Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hurricane Aftermath...Goodbye Irma

Hello friends! I am popping in quickly (while the generator is running) to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers over the past several days. Most of you know due to social media that my family and home survived Hurricane Irma. This was the worst damage we had. A large tree down on out power line. It snapped the wires and blew the transformer. 

The wire was holding it up here but it snapped from the weight and came all the way down.

Thankfully my home was unscathed. My dear hubby and son worked hard to get the windows boarded up and even welded these anchors for each side of the porch which have a tire rim welded to the iron bracket and buried in the dirt. A strap went all the way across the roof of the porch we built this year. It was tightened down to hold the metal roof intact. As you know, we live in a mobile home and many times the roof comes off in really high winds. They say this is largely due to the structures that are built on to the home. Even though we used hurricane straps when we built the roof, we didn't want to take any chances so the hubby welded these and they worked like a charm!

He also attached extra 2X4 support beams here and there around the porch. 

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that we sustained no damage to our home. 

The yard is covered in debris but that's no big deal. It can be and already is partially cleaned up.

Throughout the waiting game, people tried to remain high spirited and many funny memes were spreading across social media. Here are a few of my favorites.....

These were screenshots from my phone but I thought they were too funny not to share. Oh my goodness...the waiting game was the longest! Life has yet to return to normal for us...we still have no electricity but that's OK. It's a small price to pay and we are among millions that still have no power. So many lost everything so I refuse to complain. Gas is still in short supply and there is a limit on the amount you can purchase. Grocery store shelves are near barren of quick food and the deli and bakery cases are pretty empty too. School resumes for teachers Friday and the students return Monday. I have heard from several of my student's families and they are all ok. 

I visited a few of you but had no time to leave comments. I will try to soon, but for now, thank you all again. I am eternally grateful for your thoughts and prayers. They were definitely felt. Florida as a whole will need your thoughts and prayers for some time, so keep them coming.
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  1. Hi Vicky. I have to admit that I was worried about your home. I heard on one of the forecast reports that mobile homes were in the most danger of damage, so this is wonderful news. Your husband was very smart to take the time to do all this impressive pre-storm measures. He sounds like a smart cookie:)

  2. Good move on hubby's part! I'm sure those measures helped a great deal in keeping your home unscathed.

    I saw some of those memes and thought they were adorable. Laughter is always the best medicine.

    I had a couple of people tell me we were lucky we didn't purchase a mobile home down there. As you know that was a consideration for a while. Truth is we would have done it this year if we were going down to Florida and I bet some good deals are to be had. I think if you take precautions like you did that counts for a lot.

    So glad you and yours are safe and I have a feeling you'll be back up and running Inn no time. Good riddance Irma!

  3. So happy for you that there was only minor damage. Thank God for a handy husband who knows what to do! My sister has been in Florida near Tampa for 21 years and she said this was the scariest storm yet. She and her home are fine too. Thanks for letting us know you are safe!

  4. So glad you are ok and the roof held. Hurricanes are always stressful events. My heart hurts for those that lost so much. We have always been without electricity after hurricanes for a minimum of 2 weeks. I always went back to work without it. We live on the last power grid to be connected in our county. It reminds you of how quickly things can change.
    Take care and try to stay cool.

  5. Oh Vicky...I was thinking so much of you and praying for your safety! Praise the Lord that your lovely home was thankful to hear from you! Sending you ever so much love....

  6. Whew, I was worried about your home too... I was thinking of all the wonderful updates you've done to it. I'm so glad it (and you guys) are all ok, your hubby is very smart :o)


  7. I, too, was so worried about your home. This sounds so trivial, but I kept thinking about your sweet "Happy Place," and all of your recent work on it. Sounds like your hubby and son went the extra mile to ensure your home had the best chance for survival. I am so happy for you, but my heart goes out to those who were much less prayers continue.

    Warm hugs,

  8. Glad your home and you are all safe. Sounds like your metal straps are a wonder. All your clips are funny. I liked the glasses one. Hugs, LJ

  9. I'm happy to hear that you, your family and home remained safe. We were really blessed that it wasn't as bad as originally forecasted.

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  13. So glad you are ok! Hope everything gets straightened out soon. Keeping all affected by the hurricanes in my prayers.

  14. Glad to read this Vickie! We have many friends in Florida, and they all did fairly well.

    Better check your spam gobbly-gook comments. :)

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