Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thrifty Finds and An Autumn Table

Hello friends. I haven't had much to blog about recently, but I do have a new tablescape to share that includes a couple of recent finds. Please ignore the mess in the background in the photo below. We have begun hanging new doors, and have stuff everywhere! I don't like the mess, but unfortunately it's the only way to get things done. 

 I was thrilled to find a couple end chairs for my new table at the Hospice thrift on Veteran's Day. They are in excellent condition and will look great when I refinish and recover them. They were $4.95 each. Here's the back side.

I kind of like the old fabric on the seats, but has definitely seen better days and needs to be replaced. I'm considering a grey and white toile fabric, but haven't decided yet!

This table is a simple one. I didn't use place mats since I wanted to feature the beautiful new table runner I found at the flea market today at my favorite booth. It is not vintage, it is actually brand new. It was only $3 and I knew it would look great with these pretty autumn dishes my mother-in-law bought me last year.

I love the cut work and the scroll design.

The colors of autumn are such warm, rich colors. I just love them. As we were driving home from town today, leaves were actually falling from the trees due to the wind. It was so pretty. We don't have a lot of trees here in Florida that shed their leaves in the fall. 

I used things I already had for the centerpiece, except for the white pitcher in the background. It was a flea market find today. It is such a pretty Camark pitcher, in pristine condition and was just $1! 
Sold...:) You know I love white pitchers. This one will soon be placed on my shelf, but for now I am using it on the table.

I still love these dishes. I think I will always love them....they are just gorgeous!

Here's the bowl from the side.

These sweet little acorn salt and pepper shakers were a Cracker Barrel find on Veteran's Day. The hubby and I went for breakfast and of course I had to look around for something to buy! These were super cheap...around $2 I think.

You can see the pitcher a little better in this shot. 

And here's another view of the runner. So pretty!

Here's one last one of the pitcher by itself. It has such pretty lines and details. It will make a beautiful addition to my collection.

I have been busy this weekend...yesterday I had a workshop at school and then a couple of my team and I worked on lesson plans so I didn't get home until after 5 o'clock. I spent the evening watching Christmas movies and making ornaments for my exchange partner. If you are part of the exchange, I hope you are having fun making or picking out something for your partner....such fun! Please try to get them in the mail by November 20th if at all possible. Thanks again for joining! I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful week. Mine will be a busy one! Tomorrow at school is our annual faculty and staff Thanksgiving feast. I have a few things I want to do with my kinders this week as school and I have lunch duty all week...not fun! The hubby and I will be working on doors and trim, and  I'll also be finishing up my Christmas ornaments and mailing them. I also need to take my new car for an oil change and give it a good cleaning as I am driving it to Tallahassee next weekend to see my beautiful daughter Miranda. Weeks like this one make me wish they were over before they even begin, but I try to stay positive and remember to count my blessings. Who knows what great things may happen this week and every day is a gift! After Friday I am off for 9 glorious days and can get some things done at home. 

Until next time.....


  1. I love them! WOW! Did you get a deal! Have a great day! I redesigned my blog look today! Have a wonderful evening!! Linda XO

  2. I am screaming over the chairs you stole right out from under the thrift store! Just the style I have been looking for, but I am waaaaay too cheap to pay the $30, yes $30! to buy one chair. I am very excited about the ornament exchange even though I have let the time slip up on me. The worst week of school is when the perfect storm of lunch duty, bus duty and parent conference day collide.

  3. You know that I also collect 3 of the features on your table (dishes, s & p shakers, and vintage pottery), and I LOVE all 3! Camark is one of my favorite of the old brands of pottery, and your pitcher is lovely, plus a great find. Those dishes you have are them! The s&p shakers....really, do I have to even say how much I covet them? Your table is definitely a 10!

  4. WOW! All I can say is WOW! Vicky, I know I say this every time you share your finds, but you just amaze me with what you find and the prices just kill me!!! Really... $3.50 for a chair?? We are so taken in the area we live.
    I'm happy for you though. :)
    That is a beautiful pitcher and looks just lovely on your table.
    Now those dishes... I can see why you will love them forever.
    I pray that you have a wonderful week even though you will be quite busy.
    Sweet blessings to you, Debbie

  5. I love those dishes too! So pretty. Your chairs will look great ... Can't wait to see them.
    I know what you mean about a busy's hard not to wish them away. You definitely have the right attitude- I'm going to adopt that this week too. Busy with my paintings, a gift pet portrait, ornament, etc, etc. Ok here we go!

  6. You're a NINJA thrifter Vicky! Less than four bucks for a chair? Can't beat that!

  7. The chairs look amazing with your table. Love your pretty fall tablescape, gorgeous runner. Have a great week. Busy times coming up with Thanksgiving getting closer.

  8. Lovely tablescape... The table runner is great and very delicate and the accron salt & pepper are so fun! Have a nice week!

  9. Your table looks lovely Vicky, Love the delicate look of the runner. Those chairs were an amazing deal!!!

  10. Yes I love your table, chairs and runner too. Your table is just perfect for Thanksgiving. I have my package mailed out this afternoon and hope putting it together. Thanks for the lovely exchange. Good luck this week Vicky! Take care.

  11. I love the tablescape, it looks beautiful! If you want leaves falling off the trees I've now got 20 bags I raked up just from my yard!!! lol!


  12. Love the table setting.

    I am so glad I read your post. I knew I was supposed to mail off by the 20th, but I didn't even think about it being this week. I need to get busy tomorrow.

  13. I cant believe you got those chairs for under five bucks each....that is AMAZING!!! I can hardly wait to see what you do with them. Love your table display and that table runner is gorgeous! Have a great weekend Vicky.

  14. What a steal on those chairs, you have a gift for finding awesome things for next to nothing! I love your table runner, I saw one similar to it at Hobby Lobby and was so tempted to buy it but my birthday gift card had run out lol. Enjoy your trip!


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