Monday, November 24, 2014

I Love Weekends in Tally

Woo! Hoo! 
It's Monday and I didn't have to go to work this morning because I am off ALL week! I wanted to start my week off by sharing a recap of my weekend. 
Shall we begin?
My mom and I got up early Saturday morning and headed up to Tallahassee. Most of you know my daughter, Miranda lives there. She moved up there a few years ago to attend Florida State University and she has decided to make it her home. I love to go visit her in the "big city". You see, this country girl lives in what we refer to around here as "the boonies". That means I live in the woods...literally. I am 20 minutes from my school and it is located in a one red light town....tiny! Anywho, I love to go stay with Randa because she lives right in the middle of the city and is surrounded by awesome shopping places and restaurants. It would not do for me to live there as I would never cook and I would gain 100!

We began our day by picking Randa up at the service department where she was getting some recalls repaired on her car. We went to The Egg....formerly Another Broken Egg, for breakfast. It was so yummy! I had the Popeye scrambler which had spinach, bacon, onion, and mushrooms in the eggs. So tasty! My mom ordered the large pancake. Check it out...she had no idea it was bigger than her head! She could not even eat half of it! Miranda had a scrambler of some sort as well.

Most of the weekend was rainy and dreary, but it was still so pretty to me. I enjoyed seeing the pretty fall leaves scattered all over the ground. We don't have such pretty leaves where I live. Miranda is two hours north of me and it makes a big difference. Tallahassee gets rain almost daily and it gets colder there as well. It's a very hilly city for Florida as well. I just love the look of the land there. This is taken from Miranda's balcony. See the fence in front of her car? There's a ravine on the other side.

It's a pretty steep drop down. There was water in the bottom.

Pretty leaves stuck to the wet windshield. 

After breakfast, we dropped Miranda off at work. She had to work for a few hours, and mama and I went shopping. I found two new coffee cups at Marshall's. My goal is to collect a few white cups with black designs for my kitchen. I want to create a coffee/hot cocoa station. I already do that for Christmas, but I want to leave it all year....maybe!

I bought this two cup measuring cup at World Market. It has the measurements on the inside. Mama had told me how much she liked hers like that and she spotted this one and showed it to me. Of course it came home with me...and how perfect that it was white.

I have been wanting some gold striped candles and these are beautiful!

I bought a few new sweet themed ornaments. I can't wait to share my sweet treat themed kitchen/dining room with you this year! I am planning to make a tree topper with the big candy canes.

This is a Dala Horse ornament. Kindergarten studies Sweden for our Christmas Around the World program at school and the Dala Horse is a popular Swedish handicraft that I can share with my students.

I had to have this adorable truck ornament. It won't be used as an ornament though! I can't wait to show you what I am doing with it. It's so sweet...:)

Look at the little wreath on the front!

I found a few crafty things in the Target Dollar Spot. The little clothespins will be used for a Christmas project as well.

Saturday evening, we went to a movie....Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It was such a cute movie and very family friendly! We went to the Dollar Theater to see it and I was going to take a picture of the marquis but it was raining. Here's a picture from the Internet though. I love the old fashioned look of it.....

Sunday morning, we were a bit lazy before getting up and about. After we did get ready though, we took a couple pictures....

Here's my beautiful Miranda and Mama....

and the three of us. I love both these ladies so much it hurts.

For lunch, we went to Miranda's favorite place....Uncle Maddio's pizza joint. Oh my goodness...I now know why she loves it so much. It was amazing pizza...the BEST I have ever had. I will be returning. They assemble your pizza in front of you with fresh ingredients. I had the Portabello Pesto which had a white crust and sauce, portabello mushrooms, pesto, feta cheese, tomatoes, and spinach on it. They are baked in a brick oven and now I want to build one like Karen's hubby did over at The Feral Turtle! Miranda's was delicious as well...Chicken Club on wheat crust. Mama had a meat lover's which I didn't try because I am not a big meat lover. I do like meat, but prefer my pizza without it. They also bake these amazing thick and chunky chocolate chip cookies there...delicious! I will be back...EVERY time I visit!

And one more thing...just for fun! Miranda's roommate, Amber was not there this weekend. She was home visiting family and friends and this pretty lady you see below....her grandma. Now, these pictures were taken many years ago...when her grandma was a model for Maxwell Coffee. Isn't that so neat? She was a stunning classic beauty...was she not? I just thought you vintage lovers like myself would enjoy these pix. 

And with that ladies, I am off! Off to the post office to pick up a package that I was not expecting. Apparently my cousin's dog tried to eat the mailman's car tires and he didn't leave my package Saturday! Can't wait to see what it is...I love surprises! Have a blessed and beautiful Monday.

Until next time.....


  1. Sounds like a great weekend Vicky! We live in the boonies too and it's about 20 minutes for me to drive to work. We do love it though. I love all your finds, especially that little truck ornament. It's so sweet with the wreath on it.

  2. What a fun 3 generational weekend.

    I love all of your finds.

    Enjoy this week off - more and more school districts around here are taking the week off.

  3. It's always exciting to get away and sounds like you had the best time with mother and daughter! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Oh my goodness, Vicky... what fun! I'm pretty far from town too, I'm about 40 minutes away from the closest grocery store, so on occasion when I want the hub-bub of a big city, we head up to Colorado Springs or Denver. Once I am up there, I am so ready to come back home to my little piece of country.

    I am so glad you got to go and have some family time. Those are the moments we should cherish. I love all the treasures that you found. I especially like the little red truck. Too cute!

    It's been crazy busy around here.... I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  5. I love Tallahassee! It was one of my favorite places to go when I lived in So. Ga. GREAT shopping! Sounds like you had so much fun! Your Mom and daughter are lovely. I am in love with the truck ornament...where did you get it?? Can't wait to see your Christmas decor! Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  6. What a special weekend you 3 had, and some pretty yummy looking food too! You bought some really cute goodies.

    Love those photos, how great is that, the Maxwell house model! Enjoy your time off and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    PS/We have no traffic lights in our town, Walmart is 25 minutes away, and regular city shopping an hour away. But I wouldn't trade it, love our country living too.

  7. Sounds like a great day, enjoy your week off. Those little christmas things are adorable but I cant wait to see your coffee bar, I am after one myself :)

  8. Looks like such a fun, fun time! I love all your new goodies too!


  9. I just love the photo of the three of you, beautiful, absolutely beautiful!
    Your dear daughter looks like you. :-)
    What a wonderful and memorable time away you were able to have with one another.
    You always have good finds!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving and time off.
    Joy! Debbie

  10. What a wonderful weekend...great visting and great finds! Isn't it wonderful to be off for a week? Have a joyful Thanksgiving.

  11. What a great start to your fall break. A lot of good eating and great shopping. As other inquiring minds want to know - where did you find the cute truck? Just like a teacher - thought of your students when shopping. I am glad both the mail carrier and the package survived!

  12. Thanks for the shout-out Vicky! You always find the best stuff. I have only been into Target once since they moved to Canada. I might have to make it back there before Christmas. You can't go wrong with white dishes.....very smart! I am looking forward to seeing the candy cane tree topper and what you are up to with the adorable truck. Thanks for the review on the movie. I just saw it advertised a week ago and really wanted to see it. I will wait for it to come out on DVD! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Vicky. Hope you enjoy your holiday!

  13. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I love the picture of the three of you - I see the family resemblance! Y'all are adorable. How I wish my mom was still here - a picture of her with my daughter and I would be priceless!


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