Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Rambling Recap and a Surprise!

I hope this finds you doing well. Did you have a nice Easter? I thoroughly enjoyed Easter...well, the whole weekend actually. It sure went by quickly though!
I had a 3-day weekend which was wonderful. I kicked off Easter weekend on Thursday by taking these treats to my co-workers. 

The librarian at school (who is a good friend and happens to be my friend Jeana's mom) loves to bake and she brought me a box of cupcakes she made. She made my whole kindergarten team a box full. She's the best!

I don't know where she gets her energy! Aren't these pretty? They ones I ate were delicious! I didn't eat them all mind you! I ate two...one that morning and one the next. The hubby ate the other two. We finished up testing on Thursday and had a really great day. 

That evening I met my friends for dinner to celebrate Jeana's birthday. It was really nice.,,I always enjoy sitting and chatting with my girls! I made each of them an Easter/Spring goodie bag and included one of these pretty stemless wine glasses in them. Here is mine....it says believe and has a pair of gold rain boots filled with flowers. Theirs each had a different spring icon and flowers with a different word.  They are so pretty!

Friday, the hubby and I were both off work so we made our way over to Lake City to pick some things up from Lowe's and buy groceries. I also went to the new Five Below and Hobby Lobby stores that just recently opened. I picked up a few things at Five Below for my classroom and here's what I got at Hobby Lobby.

I love this line of products and they were all 50% off that day. I got this pretty box and am using it to house all my bill paying items.

I bought the pretty pencil pouch to keep in my purse or my teacher bag. I haven't decided yet. It was too pretty to pass up and only $3!

I bought a couple sheets of stickers. They were also 50% off. I only allow myself to buy these things if they are on sale. 

I picked up the bee stickers for a baby shower I am helping with in May. I'm going to be a great aunt! We are having a bee themed shower and it's going to BEE adorable! The honeycomb in the background is bulletin board border I found in the teacher section of the Dollar Tree. I thought it might come in handy too. 

I fell in love with this gorgeous washi tape and it too was 50% off! It matches the items above...the box and pencil pouch.

I used some of it in my planner this week....so gorgeous!

Saturday, the hubby whipped out a simple project I requested last week. I wanted a little stand to sit the tv on so it didn't have to sit directly on the Dish Network box. I love how this simple project turned out. It makes such a difference and looks so much nicer. Rooster decided to plop down just as I started to take the picture. He makes me smile! My Sadie hates the camera. 

Now to decide what to sit on either side of it. I'm shopping the house for something. This was a no cost project since we have a multitude of scrap lumber from all our projects and remodeling. I already ahd the paint too. Miranda and Bell came Saturday to spend the weekend with us. I always love having her over. Bell was fascinated with all the new country smells. LOL! Saturday evening we went to dinner and met my sister and nephews and after, they came over to visit. 

Sunday found us preparing food for the Easter celebrations. We always celebrate with the hubby's family at lunch time and then come back home to celebrate with mine. The hubby's uncle lives on the Suwannee River so of course I had to get river pictures. Bell loved the water...she was so funny trying to catch the minnows.

And his aunt grows some beautiful flowers! We had a nice lunch and visited for a bit before we headed home to see my family.

My sister hosted this year and she had games for us to play. Easter trivia was fun and I won the items you see below....a pretty plaid spatula and some cookie stamps which I think I will use for play doh at school.

I also guessed the closest on the jelly bean estimation. I am pretty good at estimating small items since we do this in kindergarten nearly every day. I've decided that I want each of you to guess and whoever is closest will receive a surprise from me. Details will be at the end of the post.

I was so tired Sunday evening...but it was a wonderful weekend.

Monday after work, I decided to straighten up and reorganize my desk in the craft room. Little projects like this always make me happy. They also help me decompress. I have been sick with allergy/sinus issues for nearly 3 weeks and it is about to get me down. I have had such a bad cough and headaches that I haven't been able to go to my workouts. I'm praying it goes completely away soon. I am starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, so hopefully!

Anywho, here's a couple more pictures of my desk area. 

I picked up this pretty bouquet at Hobby Lobby last Friday too. I used my 40% off coupon on it which made it $6. I love it!

And that my friends is what I have been up to. 

Be sure to leave your guess for the jellybeans in the comments below. If you are a no reply blogger, you will also need to leave your e-mail. If you are a regular reader and I respond to your comments by e-mail, then you don't need to. I will help you out a bit and tell you it is more than 150 and less than 350. I will also say that if someone happens to guess the same number I guessed, I will send that person a surprise too. You have until midnight Sunday, April 23rd to leave your guess. Be sure to do it because you have a good chance to win since I don't have a lot of readers. I will pick up something fun for the winner this weekend and send it out next week after I announce the winner. As always, thanks for reading, good luck and have a lovely week! 



  1. What a fun weekend! I had a wild one with Easter and Scout's birthday party. Gosh it was fun! I love time spent with family like you do! OK, my guess is 266 on the jellybeans! I've been sick with allergies also and it's gone to my chest so I saw the Dr today and I've got meds to help. I need to feel better!!! Hope you are on the mend! Hugs!

  2. Hi Vicky - as always enjoyed your post and reading about all your activities and fun bargain purchases! I'm guessing 215 on the jelly beans! Have a great week, tomorrow is my Friday this week and I've got a four-day weekend for no good reason so I'm really excited to do some junking and enjoy a few days off!

  3. Vicky your blog is always so much fun. I love everything. I wish I had you here to give me ideas on my new addition. You could write a book on creative organizing.
    Have a sweet day.
    Connie :)

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Love the pretties for your desk - it looks so nice. My guess for the jelly beans is 319. :) I do hope you get better soon. It's no fun to be sick for weeks on end!

  5. Miss Vicky...we always enjoy looking at your blog and how neat you keep your desk! Smile :)
    Now for our guess....300?!
    Thank you for being so kind!
    Many Blessings~
    Momma Mayo

  6. You amaze me with all you do, and the fact that you're sick and still manage to go, go, go just blows my mind! I truly hope you're completely better soon!

    As for the jelly beans, I'm not very good at these things but since you kindly provided a hunt I'm going to guess 202. How's that for a random number? lol

    Have a great week, and take it easy!


  7. The number that came to mind is 203, then I scrolled up and saw that Doreen guessed 202! I am going with it to see who is closest....too funny. Glad you had a great weekend. Your water pictures are the second ones from Florida I saw today and I am so envious!

  8. Love the pretty things you picked up at Hobby Lobby. I think I need to visit my local store. I am guessing 219...

  9. 248 is my guess. Sounds like you had a great weekend, I sure hope you start feeling better soon Vicky, it's no fun fighting with headaches like that.


  10. It looks like you had a wonderful 3 day weekend! Hobby Lobby can be such a dangerous store. ;) Try getting out of there with only spending 25! Lol.
    I LOVE your craft room! What fun that must be! I'm always shopping from my home. Sometimes just changing things around is new and fun! Since we fixed the kitchen cabinets, I redecorated the tops with what I had and wow...looks way cute! And hubby was happy cause I didn't bring more stuff in.
    I hope the medicine the doctor put you on helps. Being sick that long is no fun! Sending prayers your way my friend!
    Oh and I guess 233 on the jelly beans!

    Have a delightful one, Vicky!
    Hugs, Amy

  11. Hi Vicky, oh I loved this post and update of what is going on with you. I love that flower arrangement you made! As for the jelly beans I'm guessing 155? Thanks again and take care and enjoy the week.

  12. What goodies you found.

    I am working on organizing my craft space, but it will never be as organized as yours is.

    How about 278 jelly beans.

  13. How fun! My guess is 298 :)

    You made out like a bandit at Hobby Lobby. Love that little zippered pouch.


  14. hmmm... I believe my guess shall be 303. :~)
    Love the washi tape, so cute!

  15. I love your craft room. I'm so envious.
    My first guess was 150 jelly beans. How funny. But now I'll guess 212. Thanks for the chance to win.
    I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here. One is being built about 30 miles from here. I can't wait.

  16. Let me start by saying that I am OUT on the guessing game...LOL. I am horrible at it but I will be excited to see who wins.

    You have more energy when you do not feel well than I do on my best day. I'm happy you had a nice Easter. You also had a very productive shopping day.

    Your husband made a nice stand for the tv. It looks like it was always part of the table.

    Hope you have another lovely weekend.


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