Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ikea Finds and a Vignette

Hello! I can't believe I am blogging two days in a row! Life has just been so busy lately and I feel like I have had to put blogging on the back burner, so I am excited to share a post again today. If you read about my mother/daughter weekend, then you know I went to Ikea and I promised to share what I bought. So, here I am to do just that. 

I recently made a couple pillow covers for the pillows on my sofa. I wasn't happy with one of them because it was too small. I love black and white and found two pillow covers that I love at a very reasonable price, so I bought them home. 

I like them on the sofa. 

I especially love this one.

Here they are together with the floral one I made. I don't like everything to be too matchy, matchy! You've probably already figured that out though...lol! See the little plant on the coffee table?

It came from Ikea too. I already had the milk glass vase.

This plant and the basket planter also came home with me. I love fresh greenery, but that isn't always possible. I really love these from Ikea because they are plastic and washable. I bought a couple last year and loved them, so I bought the other two varieties this trip.

Not too exciting, but I bought this set of funnels for the kitchen. I needed a new one and this set of two was super cheap at just $0.99!

I liked this sweet lace edged metal dish too. It was only a couple dollars so I had to have it.

Here is where it is currently.

Again, not too exciting, but these cork trivets were inexpensive and I needed them for sitting hot pots and pans on my counters.

I think these may be my favorite purchase. I fell in love with the beautiful color of these little juice glasses. I am sure they will be displayed on the open shelving in my kitchen soon.

My last purchase was a pair of lace curtains for the dining room. I could not believe how ridiculously low priced these panels were....$9.99 for the pair! How I wish I had found these before I paid way too much for some sheers I recently ordered!

This is just one panel. I am only using one on each window. After the window trim is painted, I will be pulling it to one side and tying it back. I'll share a photo when I get that done. I have to wait until we get our new central AC and heater hooked up so I can take the window unit out of the other window and paint the trim. Soon!

I really like the scalloped edges.

That's it for the Ikea finds. I do want to share a couple photos of my dining table centerpiece though. You know I love my strawberry dishes and linens. I didn't set a full table because we are still working on a few things and use the table a lot. I don't want to risk things being broken or have to move them every time we need to use the table. 

I am using my new thrifted runner and sweet dish I won in Pam's giveaway.

Simple and sweet...:) 
The flowers are fresh gardenias off  my bush and they smell heavenly!

I do hope you're having a lovely week so far. I am! Life is good and I am blessed. Thanks so much for all your sweet comments. I am trying to reply to each of them as well as comment on your blogs, but sometimes I run out of time. I do hope you understand. Love and prayers.
Until next time.....


  1. What fun finds! Got to love IKEA and all the things they have! Love that you can find things there for not very much money too! The curtains were a great find. I've gotten sheers there before and love that I didn't pay big bucks for them. The juice glasses look like they were meant for you! Perfect. Love your strawberry dish vignette- so cute. How much longer do you have for school? I bet things are getting crazy. Hope you have a great week. Mine is going well. Getting the painting class set up for June. I'm so excited about it.


  2. Ikea has great pillow covers and at such good prices. Love the look you got. The faux plants are nice for places that don't get lots of sunshine. I have one of the Ikea plants and it looks really good! You make me want a trip to Ikea, it's a long drive from here also.

  3. I love the pillows you made and all of your finds from there too. IKEA is has such neat things and you can't beat he price. Enjoy your evening and the week! Julie xo

  4. I have never been in an Ikea. After seeing your treasures my wallet is thankful. I might go a bit crazy with bargains like that.

  5. I've never been to IKEA. Can you believe it? I love faux plants especially if they look real. Love all your bargains Vicky. The curtains are pretty and those glasses.... I really need those. Our glass cabinet is hodge podge ... more like plastic cup/coffee cup cabinet. Anyhoo... glad you could get 2 posts in...what a treat friend :-)

  6. You guys have had such a good time, I love it when our daughter's get to the age that we can have some quality adult time with them :o) Although I really miss this little girl's too.


  7. Dearest Vicky...oh my! You have such a gift for finding such darling things and you really have a gorgeous home - I love the personal touches and details you have added!
    Have a happy week further!

  8. Everything looks lovely!

    IKEA can be deadly! My sister and I used to play a silly game when we went to IKEA together. We would both have our giant yellow bags and fill them with all of our purchases. But, as we waited in line, we would start weeding through the bags and removing those things that were really unnecessary purchases. It's amazing how the bill can add up so our removal of items helped with the budget.


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  10. Gotta love Ikea!!! I can't believe you got those panels for ten bucks!! I had to look on our Canadian site and I was shocked to see they were the same price. How often does that happen??? Love all of your sweet buys. Aren't new pillows just the best. I bet you are so busy with the school year coming to an end.

  11. Love IKEA! A 2 1/2 hour trip for me but go 1-2 times a year. I have purchased lots of their textiles, including fabric. A few years ago they had $3 bath mats, I'm still using and they look great.

    Love your strawberry table. Not only do I see the little dish, but I spy the tablecloth you won on your round table. :)

  12. I have never been to Ikea! Really, I haven't! I hear about the meatballs, the aisles upon aisles and the bargains to be had, but I have to travel too far to get there and people always say how bad it is to park and then try to fit everything in! One day I'll go and fill the house with all the fabulous bargains :-) You have found some great things once again Vicky, you certainly have an eye. Have a wonderful week xx

  13. Well I can't tell you how many of your items I have lol ( LOVE Ikea ) but I don't have those curtains - they're beautiful Vicky !

  14. Ikea sounds like my kind of store! There isn't one near me though. The closest is PA or NJ. I will just have to admire all your great finds!


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