Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Catching Up Colorfully!

I can't believe it's been nearly two weeks since I last posted! I have been super busy with a myriad of things. I have been working on checking off everything on the list below. I am getting there! Let me share some of the things I have been up to! Warning!!! This is a totally random post and the photos are in no particular order, but most of them are colorful!

A few weeks ago, I picked up this basket from Hobby Lobby on clearance. I did not care for the color (not for my craft room) so I painted it a pretty minty green and it holds my wrapping paper now. My collection had outgrown my old basket.

I received some delightful happy mail from my dear friend Kelly-Anne from Beautiful Girlhood. If you don't know this delightful young lady, please go pay her a visit. She is the sweetest! She e-mailed me a few weeks ago to ask me if it would be OK if she made me something for my new kitchen. OK? Well, of course, I would be thrilled! So, she made this wonderful bunting as well as some tags and a card. Everything is handmade. She is quite talented. I was just in awe of her beautiful handiwork. Kelly-Anne lives all the way over in South Africa and right now it is winter time for her, thus the snowflakes on the mailer! So neat...especially when it is nearly 100 degrees here in Florida every day. Thank you again Kelly-Anne for your kindness and generosity. You are a sweet blessing to me. 

I am not leaving the bunting in this spot, but here's a little glimpse of it hanging. I have plans to tweak the kitchen a bit and I will share when I am done.

I have done a little shopping (my no buy July didn't work out too I found a great deal on a set of Project Life journaling cards at Michael's a few days ago. This set was normally $29.99 and it was marked down to $12.99 and I had an additional 25% off of that. Score! I use these in my planners and am collecting items here and there to start scrapbooking using this system. I love it!

Just had to share this delicious cupcake from my weekend in Tallahassee with Miranda and Mama. This was was a Sangria cupcake and it was so yummy!

We've been working on the hubby's man cave. This was my son's room but he moved out and we are turning it into the man cave. My hubby and son have over 100 trophies from years of race car and go-kart racing. Most of them have been packed up in the shed for a while, but no more! I will update as we progress on it. Sadie already loves "her" room.

One thing I had to do in the man cave was to move all my decor out of the cabinet I was housing it in. My son has moved out a while ago and this room was used as a catch-all for several months. So, I moved all my junk home decor back to the guest room closet. Here it is...I did manage to part with a few things in the move. I have donated 5 large boxes/bags of stuff to Hospice in the last two weeks. 

Moving on...I covered a little blank book from the Target dollar spot with washi tape. 

And, on the inside, I use it to make washi combo ideas for my planner. I love washi tape and am glad I have a good reason to buy it now!

In all my cleaning out, I came across a few bags of old t-shirts I had saved for my kids. I have plans to make them t-shirt quilts with them some day. Well, I had kept the shirts intact, but they were taking up so much space that I decided to go ahead and cut them down. Now I have one small bag full instead of four large bags!

I've been painting like crazy lately! All the trim around four doors and the large opening in this photo as well as the front and back of the four doors. We still have to put the knows back on. We had never finished this from our dining room remodel that began last summer. We also installed the new light you see in the little hallway area. The door straight ahead is the guest bathroom. The one to the right is the man cave and the left is my craft room. I also painted the guest room door. It is to the right on this side of the opening.

We installed the light fixture in the laundry room.

We put up the medallion to hide the hole left by the old stove exhaust. We moved the stove in the renovation and did not want to replace the ceiling. We originally planned to put a light in the center so we bought a medallion with a hole. Well, we changed our minds, so I had to come up with a way to cover the hole. I used a small silver plated coaster that I painted white along with the rest of it. The nickel finished piece in the middle is from an old knob. The hubby cut it down so I could use it here. I just painted it in nickel to match my knobs and pulls in the kitchen. I think it turned out really pretty!

I tweaked & straightened the bookshelves. I had bought a few new books and had just been sitting them on top of the others. I finally put them in alphabetical order with the others. I also moved a few things around to freshen it up a bit. 

I saved the prettiest picture for last. I am working on a small quilt for my daughter, Miranda to take to Prague with her. Here's a sneak peek of some of the fabric. The rose was picked from Mama's bush earlier today. She helped me on the quilt. Thanks again you!

And that is it for now. I have been busy with lots of other things as well. We are trying to get the house looking as good as possible for Miranda's going away party on Sunday. She leaves a week from Friday for Prague! This Friday we are going to Tallahassee to move her things back home. I will most likely not have a chance to post again anytime soon, but I am trying to visit all of you and comment when I can. I hope you have a blessed and beautiful rest of the week. 

Until next time....


  1. Well no wonder you haven't posted in nearly two've been painting and crafting and cooking and taping and everything else one can think of! I don't know what you eat for breakfast, but I want me some ;).

    I know you're anxious about Miranda's move, but Prague is such a beautiful city and I'm sure you'll get there for a visit. How cool will that be?!

  2. Oh...dearest Vicky! What a delight to ''visit'' with you today! Ah...the last two weeks have been absolutely crazy on this side too, and I have yet to catch up with all my sweet blog friends!

    It is pouring with rain here today and is it ever so chilly! Thus, your beautiful and colourful post truly brightened up my gloomy and dull day... I have been sewing quite a lot today as dear me! Heartmade's stall at the market is looking quite empty and I need to get it looking fuller very soon:). Haha!

    Now...I must tell you how I absolutely adore the sweet book you covered in washi tape! What a wonderful and ever so creative idea! Washi tape is the best ever...and you have some amazing designs printed on yours...:). I am sure your little book must make you smile everytime you look at it...

    Aww! Enjoy the going away party with your daughter... I am sure you will miss her so much...but hopefully you will be able to visit her in the city of Prague sometime - how lovely that would be!
    And oh! I love your idea for a t-shirt quilt...dear Vicky! You are such a creative soul and a lovely inspiration...always so lovely stopping by for a catch up!

    And I am ever so happy you enjoyed your little parcel...I had such fun dreaming it up:)

    Have a blessed and wonderful day further...sending you lots of love and the biggest hug!

  3. Wow Vicky, you have been a busy bee. Sweet happy mail! Great job on the ceiling piece. Summer is a good time for donating and organizing, I've been working on that also. How exciting Miranda will be living in Prague. Sure you are planning your visit already. :)

  4. Busy busy my friend! You are getting so much done around your home! It is looking so good. I love the banner, what a sweet gift. I know the quilt for Miranda will be great, she will love having it with her. Just think of the great adventures she will have! Love the washi tape book, so cute. As always you inspire me my friend.

  5. Wow Vicky where do you get the energy to do all of those things? How nice of Kelly-Anne to make you the pretty bunting! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  6. You have been one busy lady, my friend! Goodness! Love the sweet gift from Kelly-Anne. How thoughtful. Everything is looking good! Have fun with getting ready for your daughter's going away party. I know it must be bittersweet - I hope you will get a chance to go visit her while she is in Prague. That would be so cool! Try not to wear yourself out though. See you when things slow down a bit!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week! Hugs,

  7. You have been very busy. Loved the random photos!

  8. You have been so busy and creative. I love all of your projects but what you did with the ceiling medallion is great.

    I am sending prayers and best wishes your way...hope Miranda has safe travels and enjoys Prague.

  9. Isn't this your summer vacation??!! It's okay to be so busy doing things you love and it is clear from this post that that is exactly what you are doing!

  10. Give Miranda a kiss and a hug from me to send her off. It is hard to believe it is already time to go to Prague - so exciting! You have been a workhorse finishing all these projects. I think the room will become a man and his dog room!

  11. All of your projects are great! Love the way the medallion disguises the hole. Wonderful idea! Hope that you have a great last few days with your daughter!

  12. You have been one busy blogger! I am loving all of your projects and that cupcake makes me want to go bake right now! I hope your daughter enjoys her time in Prague. I know her momma will!!!!

  13. Busy, busy! Everything looks great Vicky!


  14. I can see why you haven't written a post in two weeks. When would you have found the time. But, I remember how much I tried to get done in the month of July when I was teaching. I always relaxed in June and panicked in August.

    That little bunting is adorable.

  15. I love the bunting and what a sweet gift! You know blog friends are like what pen pals used to be! ;)
    I love washi tape too and love how you covered that book!
    Sadie looks very content! :)
    I have seen t-shirt quilts before on Pinterest, they are an amazing way to make a memory quilt!
    Loved looking at everything you have been up to!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Wow, you have been busy, Vicki! I really like seeing someone, besides me, keeping and using lists. I love making lists and checking stuff off. I really like using the Project Life kits but still enjoy the old-fashioned scrap booking, too! Good luck with your upcoming party.

  17. Wow, what a lot you have been doing! No wonder you didn't have time to blog!! Everything that you have done looks wonderful! I hope that all is well and that you are managing to take things a little easier now! xx

  18. Wow! Vicky, you need a vacation after all that you have been doing. It is amazing the difference that is made when we make a check list. It is a great way to stay focused. You are inspiring me to do the same; only I'm so tried after seeing all that you have done, that I think I might procrastinate and make my list later, LOL
    I always enjoy my visit here . . . you're a very special lady.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)


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