Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One Thing Leads To Another

 I don't know what's going on but I have been super productive and really energetic this week, both at home and school, so I couldn't resist writing a third post this week. :)
We have been needing rain for days and I was thrilled when it rained on me on my way home from work today. I was praying it would be raining at home too and was happy to see this view while I was riding down Willie Mae Lane.

It wasn't raining but definitely looking like rain!

And rain it did...or I should say it poured! It rained hard for about half and hour giving us 3 inches of rain! Such a blessing. My plants thought so too! After it finished raining, Mama and I went for a walk. When I got home, I took a few photos of my plants. I love my angel wing begonia. It is such a pretty color.

My hydrangea has it's first blue bloom of the year. It looks lavender here but it is the prettiest shade of blue.

Here's another one just starting to bud out. I love the green color when they first start blooming.

My sago palm is getting new fronds. They grow so fast. These were only about half this size a week ago.

These flowers reminded me of the flowers I got last week for teacher appreciation week from a few students. I have three little boys who have the sweetest moms. They have been so generous for every holiday. My little Aiden picked out the plant (an impatien) and the little plaque himself. 

My Sawyer has a Pinterest mom...she makes the neatest things. She usually makes me something out of wood, but this time, she gave me a personalized tub full of goodies. The cup is so has a chevron apple with Mrs. Vicky in the middle. I love it!

The little white box in the photo above is so sweet. It is ceramic and I love that it has the word grow on it. I guess I do help these little kinders grow in many ways over the course of the school year.

My Jacob bought me the sweetest miniature rose bush.

I love the tiny blooms and the color is so pretty.

Speaking of tiny blooms...check these out. Two of my little sweeties picked these for me on their way back to the classroom after their speech class. :)

And while we're talking flowers....check out he spectacular artwork  my kiddos painted a couple weeks ago. I gave them some simple directions and let them have at it. They love to paint! I love to watch them paint. 

And since I mentioned art...look at these adorable piggies! They did these in art class with oil pastels. 

I love the colors!

And that my friends, is all. I promise! Kind of reminded myself of the If You Give A...series by Laura Numeroff (which, by the way, I love!). I love children's literature. So many excellent books out there! Speaking of children's literature, if you have a young child or grandchild, there is the coolest book out called, The Book With No Pictures. My kinders absolutely love it! I borrowed it from a teammate, but I am ordering it from Amazon for next year. Check it out...:)


  1. What a wonderful student gifts - love the flowers and the work the mothers put into the gifts.

  2. That is so sweet! Love the artwork piggies. Too cute. Sweet gifts too. Glad you got some rain. We're still getting some and supposed to through next week. It's pretty soggy around here. All your plants are looking good!

  3. Such sweet gifts and well deserved! Sara has mentioned that book and I think we will order it soon. My Ashleigh reads Tiger stories and sends the video to him. He loves them and it helps keep them close when she lives so far away. Your flowers are so pretty. Happy week my friend.


  4. Love all of those gifts, especially the gorgeous flowers! Your kids are so sweet and talented...their artwork is wonderful. Have a great end-of-year!

  5. Your pupils are adorable (and their mothers really nice)!

  6. Love your rain dripped plants, so beautiful. I miss having Sago palms! I do have a Banana palm that comes up each summer but dies off in fall. :( Such cute and sweet gifts from your kinders!

  7. Oh Vicky, I can tell your students and their parents just adore you {I don't blame them}. You are simply the sweetest lady and the quote about being a beautiful example of God's love....amen! So true, my dear :) Enjoy your day. Hugs!

  8. Oh Vicky, your yard and flowers are amazing and the piggy pictures are adorable and don't they make a cute banner all clothes pinned to the line like that. I'll bet that you have mixed feelings this time of year . . . looking forward to summer vacation and missing those precious children at the same time:)

  9. I do the same thing.....I post and post and post and then I am blank and blank and blank!!! Love your the piggies! I think I will order that book for my granddaughter Chloe....thanks for sharing it!

  10. Your students are so sweet :)

    I love all your Ikea finds!


  11. I am so envious of your hydrangeas!! How I wish I could grow them here but of course I love the pics of all your beautiful flowers. Spring is so wonderful. So glad you got rain. I am still waiting for ours. What beautiful gifts you received from such thoughtful parents. I bet you are getting so excited for year end!

  12. Hello there! I am so glad you got some much needed rain. We have been getting a lot of rain storms and unfortunately we got 3 rounds of damaging hail..So sad! All of our trees and flowers got stripped to nothing and we have a lot of damage to our homes and out buildings, so we will be rather busy the next few months repairing everything the storm hit. Argh! Oh well, God is our provider and he will give us strength!

    What special treasures you got from your students. How very nice. I love the art work and the art of the pigs are just adorable! I want to draw one now too! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Vicky!

    Hugs, Amy

    PS... Your house looks so nice. I love all that you have done to it.

  13. I love the little piggy banner. Adorable. I got 4 hydrangeas for Mothers Day. They were blue but after I planted them, they're turning pink which is fine with me. I love all color hydrangeas. A sweet post Vicky. I know you love all your kids...They gave you such sweet gifts.

  14. It rained really hard here to a few days ago, it was nice :o) Love all of your pretty flowers. I'm going to plant some more today.


  15. Such a lovely, happy post, Vicky! What gorgeous things you received from your little ones...aww! Isn't it sweet when they pick flowers just for you!

    I can imagine you must be a wonderful teacher and I am sure they love you dearly!

    Your plants are looking beautiful and you snapped some lovely pictures!
    Oh, I love it when it rains...the sky grows dark and I like to snuggle up and listen to the rain drumming on the roof! We desperately need rain here as we rely on water tanks here on the farm and...they are a little empty at the moment. Praying for some to come very soon!

    Sending you much love and a big hug!


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