Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sweet Little Sadie...:)

Hello and Happy Sunday! I am happy to report I made it through my first week of school. It was pretty easy since I only had 4-6 kinders per day for screenings. Tomorrow they will ALL be there!!! Getting a little nervous about that. I did have 20 on my roll, but 2 didn't show so I may just have 18. Not a bad number but trying to get little ones who did not attend preschool to learn how to follow rules and procedures is a bit like trying to herd cats. See video below....

I will get there, but it will take a while. The first few days are absolutely exhausting for any teacher, but especially when you have little ones! Fortunately about half of my kiddos went to preschool last year and already know how to line up, sit still and listen, go through the lunch line, etc, so they can also help the new ones learn how by modeling for them...:)

I also wanted to share a quick little before and after. You might remember this sweet gold frame I bought for $0.99 a few weeks ago. Well, I had my dear hubby spray paint it red for me and I took it to school.

Here is what I used it for. I took pix of each of my kiddos last week and am going to develop them to send home to their parents...:) Cute or what? This is my sweet little Heavens behind the apple! on to the title of my post....Sweet Little Sadie! 

Here she new granddog! LOL! My son Dakota is the proud new daddy to this adorable little fur baby! She isn't weaned from her mom yet...a couple more weeks, but he did bring her to my mother-in-law's house yesterday so I could meet her. Isn't she precious?

She is half bulldog and half cur dog

Look at that precious little face....I love her already!

Here she is with her Aunt daughter. She got to come home for the weekend! I was so happy to see her. She hasn't been home since we went to Pennsylvania seven weeks ago! I have missed this beautiful girl!

Look at those wrinkles...:)

  Here she is scooting around on the floor...:)

Lovin' those cute little white tipped paws...:)

And she is with her son, Dakota. He's sporting another Mohawk! For some reason, he likes this haircut! He is going to be a good daddy to this sweet little fur baby! And I can't wait for him to bring her home so I can snuggle her after work every day....such good therapy loving on a sweet little puppy!


  1. First the frame - CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!

    Now to Sadie - oh, my, she is ADORABLE. I wish Dakota luck. Steve and I are leaving Lulu in her crate for the first time alone at home while we go for a walk. We realize we have to train her for us to be gone.

  2. A very CUTE idea using the frame as a prop for 1st day photos. I just posted my DDs first day of Pre-K photo on my blog because she starts college tomorrow. I'm sure your kid's parents will love the photo.

    Congrats to Dakota on little Sadie. She is a sweet little thing. Sounds like she is going to be spoiled rotten!

    Good luck this week!

  3. Good luck with tomorrow, even though you won't need it as you sound so great! I only wish my two had a teacher like you when they first started! Sadie - she is soooo beautiful and I bet Dakota can't wait to have her home with him. I love the herding cats reference. We use this in work when we have a large function and trying to co-ordinate a number of priests! Have a great week my lovely. xxx

  4. First, thank for the video - both Chucks and I were rolling in the floor laughing. The dogs were barking up a storm. I will be interested when Farrah meets Sadie. Good luck for the first true week. The picture frame idea was a great one for the parents. My Sunday night prayers will be for shelter animals!

  5. Hi Vicky,
    Great idea with the picture frame. What a great keepsake for the parents.
    Sadie is A-Dor-A-Bull.. (couldn't help it) :0)
    I love bulldogs, have been around them a lot as my parents have had bulldogs for many years.. (English bulldog & French bulldogs)
    They are so much fun.

    Have a wonderful week and Congrats on your new grand-dog!

  6. Vicky, good luck with your first full class next week! Love the new puppy!

  7. I love how you used your frame, great idea! Sadie is so cute and looks so young!

  8. Love that picture idea! I know you will thrill all the parents/grandparents when you send that home!

  9. Hello Vicky, What a cute puppy! Now why can't they stay cute and little :)
    I bet your an amazing school teacher! I will be your prayer support today, as I have a dear friend having the same kind of week. Thanks for being a sweet blogging friend, you have that southern hospitality sweetnest about you!
    Blessing Always, Roxy

  10. Awww...she is a cutie! Love the red frame redo! It just pops now!

  11. Hi Vicky - what an incredibly thoughtful thing to do for your students - LOVE the red frame none of my children's teachers ever did this - I would have been so touched by such a kind teacher you are!
    Secondly love your granddog - how precious - and Miranda looks just like her Mom :)
    Beautiful photo of her and her " nephew " -

  12. I adore the red frame for the children's pics :) So sweet!
    Sadie is precious!! I adore animals. I know she will be spoiled rotten!

  13. Awww... I love little miss Sadie, she is so cute!! And I think your idea with the photo frame is so cool, I'm sure the parents will love it too!



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