Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Before & After and a Few Thrifty Finds

Hello friends! I am taking a few minutes to blog on a Thursday night. It's been a busy week but tonight I decided to carve out a little time to post. I have a few thrifty finds to share with you. I haven't been thrifting nearly as much as I used to but I do enjoy going on occasion in the spring. The first thing I am sharing is the dining chairs I purchased back in February. I had totally forgotten to share these. I have been looking for some used chairs for months but I really wanted to purchase some before Miranda came home last month, so I got serious in my hunt. II really liked the style of these. I discovered it is not easy to find a set of used chairs that are in good condition and something I like, so when I happened upon these, I bought them. The man wanted $15 each for them but I asked if he would take $50 for the 4 and he agreed. The left is before and the right is after I recovered the seats.

I plant to use chalk paint and paint them white this summer. 

The toile is so pretty. I fell in love with the colors. This is Waverly fabric and I found it at Wal Mart of all places!

Last weekend, my sister wanted to go thrift shopping, so I happily agreed to go with her. I bought just a few things since I am being much more selective with what I purchase. We went to a Hospice Attic to shop. My sister is a Hospice nurse and gets a discount with them. She paid for my items so I could have her discount. 

I know it doesn't look like much, but I really loved the shape of the piece below. It has three feet and is a large, egg shaped piece. It was so dirty though and I didn't know if it would come clean, but for $0.60 I was willing to try to clean it. I thought I could spray paint it if nothing else. 

When I got home, I took some dish detergent and a scrub brush to it and went to work. In no time, it was spotless. I believe it is crystal instead of glass, but I'm not sure. I placed it on my vanity/desk in my bedroom to hold pens and highlighters for my Bible study time. You can see the pens through it and tell that they do not stick out of the top. It is probably around 7 or 8 inches tall. I'm so glad I gave this piece a second glance.

I also picked up 3 vintage pillowcases to add to my stash. 

They are all so pretty, but this one is my favorite. I just love the colors and the basket weave design. 

This was by far my most awesome find of the day! I have wanted some brown transferware plates for ages. A year or two ago, I actually found 4 saucers in this pattern. Saturday, I found 8 dinner plates!

Such a great find and even better deal. They were $0.79 each but remember I got my sister's discount, so I only paid around $0.63 each for them..,,,score! Less than $5 for these beauties! They are in pristine scratches or chips at all!

They will be so pretty in a fall tablescape this year. 

My last find on this day was two adorable little bear figurines. This one will be used for any American holiday. He was around $0.23 after the discount.

As was this little Irish cutie. He will be perfect for Saint Patrick's Day next year.

The next day, the hubby and I had to go buy some groceries so we decided to run by the flea market since we hadn't been in quite some time. There is one booth that never disappoints me there. This lady has been there for nearly 30 years and always has great items at very reasonable prices. I thought this wooden ruler was the cutest. I love the golden rule.

And it was put out by Coca Cola years ago. I paid $2 for it.

This pretty pie server was also $2.

And I couldn't pass up this adorable kitten mug. It is milk glass. I collect black and white mugs so this was perfect. The kitten is sitting on a book. He has green eyes and is just the cutest. I paid $1 for it. 

So, not counting the chairs that were purchased 2 months ago, I spent just over $11 last weekend for some pretty awesome things and enjoyed two fun outings as well. I am blessed with a loving sister and hubby. 

Before I go, I just had to share these cute pictures the hubby took of Rooster. They are just precious to me. He is such a cutie. He has captured my heart just as Sadie has. 

Who could resist this face? 

I pray you are all doing well. I have been trying to visit a few of you each evening and am off to do just that right now. Have a lovely Friday and weekend. 

Until next time.....


  1. Love those chairs! They turned out great and I love that fabric!
    Its so nice when you can find treasures that are reasonable in price. I love those plates and what a steal of a deal. :)
    And Rooster...well he is just adorable!!

    I hope your weekend is delightful!
    Hugs, Amy

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  3. Vicky, where do I even start. You ALWAYS amaze me with your thrifty finds, and the prices are down right give always! Boy, our area needs a little help from your area, we could never find deals like that.
    Your chairs are lovely, and I believe I have seen that fabric before, maybe it was my dear Stephanie who made something creative out of it??
    That toilet is awesome, perfect for you.
    Your rooster is absolutely, positively darling! :-)


  4. Oh my goodness!!! Toilet! Where did that come from? Sigh...So glad I checked my comment.I wanted to say ruler. :-) all I can do is laugh, I'm sorry.

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  6. The toile you chose for the chair looks a lot like the one I used in my kitchen... so of course, I love it!!!

  7. Oh! I think you made a beautiful choice in fabric for your chair makeover. A paint job with the chalk paint will just be icing on the cake. The pillow cases are very nice too!Thanks for sharing your finds. Have a blessed day!

  8. Oh! I think you made a beautiful choice in fabric for your chair makeover. A paint job with the chalk paint will just be icing on the cake. The pillow cases are very nice too!Thanks for sharing your finds. Have a blessed day!

  9. Lovely fabric choice Vicky, and as always, fabulous finds! And wow, the prices you get blow my mind!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Vicky, I love all your finds...the egg shaped container is so cool! and I absolutely adore the kitten mug! Isn't it wonderful when you find something to go with what you already have? Those plates will be perfect for your Autumn table. I can't wait to see your chairs the fabric. Walmart has a surprisingly good selection!
    Rooster is so cute. He looks so sweet; who could resist that face?
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs,

  11. Hello Vicky, I love all of your great finds. The plates are so nice and you can't beat the price. Rooster is so adorable! I hope you have a nice Friday and weekend. :)
    Julie xo

  12. Vicky those chairs are a bargain and gorgeous. I also love the cut glass egg vase. So pretty. I had some of those brown transferware plates, they are a lovely pattern. I'm still thrifting but on a limited basis also. Trying to take more out then I bring in. Still finding useful things at the thrift shop is the name of the game for me!

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  14. Those chairs will look great in white and I love the toile fabric! Congrats on all your thrift finds, I especially like the plates. Have a wonderful weekend Vicky :)

  15. Your eye never ceases to amaze me when you come back with such amazing finds! The chairs are fantastic and I love the material you have used. The plates have to be my favourite though. Have a wonderful weekend my lovely xx

  16. The steal is the egg-shaped vase. The most beautiful is the toile you selected for your chairs. The most adorable is Rooster. Enjoy your weekend!

  17. I love the chairs and everything else you found, but the pie server is my favorite. I loved the curved handle.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  18. Such great finds! I love the brown transferware and the set of chairs. Great prices that you paid for everything too! Rooster is a cutie!

  19. I can hardly wait to see your chairs painted. They look great now with the new fabric but I think the paint will make the fabric really pop! Some great finds Vicky. A big hug to your sister for working as a hospice nurse. Not an easy job.

  20. You found some really nice things, Vicky. I love the toile you are using to recover your chair seats. Rooster looks like he has settled right cute.

  21. Hi Vicky, what fun! I want to go thrifting with you :) Those chairs are so pretty I love the spools on the backs and that transfer-ware . . .oh my goodness, that is a great find. When I saw your crystal piece I wondered how it would reflect light if you put a votive candle in it, all of those cuts of glass might really light up beautifully, then again it might not take the heat. One of my best friends is out of town this week, but called me last night because she heard of a great yard sale that an old neighbor of mine is having. I hope that we have time to do that Saturday morning. Her and her husband moved from the old neighborhood too, so it will be fun to see their new home.
    I really admire your sister. I have a sweet friend that has worked with hospice for years and has tried to get me to volunteer . . . I just don't think that I could handle it . . . I get too attached and always bring my work home with me. It takes a very special person to do that kind of work . . . very special in deed.

  22. Love the sweet fabric you chose, and great job on the chair. Wow, great plates! I see tablescapes in my brain, but I would keep those plates go use also. Always love seeing the doggies and Rooster is adorable, just like your Sadie.

    I'm behind in my blog commenting. Too much to do outside in the spring! :)

  23. Great job on the chairs.. such a pretty fabric, and your 'rooster' is so stinking cute!
    Have a great week!

  24. Good evening, sweet friend! Ah, what a delight to pop in for a visit! It's been far too long!

    I loved seeing your vintage finds. The plates are stunning and wow! what a deal :) Those pillow cases won my heart, dear Vicky...I can see why you took them home.

    And then the sweet fabric on your chairs...I have the very same fabric in my craft room. Back in January I redid my craft room and made curtains and a table cover with the blue fabric :)

    Hugs to you!


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