Thursday, January 28, 2016

Prague.....Part 5 (The Zoo)

Have you been to a zoo recently? I hadn't been in years but while I was in Prague, we decided to spend one of our days visiting the Prague Zoo. It is an amazing zoo and was voted #4 in the world last year. It was a dreary day and extremely cold the day we were there but we had a good time in spite of it! Here's a map of the zoo. It is a very large zoo and we were unable to see it all before they closed. 

The plant life was beautiful. They had an area set up like a rainforest and it was warm and balmy inside even though it was freezing outside. 

I thought the color of these berries was so pretty.

These two ladies are even prettier. This is Miranda and her cousin Ashley. She was so happy Ashley was able to come visit her too.

This peacock was perched up on top of a wall. I just love the colors of peacock feathers.

Not sure if there were llamas or alpacas.

Elephant hinies...LOL!

A hyena,,,his coloring was very pretty. He was sort of ombre.

I was intrigued with the vending machine. Oreo was about the only recognizable brand I saw other than Milka, which wasn't in this shot.

All bundled up...and still freezing.

There were lots of fossils! I took lots of photos to share with my kinders when we learn about them in science.

I thought this hill dotted with sheep and the cute house at the top was so pretty. I like how the camera focused on the berry branch and limbs.


Cavorting donkeys...they chased each other all around their pen and kept biting each other. 

A pretty shot of the sun starting to set.

My favorite wild animal...the tiger. There was lots of tigers, both indoors and out.

A pretty lion.

This was my favorite memory from the zoo. I don;t remember what this pretty little cat was, but it was sleeping so peacefully behind this thick glass enclosure. I snapped the photo and this is what I instantly got.....

a not too happy looking stare! LOL! I guess it heard the click of the camera and it let me know.

I love gorillas too. They are such intelligent creatures. This one was steadily stripping the leaves off his limb and eating them. The enclosure was so neat, with lots of things for them to play with and climb on.

Pretty pink flamingos.

A cold looking penguin....I felt a lot like this little guy looked.

I took more, but it was just so difficult to get good shots on this dreary, cold day. The sky was quite beautiful while we were waiting on the bus outside the zoo. The colors reminded me of cotton candy.

The last photo I took was of the main building from outside the zoo. I bet it is beautiful in the spring and summer when that vine is green. I wanted to take pictures of the animal footprints in the sidewalk leading to the zoo but I didn't get a chance to go back to that area. It was so neat!

I hope you didn't freeze while touring the zoo! It was fun seeing the different kinds of animals. I have always enjoyed visiting zoos, but hadn't been since my kids were young. It was a fun day but was I ever glad to get out of the cold. I hope your week is going well. I'm happy the weekend is almost here. I am decorating for my nieces' bridal shower tomorrow evening and then hope to get some house cleaning and organizing done this weekend. We have been working on the pantry. We never started on it when we remodeled the kitchen. I am super excited to be doing it finally! But, I have everything piled and stacked on the kitchen counters and floor and it is getting to me! I'm ready to be done! Have a wonderful Friday!

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  1. Oh Vicky! I haven't been to the zoo in years either, so I enjoyed walking around with you through your lovely pictures! How sweet of you to share them with us! But did look cold...brr! It must have been so lovely to see all the animals...and that sleeping little cheetah is too cute! I love cheetahs:-). If I ever visit Prague someday, then I will be certain to stop by this zoo...I generally don't like animals in cages, but these look well cared for! I am so glad you had a blessed trip, dear Vicky! Some special memory making for sure!
    Enjoy the bridal shower...I have a baby shower planned for a precious friend of mine for is a surprise, so let us hope we can keep tht way! Hugs to you and so much love!

  2. I liked the elephant hinnies the best! Cute shot.

  3. Aww thanks for the tour of zoo. It looks like you all had fun.
    Enjoy your Weekend and take care.

  4. Vicky you packed so much into your week . . . I'll bet you had no trouble sleeping on the plane coming home. I love that you were thinking of us and taking so many photos. I don't have the budget, or the husband that enjoys travel, so I do most of mine through tagging along with my sweet blogging sisters. Speaking of sisters, I'll bet that Miranda and her cousin Ashley get mistaken for sisters all the time. They're a couple of cuties :)

  5. I can't remember the last time I was at a zoo, there aren't any very near me. Looks like a beautiful place!


  6. Loved seeing all your zoo photos Vicky, animals are so amazing!
    That is funny that they have Oreo's there!
    That's exciting about your will be so worth it when it is done! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs, Kimberley

  7. What a fun trip you had to that beautiful zoo I'm sorry it wasn't a warmer and sunny day, but your photos are still great. I don't think I've been to a zoo in 20 years, but might go to the National Zoo this summer. Have fun with your pantry redo. I would not want all that on my kitchen floor either lol. :)

  8. Love all your photos. I keep saying I'm going to take the Grands to the Zoo and maybe this year it will be true! So happy you had such a wonderful time.

  9. Oh, what fun, my friend! I just love seeing the sweet animals. And oh my, you and your daughter are so beautiful :)

    Thanks for sharing your trip to the zoo with us. Also, I love your guest bathroom! It looks fantastic, my friend. Love and hugs!

  10. You had such a special visit my friend, such happy times. The cat I think is a cheetah the fastest animal on the planet if I recall rightly, this one wasn't going anywhere though :) Hope you have settled back nicely into your routines. Have a lovely Sunday xx

  11. How cool to be at a zoo in another country. Did the animals have accents? :-)

  12. What a great site to visit! Looks like so much fun...and cold...


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