Friday, May 17, 2013

Thrifty Thrills!

Can I just say......hallelujah, the weekend is here!!! My sweet 5th graders have turned into middle school! I think they are sick of each other because someone is constantly bickering! It kills me how one minute they are best friends and the next, they are angry at each other....oh the DRAMA! 
 Have I mentioned I'm so ready for summer break...:)

Today I have a few thrifty finds to share! I was able to stop by my favorite consignment & yard sale today after work and get my fix! I haven't been in a couple weeks...:)

First thing I spotted when I walked in was this pretty obelisk shaped topiary thingie. It has pretty moss covered grapevine spheres, forsythia, and a variety of greenery inside. I don't know if I will use it as is, or change the decor inside. It was a bargain for $2. It's pretty good size too, about 18-20 inches high. 

 I found this gorgeous, sheer Ann Taylor Loft blouse for $3. I just love it..:)

I also fell in love with this gorgeous little pitcher. It has some damage to the rim, a chip and a crack, but it was too pretty to pass up for $1.25!

These gorgeous Crooksville China plates were also too pretty to leave behind! The set of 6 was $3. There are a couple chips and a little crazing, but overall they are is great shape for the price!

These 6 little ribbon handled baskets will come in handy at a bridal shower I'm decorating next week. I can't wait to show you the decor I am making and the theme I chose! It is simply adorable!

Last thing from consignment was this tabletop ironing board in like new condition for $2. I have plans to use her in my laundry room as a decorative element..:) I see a chalk paint job in her near future. I'll share soon! 

On the way home, I stopped at my favorite yard sale. There's a lady just up the road that goes to estate sales and purchases things to resell. She has a little house devoted tot this hobby and I love visiting her! I got this sweet birdcage for $2. I may use it at the shower next week, but I bought it for vignettes!

And, I bought these two little daisy topiaries for $2 each. The color of the flowers is perfect for the bridal shower. The pots are hideous in the shade of green they are in now, but I plan to either decoupage them with sheet music, or wrap them in burlap. I am quite sure the burlap option is the one I'm going with though! They will be cute decorating a table or two!

You might remember me mentioning my son's prom and looking at a photo I had put on a few weeks ago. Well,  got his prom pictures in the other day and they are so good! I had to share...:) He actually has a little smile on his face. He is usually very serious looking in his photos, even though he is typically the class clown! He is a total nut and keeps me laughing!

Also, I changed the graduation invitation from the one I shared a few weeks ago. Here is the one I ended up designing and ordering. They have been sent and he has already received three graduation cards. It's coming up too fast....May 31st! I still find it hard to believe my baby is graduating high school. Sorry about the glare of the photo! I really like the way it turned out. His school colors are red, black, and white. I'll be using these colors for all his grad party decor as well. I will be sharing that in the next week or two....after I finish up the bridal shower decor. I'll be crafting most of the weekend....making pennant banners, tissue paper flowers and poofs, as well as several other things for the shower and party. 

I hope each of you have a blessed weekend. Enjoy and get some rest! I plan to rest a little in between sewing and crafting! Until next time....



  1. Nice finds, I especially like the bird cage, there is so many fun things you can do with that.

    You son looks so handsome all dressed up for the prom...they grow up so fast.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  2. Love your recent finds at the thrift store especially the bird cages, ribbon boxes, and the pretty pitcher. I can't wait to see your ironing board!

  3. You found some great stuff! Love those flowers and the topiary is pretty darn cool. I know you will do something great with it. Sweet little pitcher! Your son is so handsome and it is hard to see them graduate and leave the nest! Hang in there!

  4. Well, you sure did get your thrifty fix. Lots of fun stuff there. Now it must be time for that relaxation! I hope you get it. The photos are so fun to see. Hope all the graduation events go well!


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