Thursday, September 21, 2017

Weddings, Babies, and Shopping...Oh My!

Hello friends...pull up a chair and visit! 
I'll be sweet and let you sit in my pretty new hot pink desk chair! It makes my happy place even happier, don't you think? 

I thought I would pop in and share a few happies from the past few days. Life has slowly resumed to normal after Irma left town. We were without power for 5 days but no complaints home is still standing and for that I am forever grateful! 
 The hubby and I went out over the weekend and I had the urge to do a little shopping. I went to Michael's and TJ Maxx and had success in both stores. I found this little cotton pad organizer for the bathroom...if we ever finish it!

I also found this sweet little sign at TJ Maxx and it had to come home with me. The concept of Hygge was a new one to me when I first heard the word in the spring. I love it and bought two books about it. This is the lifestyle I have always adored...maybe I'm Danish. :)

I bought this metal basket to use in the master bathroom as well. We are using satin nickel fixtures and I thought this would tie in nicely to organize something.

I  bought a new lanyard for my school ID and keys and a cute new pencil bag at Michael's. I am such a sucker for black and white stripes!

I also picked up these cute little organizing bins. They were 60% off and super cheap. 

The adorable little treat bags called my name as well. I will bake some cookies to share one day soon. They have a clear front to see the cookie inside. 

I love these Iris bins for organizing at home and at school. These went to school with me. They were on sale 3 for the price of 1!

I also snagged a couple MAMBI sticker books which are my favorite for my planners. They were half off that day as well.

I picked up a few other things, but they were gifts so no sharing on the blog....just in case! We visited my mother-in-law over the weekend as well and I couldn't help but pick acorns off some of the hundreds of fallen branches from the hurricane. I will place them in a bowl or jar for fall. By the way, my mother-in-law had her PET scan today and her cancer is still gone! Such amazing news! She has lost two of her sisters in the past two weeks though so that is sad news. Tomorrow is the funeral for one of them. 

Happy news cousin has a new baby girl and I am just a tad smitten with she not beautiful? Miss Clarissa has stolen my heart! 

While shopping at TJ Maxx over the weekend, I picked up these two adorable chairs on clearance for my classroom. They are the cutest!

And finish out our little classroom library perfectly.

I went to Miranda's childhood best friend's wedding last night. It was absolutely gorgeous! As was my Miranda...see for yourself. She was the maid of honor.

The venue is a farm not too far from my home. It is called 7 Hills Farm and is absolutely idyllic for any event but especially a wedding.

Look at the bathroom counter! A huge slab of cypress with buckets for sinks and pitcher pump faucets. I love the huge chain holding the counter up!

And here is the happy couple...Liz & Alex.

The barn from the outside.

Chandeliers hang from the open rafters throughout the barn.

The ceremony spot was all lit up when I left the reception. Beautiful...that's a chandelier hanging in the center.

The silo, which serves as a serving spot/bar was so pretty lit up as well.

Everything was gorgeous! I enjoyed it so much. 
I hope you all are having a lovely week. Tomorrow is Friday and I am so happy. It has been a good week but a super busy one and I am ready for some down time. I hope you all enjoy your Friday and weekend. Until next time.....


  1. I'm so glad your home wasn't damaged. And your pink chair! How cute and happy. 😊 Love it when I find things I need on sale (or want!). Good news on your mil but I'm sorry for her loss.
    Sweet baby! Many blessings for Miss Clarissa and her family!
    The wedding looks like it was gorgeous. Fun to see since ours is just around the corner! It won't be "rustic" but outdoors nonetheless. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hello Vicky, I'm so happy that you did not get any damage to your house from the hurricane. Five days is a long time without power but manageable.
    I love everything you bought while shopping. You have the prettiest classroom and so colorful. The kids must love it. Your daughter looked so pretty dressed up for the wedding.
    Have a nice weekend and take care.

  3. So good to hear all is well with you Vicky! I love your cute finds and feel a TJ Maxx shopping trip coming soon. Miranda is lovely and I know you are a proud Mama. Hugs!

  4. Loved catching up with what's been happening with you lately! Have a great weekend!


  5. I seriously need to go hang out and shop with you one day. You find the best deals and the best deals on the cutest things!

    That is wonderful news about your MIL, prayers that she continues to be cancer free.

  6. You found some great stuff out shopping! LOVE your pink chair and the cute little ones for your classroom. I have always wanted to go to a barn wedding but haven't been invited yet!

  7. Hello and Happy Fall!!!
    I am so glad to hear you were safe during the storm!! So scary. I sure prayed for all of you!

    Love the pink chair! And the school camp chairs are super cute!

    What a precious little baby! I can see why you are smitten! ;)

    That barn wedding is amazing! Such a beautiful bride! Miranda looks so pretty in that dress! Love the color!

    PTL for your MIL...cancer free is great news!!

    Enjoy your weekend Vicky!
    Hugs, Amy

  8. I love that people are having farmhouse/barn weddings. I have not attend one but enjoy seeing all the ideas people have for decorating for them. Sweet news about your mother-in-law but very sorry to hear of her loses, that has got to be very hard. Miss Clarissa is gorgeous, I just love holding new babies; how can you not fall in love with them. It is nice to know that things are getting back to normal after Iram . . . how scary!
    Happy Autumn!
    Connie :)

  9. Such a pretty venue for a wedding Vicky, and Miranda looks lovely.

    Glad your mil is better. Illness is so difficult, nit just for the person who is ill but their loved ones as well.


  10. I'm glad all is well with you, my friend. Miranda looked lovely and that little Clarissa is adorable :)


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