Friday, April 8, 2016

Life As It Is...

Hello friends and happy spring! I can hardly believe it's been 3 weeks since I last blogged! Life has been pretty busy these days. Spring is always a busy time at school. It's kind of a reverse of the calm before the storm. It's more like the storm (state testing and wrapping up another year) before the calm (aka...summer break)! I am looking forward to it but I am trying to live with more intention (my word for the year) so I am trying to enjoy every day for the gift it is.

Since I don't have a lot to share, I thought I would just share a few random photos from my iPhone. 

First up are these gorgeous flowers I was admiring at the grocery store last time I went. They were so pretty and just screamed spring to me! I wish I had bought them...maybe I'll go back this week and see if there are any left.

Last time I blogged, I believe I was attending a baby shower the next day. I made this little banner for the new baby to go along with the gift I bought. His nursery is in a woodland creatures theme so that is the theme I went with.

The shower was absolutely precious...the cutest baby shower I have ever attended. Thank goodness for Pinterest! Anywho, one of my besties, Jeana made the cake. Isn't it adorable? She is such a talented baker! It tasted as good as it looked!

My son, Dakota killed his first turkey ever a few weeks ago. He actually killed two in one day. This smother fried turkey breast my mom made was absolutely delicious! This wild turkey was so much better than the farm raised turkeys from the grocer.

I bought this adorable fake succulent at the Dollar Tree and plopped it in my Buffalo teacup. Too cute!

Easter came and went and I enjoyed some pretty yellow tulips on my tablescape. :)

I also made some cute and very tasty treats for our Easter get togethers. This cheese ball, I mean carrot was delicious!

And these chocolate chip cookie dough truffles were amazing! I love cookie dough and this one is egg free so it's perfectly safe to eat. I made them egg shaped for Easter and they were so pretty! 

The wisteria has been so beautiful everywhere!

Sadie and her shadow have become the best of friends. Rooster is still her shadow and copycat!

I have still been organizing things around the house. My DVD collection was already organized and in alphabetical order but it took up a lot of space. I ordered some clear plastic sleeves from Amazon, took all of them out of the plastic cases, and inserted them in the sleeves. I also organized them by genre. 

This is just over 100 neatly contained. I decided not to take the Downtown Abby discs out because I probably won't keep them after I watch them...if I ever get around to it.  I still need to make the dividers with the genre labels, but you get the idea here. This project cost less than $20 for two packs of sleeves and the 3 Dollar Tree baskets.

My Wal Mart Beauty Box came. This one was the best one yet! Lots of great products and good size bottles.

Another copycat picture....just because. :)

Last weekend, my handy hubby custom built me this wooden box/shelf to fit on top of one of my bookcases at school. After we finished it, he even went to the school with me to carry it in and help me set it up. He's a keeper for sure! I needed it to contain tons of wires that run behind the drawers and printer along the back. This area looks so much neater now. It is stained a light color to match the existing wood furniture in my classroom. I love it! Notice my butterfly garden on top. We are waiting on out caterpillars to turn into a chrysalis so we can transfer them to the garden container. 

Another organization project I've been working on is my recipes. I had tons of hand written, printed, or magazine recipes that needed a home. 

 I have been washi taping them to paper and inserting them into page protectors. It has been a fun project. I am not trying to make it beautiful or perfect in any way. I am just categorizing them and taping them down if they are not printed on a full sheet.

I didn't bother to rewrite the ones I jotted down haphazardly either. I left them as is. 
I like it this way. :)

Last weekend I went to see this movie.....

My sister, Mama, and Aunt Loretta went with me. We had a good time!
I absolutely loved this movie!! 
I loved the first one when it came out years ago and this one did not disappoint either. I will be adding it to my DVD collection when it releases. 

And, that my friends is it. Nothing too exciting I know, but it's real life. 


  1. When you said you didn't have much to share I expected, well, not much, but boy was I surprised! The list kept going on and on!

    The fur babies are so cute together. I love how it seems like they've become best friends.

    Have you ever watched Jane The Virgin? The latest episode had the star of big fat greek wedding playing a therapist. I almost didn't recognize her. It's been a while since the first movie came out!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Your life is so busy my friend, that you have lots to share! Happy Spring!

  3. I guess this is not much for how busy you are, but this is a lot of stuff going on! I need to do all the organizing that you have started....I have 30 years of pictures to organize! Good to catch up with you :-)

  4. When a person is busy the time just flies by! I see you have been busy. I especially love the flowers.........none here yet.

  5. Dearest Vicky, I think your puppies are so cute! And I bet you are the best teacher ever! Also the spring is a very busy time of year for most! Our guys will be going turkey hunting next week! Also you always inspire me with the way you organize and arrange things!
    Thinking of you! Hugs, Roxy

  6. Vicky, that cake is gorgeous...what flavors? Love the pix of your puppers, they are so cute.
    I have several faux succulents, my cats don't bother them like they do live ones!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  7. You have been busy Vicky! You just amaze me with all that you do and work to. I feels great to organize things. I'm doing the same in my house and have given 10 bags of things to good will.
    Enjoy the weekend and week.

  8. How do you get the Wal-Mart beauty box? Enjoy reading your blog....

  9. Your life was enjoyable to read about and view, Vicky. I had those pretty flowers on year in my window boxes and just loved their beauty.
    Now that photo of the dogs...darling!! Oh I would love to have those two beauties in my home. :)
    You always amaze me with your organizing.
    I too loved the movie, "Me and my Big Fat Wedding" and was wondering if the second one could be as good as the first. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend~~

  10. Great post Vicky, I like hearing what you're up to. Everything seems like such a relaxing and productive thing at the same time.


  11. Hi Vicky! :)
    I loved catching up on what you've been up to!
    That was a great way to organize your DVD' have to watch Downton Abbey - it is so good! Maybe during your summer break! ;)
    I started to organize all my recipes last year and then put it on the back burner - it's such a big job! I love your idea of using washi tape the way you did - I may copy that cute and smart idea! :)
    Loved the photos of the pooches - they are so cute together!
    I hope that you had a wonderful weekend friend!
    Big Hugs!! Kimberley

  12. Hello Vicky! It was so good to catch up with you. It sounds as though you are busy. Spring always seems busy for most. Loved the random photos, those are the best! :)
    Those flowers are very pretty, love the colors! Your puppies are adorable. And look as they are partners in crime! ;)
    My guys are going hunting for turkey this weekend... They are excited!
    We've been busy here, re-doing our den and roofing shops and houses. Thank goodness we are now finished. Well, we still need screen doors, but I told my hubby he can do that in a few weeks. We need a break!
    Enjoy your week friend!

  13. So busy, Vicky. I desperately need to do some organizing myself but I find that I make a bigger mess.

    Those two furbabies are adorable.

    Not much longer and you will be free for the summer :)

  14. I loved all the pics you shared. This banner was so cute and oh my what a gorgeous cake! I loved seeing your dogs; their such cuties as well. Be Blessed and have a great Monday!

  15. Oh my goodness, I love the pictures you shared...especially of the dogs! Rooster is so adorable copying his big sister, Sadie! Makes me smile! Lots and lots of organizing going on in your world (mine too!). How sweet of your husband to make the shelf for your classroom and help you set it up! :o)
    Funny to think Easter has come and gone...I'm still waiting for it, lol. Happy Spring and hope you have a wonderful week!

  16. You have had a busy three weeks Vicky! I am jealous of your wisteria! I have tried growing it a few times but it always dies. You have some talents looking at those mouth watering truffles and cheese carrot! Great idea! I might have to find some time and organize my recipes. That is just brilliant! A hubby that goes the extra mile is definitely a keeper!! Have a great week Vicky.

  17. Catching up on blogs and comments, and so glad to see you post Vicky! Funny but I have a book and plastic sleeves that I keep my recipes in just like yours! Some hand written, some magazine, etc. It is the BEST way, and easy to note any preferred changes. We also did the same with our DVD's, even though we have many less than you do. I keep the plastic sleeves in a vintage train case covered with travel stickers. Great storage idea. Still cleaning out and organizing just like you. It takes forever! Miss that beautiful FL Wisteria.

    Love the photo of the 2 doggies, so sweet together. You really have been up to a lot. Let us know what a "Walmart Beauty Box" is please! :)

    PS/Watch Downton Abbey soon, it is the BEST ever!

  18. I remember those days around testing. I am retired and don't miss the testing. I did the same thing with my recipes. Just got them in plastic sleeves in the binder. I did one for desserts and one for everything else. Nothing fancy...just like you...just corralled them. It has worked so much better than trying to sort through a box or folder for them.
    Hang in there - summer will get here. However, if there was anything I could go back and do - it would be to let school stay at school and really enjoy all the days - not just summer!

  19. Vicky, you are an amazing woman . . . even your recipes are organized beautifully. You have that golden touch, everything you touch is prettier after you have Vickitized it :)

  20. Vicky, it's good to catch up on all your activities. I love the baby shower banner and cake. You are so organized with your DVD,s and recipes too. I'm trying to get mine done too but I think it will take forever to get it done. Have a wonderful week!

  21. Wow Vicky! you have been very busy. I think this time of year is that way for a lot of folks. I have been outside more with the weather getting warmer and now catching up on reading posts. Thanks for sharing your recent goings on in life :)


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