Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Random Times 7!

Is it really only Tuesday? This has been a long week already! Tonight I just need to wind down from a busy day, so this post is about several random things! 

So, first up is my new centerpiece on my dining room table. I love the sweet little wild phlox that I picked roadside on the way home from work yesterday...:) I remember picking these with my Granny Willie Mae when I was a kid. She always loved them....:) I love that everything except the blue jars was thrifted! 

Yesterday when mama and I went walking, I snapped this photo in her yard. This is some of the things that hang from her swing stand....see the pink sign in the background? My daughter painted that for her years ago when she was a kid. She's 24 this year, so this has been hanging for a while! It made me smile!

I also snapped this photo of some tiny grapes growing on one of their grape vines. So pretty!

This morning, as I was walking into school, I noticed all these little yellow flowers blooming . They are just weeds, but such pretty little weeds. I grabbed my iPhone and snapped this sweet photo.

This week is Teacher Appreciation and here are a couple things I have received. First up is this sweet gift from one of my sweet 5th grade girls. It's a bowl filled with a box of cake mix and tub of frosting, a cute oven mitt, a spatula, a decorated plate, cupcake liners, sprinkles, and candy. So sweet....literally! 

I also got this little apple with the cute leaf attached and a big Hershey bar! ad thing is I am not eating anything sweet this week (except fruit) and couldn't enjoy any of my goodies! I have put them away for another time...:)

Tonight, I attended our local Scholarship Night at the high school. We have dozens of local businesses and individuals that award scholarships to our seniors each year. We only have one high school in our county and we have some very generous donors! I am pleased to tell you my son received three scholarships tonight. This money will be a great help in paying for tuition not covered by his Florida Bright Futures scholarship and also help pay for his books. I am so thrilled that he received these scholarships and feel very blessed! Here is a photo of Dakota and the other senior football players after they received their Quarterback Club scholarships. Dakota has an arrow pointing to him...and yes, his eyes are closed! LOL...:)

Well, I am off to bed. Sorry this post was so random tonight, but I had several things to share and needed to just write and unwind from a long day! Have a blessed Wednesday my friends...:)



  1. Sweet blossoms and life is made up of all the small and random things! Thank you for sharing your day and thoughts-rest well!

  2. Aww... I love the sign, too cute! I hope your week speeds up and you can enjoy the weekend :) Thanks for sharing with us!

    Hugs to you!

  3. Great random things this week! Flowers are so pretty even if others call them weeds! :)



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