Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another Hodge-Podge Post!

Hello everyone! Hope this finds you all well and happy! I am so excited to get to share a couple treasures I found today! The hubby and I went shopping today....I needed several odds and ends for school and we just wanted to get out! First we went shopping for him and then we ate lunch and then I did a little shopping too. We had a delicious lunch at Red Robin.....Yummmm! LOL...I couldn't resist! 

Anywho, after lunch we ran to the Goodwill so I could look for a couple things for school. No success in finding what I was looking for, but I did manage to find a couple awesome things for myself! First up is this huge metal basket. I love it and it will be so useful in my craft room! It was just $2.99.

Here it is with on of my throw pillows in it so you can see how big it is. It doesn't even need to be painted ...yay!

I also found these babies! Two sets of vintage metal card cabinet file drawers. I have really been wanting some of these for a while! I love vintage office supplies. These sell for $20-$60 each on price....$2.99 each! 
I don't like the tan color so I will be painting them one day.

They even came with a bunch of these vintage divider cards with metal tabs....I spelled out my name here!

A little blurry, but you can see there are bunches of them. I know there is something really awesome to use them for....I just don't know what that something is yet! dear hubby was like....where are you going to put them....what do you need them for and so on, and I was like just go get me a cart to put them! I stood guard over them while he was way I was letting them go!
So, as we were unloading them to pay, he turned one over and this sticker was on the bottom. Yep, it says Hunt Manufacturing and you guys probably know my last name is Hunt, so I told him it was fate! 
They were destined to be ours...;)

While I was standing in line to pay, I glanced at the frames and pictures for sale and spotted this.....

Now....all of you may not follow Suzan's blog, Simply Vintageous, but if you do, you will understand why I had to snap a photo and had a good chuckle over this squirrel poster. If you don't follow and want to here and here to read about Suzan's Squirrel Saga. You won't regret it...:)
Oh....and Suzan....if you're reading this, don't freak out! This one can't catch you!

Now....I just have to add a little color to this otherwise drab bunch of photos! As I said earlier, I was shopping for a few items for school and I just have to share something I bought!

Isn't this adorable! I went in Barnes and Noble to purchase a different book and came out with this one too! I couldn't resist and it will be perfect to help teach color words! I absolutely love children's literature and could easily spend 2-3 hours browsing just the children's section of the bookstore! I saw several more I wanted, but I resisted temptation and only got the two. 
Here is the other one....

Sorry about the photo quality...the flash didn't work here for some reason. I use Chrysanthemum to introduce our names unit. We talk about how different our names are....short and long and some we have never heard. I do have some unusual names this year as well....


And although I can't put it on here, you will never guess what Heavens last name is! If you think you know, leave it in the comment box and I will e-mail you to tell you if you guessed correctly. Anway, we will count and graph the number of letters in our names and practice spelling them in centers so they recognize theirs as well as their classmates. We'll have lots of fun with it! 

Well, that's it for today! I am glad I had something to share today! I have missed posting often. I do have a flea market trip planned for tomorrow so hopefully I will find a couple more treasures to share tomorrow night! 
So....until next time.....


  1. Great luck at the Goodwill! I love children's books also and it looks like you've got some good ones. I'm sure Heavens' last name is Sent or Gates or maybe even Sky. Have a great school year!

  2. Love your finds and especially those card files. Is Heaven's last name Hell? sorry and I sure hope not!


  3. I have been wanting vintage files like those for years..great find and with your name on it was meant to be for sure!

    Enjoy the flea market. xo

  4. You found some great items Vicky, I love Goodwill, it's amazing what you can find there. I once found a brand new comforter set by Rachel Ashwell for $30. It was selling at Target for $120, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it!

  5. Love Goodwill shopping and you did find some great things. The squirrel poster spoke to me, also. I could write a book, about my experiences with them over the years. Yikes! Hope school is going well.

  6. The squirrel was perfect for Suzan -I sent her a pic of a squirrel with its two nuts (she and John). I wonder how many she will receive:>) I collect those metal catalog drawers and find them wonderful to store small craft supplies. One has my idea files on notecards - terribly old school, I know. the wire basket was quite the find. Chrysanthemum Is one of my favorite books! Let's see, I agree with the above Heavens Gates!

  7. Wow you really hit the jack-pot Saturday! Funny story Vicky...

    I had a garage sale last weekend and a 1st grade teacher bought all of my silk Chrysanthemums. Guess what for?

    It must be a great book...I'll have to look it up.

  8. LMHO - this is the third squirrel reference I've had !!!
    You're all going to scar me for life here!!!
    What great finds Vicky - I love those filing cabinets - isn't that amazing that they're manufactured by HUNT ?
    Heavens Angels?
    Heavens Tobetsy?
    Have a wonderful Wednesday girlfriend!


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