My son would be totally freaked out by these pictures. He is scared to death of spiders....LOL! 

I'm really not so sure these are spiders since they don't have 8 legs.

I love this one of the moon....y'all know I just love the sky!

This post with the vine trailing down caught my's the simple things!
I thank God for giving me eyes to see extraordinary in the ordinary and for the time to walk and talk with my mama.....I so enjoy it! Such peace for the soul too.....:)

Thursday night was our late night at school. We always work late for conference night so we can have the following day off. My kindergarten team and the pre-k team decided to have a pumpkin bake-off to make the evening a little more fun! Well, this was a challenge for me since I do not care for pumpkin anything! Yep. you read that correctly.....I do not care for pumpkin. So, I decided to go with brownie bites with a  pumpkin cheesecake mousse frosting. It was pretty good, but I gave the leftovers away since I just can't develop a taste for pumpkin. They were very pretty though, so I took a photo to share before I took them to school. moving through the week! I got a phone call from my daughter at school Thursday morning asking me if there was any way I could come to Tallahassee the next morning. She has been having trouble with her gallbladder and a recent ultrasound showed that she has multiple gallstones. The doctor thinks it needs to be removed, but he wanted to perform an upper endoscopy to rule out ulcers before he refers her to a surgeon. Anywho...long story short....she had to be put under conscious sedation for this procedure and could not drive herself home. Now, she had a friend who could have went with her, but this mama wasn't about to let her do this without me present. So, I rescheduled the fridge repair guy who was supposed to come and put off going to to the doctor myself for blood work I was supposed to go in for.....called mama to see if she wanted to ride with me, and went to Tallahassee for the second time in a week! It's all good though and I was thankful that I was off Friday and didn't have to take a day off work to go....:) Her procedure went well....the doctor biopsied a couple areas that will hopefully turn out to be nothing and she will be having her gallbladder out before the end of the year. Prayers for good biopsy results are appreciated...thank you!

Ok....moving on.....again!
We enjoyed our day together after Miranda's endoscopy...we got lunch and took it to her place and then we decided to go see this movie.....

It was really good and now I finally know the whole story! :) After the movie, we dropped Miranda off and headed back home. Mama dropped me off at my friend, Heather's house since we were having a girl's night to celebrate my sister, Nancy's birthday. There were 7 of us girls and we had such a wonderful evening full of good company, food, and laughter! It was much needed for me...I love my girlfriends! I got home around 11:30 and promptly fell asleep. I had been up since 4 am and was absolutely exhausted!

Fast forward to sister and I decided to hit up a few yard sales. 
I found a few can see below!

I found this pretty basket to use for a magazine holder. I was just looking for something in the house this week to hold my magazines. This will work perfectly! It was $4.

Farrah says this basket also works perfectly to hold pretty kitties...:) She is so nosey!

I fell in love with these adorable twin jars. They are small.....not quite pint sized. They have a space you can stick a label on the front. They will of course, live in my craft room with the majority of my other jars. They were $2 each.

I love these spools I found today! I have never seen any before in my treasure hunting, so I of course, had to have some. They were marked $2 each but I got them 3 for $5. I'm pretty sure my friend Donna will approve of them...:) I am planning to stand them upright in a mason jar or something. I just love the look of them.

I got these turned wood pieces for a quarter each. They are about 7 inches high. They will come in handy for something....some day! I just wish there had been more of them!

A pretty set of silver napkin rings for $2.

A gorgeous pair of vintage clip on earrings that I will use as slides on a necklace. They were just $1.

A pretty set of glass serving utensils for $1.

The next several photos are linens that I paid $2 total for. I had been eyeing one of the vintage pillow cases for the future quilt I plan to make, and when I asked the price, the lady said the whole bag was $2! Being the thrifty shopper I am, I snatched it up. It contained 3 sets of vintage pillow cases and one single pillow case. It also had two large pieces of fabric inside!

I remember when this cross stitch look was in style!

This lone pillow case is the prettiest pale pink with daisies all over.

This bright green and yellow check was the one that first caught my eye!

These are pretty too with multi-colored roses. I really want to make a quilt from my vintage pillow cases some day. They are so pretty to me and I just love the feel of the soft, worn fabric.

The other two pieces of fabric are just a natural colored blanket type fabric. They will be useful for many future projects. This one is similar to the fabric thermal underwear is made from.

This one is a loosely woven fabric....very pretty! 

I apologize for the lengthy post, but I'm just not sure when I will get to post again! So.....I am trying to squeeze it all in one post. The beautiful thing about today is that I don't have to work tomorrow. We have a four day weekend every October and it couldn't come at a more perfect time. I desperately needed some time off....even if it has been jam packed so far! I'm looking forward to lunch with my guys, my mother-in-law, and my son's new friend, Lacey today...:) I haven't met her yet and am looking forward to meeting her today. I hope I like her as much as he seems to!

Ok.....I'm done.....I promise! 
But, just one more thing before I go......

Sadie says hi! 

She's growing so fast!!! the way, she's the biggest reason I needed a magazine!

As always....thanks for visiting!


  1. Okay, so it is Saturday night not Sunday as usual when I am reading your post, but this was delightful! Of course the walk and your musings on life are special. I totally understand the stress of teaching. I do not miss that at all - just miss the students. All of your finds are bargains. Yes, Donna does love the spindles - I have many. I live right in the middle of what was once the nation's cotton mills -the spindles were used for thread in the weaving rooms. The other wooden things are bales for bucket handles and make darling ornaments like the shell casings. Love the vintage pillowcases. I have been washing mine and sending to the booth to sell. Farrah and Sadie are adorable. I wonder just how big Sadie will be - look at those legs! I wish you a peaceful Sunday with your family. Miranda will be in my prayers.

  2. Love all of your pics and your buys were wonderful! Hope you get some much-needed rest.

  3. Hi Vicky, thanks for fixing the post and wow what wonderful finds you found! I pray and do hope that your daughter will be ok. What a great Mom you are! I love your dog, she is just adorable! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and week.

  4. Vicky so glad you were able to be with your daughter for her test. Praying she will be well soon. Sounds like you had a fun time thrifting! Lots of goodies. Hugs, Linda

  5. Glad you were able to be with your daughter for the procedure. You have had some craziness in your life lately, but glad to see you still were able to hit the thrifts, lol. What a cute puppy, and wow she is getting big. :) Pam

    PS/I love pumpkin, your dessert looks great!

  6. I need to come to Florida to go thriftin' with you. You always find so many fun things.


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