Sunday, January 24, 2016

Guest Bathroom Reveal.....Finally!

Welcome! Want a tour of my guest bath? Don't worry, it will be a short  tour since this bathroom is quite tiny. Actually, both of my bathrooms are, but that's OK. Less area to clean. As usual, the hubby started gutting the bathroom before he remembered to take pictures, but trust me when I say it was ugly! The walls were a dingy off white color as were the fixtures. The vanity cabinet was a cheap pieced together typical mobile home vanity. It was BAD! I am so thrilled with how it turned out! We still have a couple little things to finish, but it is 95% complete, so here we go!

I have had a beachy theme in this bathroom for years. It gives me somewhere to put the shells I have collected over the years from Florida beaches. I also love the beach and beachy decor so I need one room that features it. Here's an view of my new guest bathroom from the door. I told you it was tiny!

We love the dark tongue and groove walls that we have in our living room, dining room and hall area just outside this room, so we decided to put them in here as well. The hubby loves working with this stuff as it is easy to install. You also get a lot of bang for your buck! This wood wraps around the room but the opposite wall has beadboard wainscoting. The white mirror, vanity, tub, and toilet really pop against the dark wood.

I had this little aqua blue shelf in the living room by the hubby's recliner but we decided to put it in the bathroom as it fit this space perfectly. I put the shelf that used to be in this room by his chair and he loves it. Anywho, I need to buy some new white towels but this is where I will store them. I want to pick up a new trash can for this room as well.

Everything I used to decorate in here I already had. I got rid of a lot of the old decor, reused the rest, and shopped the house for a few other items to decorate. This was one of used to be in my living room.

I've had this handmade piece for years. it was a wedding gift from an old friend. I've been married over 27 years now. It is such a unique piece of pottery. See the seashell that is formed in the piece on the left side.

I also used this piece from my craft room. I purchased this at the Goodwill (I think) a couple years ago with intentions to use it in one of my bathrooms when we remodeled. It works perfectly over the toilet to hold some of my pretties. (Moving this is what led me to redo my craft room.....again! LOL! I'll share soon!)

Inside is a few treasures and a pretty new hand towel I bought at TJ Maxx. I bought two. The other one is on the vanity.  

And since I don't want to use it yet, I placed the handmade soap Karen from The Feral Turtle sent me at Christmas on a little seashell soap dish. It smells so good when I open the cabinet.

The top has old bottles, a jar of seashells and sea glass, a sand castle figurine.....

a few more old bottles, a print, and a coral colored seashell ornament I bought on clearance. I wanted a few pops of coral in this room.

The toilet tank holds a piece of milk glass with a fish scale like pattern on it with one of my Ikea plants inside. A vintage doily and a shell complete the vignette.

The only new items I purchased for this room were the two hand towels and a set of rugs. These were so pretty. I found them at TJ Maxx and they are a better deal than you can get at Wal Mart. I love the lattice design.

I moved that hung just outside the bathroom in my tiny hall area to the bathroom wall for a pop of color since it already had a coral ribbon hanger. I plan to put three towel hooks to the right of it with a picture of some sort over them when I find the right hooks and print. I have bought two different sets of hooks at Hobby Lobby and the hubby said neither one of them will work, so back to the drawing board! I'll share when I find the right ones! You can see the beadboard in this photo. It's really difficult to get a good shot of this wall.

This shot was taken before we finished the shower and hung the rod and curtain. I love my new bright white fixtures! It looks so clean! You can see the corner of the other rug in front of the vanity as well.

Speaking of the vanity, let me show you what sits on it. I have had this little lantern for years. It holds some blue vase filler pebbles and coral. Another old bottle and some scrabble tiles finish this vignette.

The other corner holds a large apothecary jar full of shells along with two smaller ones that hod q-tips and cotton balls. 

I love my mirror as well. I thrifted this a few years ago to use when we did this bathroom. It was such a nice mirror with beveled edges and I just couldn't pass it up for $5! I had to store it for a while, but it was worth it. It was a honey oak color so I painted it white and it is perfect! Excuse me in my PJ'!

Here's one more view of the whole room. I am using the old shower curtain I had in here but I am really wanting a new one. I have a white one but it is too short and looks funny. I am leaning towards this one from Amazon. What do you think? I love large horizontal stripes and you all know I am crazy for aqua blue but I am afraid the blue may clash with the pale aqua blue rugs. I may just look for something at TJ Maxx next time I go. We'll see! But other than the hooks, a print, and new towels and shower curtain, this room is done! 

Now, it's on to the porch which we have been wanting to start for a couple years! I am so excited! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was too short, but it was good. My sister and I spent the night with her girls and attended a bridal shower for her oldest daughter. My niece, Shelby is getting married in March. I am doing the decorations for her church shower Friday night so my evenings this week will be spent making banners and other decor. I'll try to post part 5 of my Prague trip if I can find the time. Thanks so much for the sweet comments you all have been leaving. Each and every one brings a smile to my face. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Until next time.....


  1. Your bathroom looks amazing! Becki Harrelson we are IG friends

  2. Ooo, I love your bathroom. It looks amazing. I love the dark wood with the white! And the shower curtain is so pretty but I understand your concerns. Guess all you can do is try it out? Whatever you end up with, it will be beautiful.

  3. It looks great doesn't it, and with a definite beach theme which I think is great for a bathroom. xx

  4. It looks beautiful Vicky! You did an amazing job with the textures and colors. I'm sure you'll enjoy it for many years to come.


  5. Vicky it is so cute! I love the beach theme and the colors are perfect. I like that Amazon shower curtain but you do want to make sure the colors work and it's hard from just a photo. I know you will find the right curtain. I can feel your excitement as you work on redoing your home!

  6. You guys did another amazing re-model. I love the feel of the guest bath...beachy is my thing, too.

  7. It's beautiful! I was showing my hubby your walls and told him I want to try this in our den and kitchen. I love the beach theme and it all Tues in well together. That shower curtain is so you, but the colors might be off, but it also might go well together too. It's hard to tell on the computer... ;)

    Enjoy your week, Vicky!
    Hugs, Amy

    1. That should read ties not Tues..this auto correct is annoying...;)

    2. That should read ties not Tues..this auto correct is annoying...;)

  8. It looks great Vicky! I love the dark walls and white fixtures together!


  9. I'm a big fan of beachy anything so I LOVE your bathroom. Especially those walls -gorgeous!

  10. You and hubby are the king & queen of reno! Once again, a great job. I love the walls, very unique.

  11. I am just amazed!! Those walls and the white fixtures are perfect together. The two of you did such a nice job. Enjoy!!

  12. Wow Vicky! I love your new bathroom! The walls and colors are so pretty. It looks like I'm spa at the beach! You really amaze me. Take care and enjoy the week.
    Hugs Julie

  13. It looks fantastic, Vicky! I really like the dark wall with the creamy white and those great pops of turquoise!

    Warm hugs,

  14. I really like the bathroom, you did a great job! Love the beachy theme. I don't mind the current shower curtain and if the one from Amazon matches it would be great. I also enjoyed looking at the Prague photos....sorry, I haven't been keeping on my blogs very good lately.

  15. I am loving your bathroom Vicky. You guys did an amazing job in there. I have to admit I am a little envious of your FINISHED Oh to be dust free.......sigh

  16. It looks amazing Vicky! So worth the wait. I love that color brown on your tongue and groove walls. Reminds me of our wood floors in the living room. I really like the gray bathroom floor too. Classic! You did a great job decorating and I love how you thought out each element! I'm not sure about the striped shower curtain, I agree the colors might not go together but I'm weird about that anyway :) I'm sure whatever you do will look amazing... for some reason I see red in there... maybe for summer, very beachy.

  17. Great redo on the bathroom. I love all the pretty touches, especially the shelf hoding your pretties. The walls are fantastic. Love it!

  18. It's all wonderful and so creative! I love how you have a vision and carry it through to the end. The aqua is perfect against the white and with the beach theme...very fresh and pretty. Love it all!

  19. Dearest Vicky! Oh, I just love your guest is lovely, and you decorated it so are so creative! I love the beach theme, and especially like the Scrabble letters you included in the decor...I will remember that idea! The vanity, the shelves...ah, all is simply stunning! I am sure you are loving this new room...what fun to redo areas in your home! Thinking of you so much today, dear Vicky! I don't know if I told you, but your Christmas card came in the mail! Aww, you are so very sweet, dear Vicky! I am truly appreciative of your friendship and your blog is a favourite place o' mine! Hugs and love!

  20. Vicky, your bathroom turned out beautiful. I love the combo of white and aqua, they always cook so fresh and clean. You packed a lot into the beachy decor and I love everything. Your guests may enter and never want to leave, LOL.

  21. Wow Vicky, it all looks amazing! I love all of the turquoise and the beach décor...and the white and the wood look amazing too!
    It all came together perfectly!
    The wedding shower sounds like a lot of work - but fun since you get to be creative making decorations for it!
    Have a wonderful weekend friend! Hugs!! Kimberley

  22. Your bathroom looks great - I love the turquoise. I actually brought in a little turquoise to our bathroom when we had it painted recently.


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