Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mobile Home Makeover.....Pantry Remodel

Hello again! I am so excited to have a few minutes free to post again today. Two days in a row!!
I am taking you on a quick tour of my small pantry. We never finished it last year when we remodeled the kitchen so I was excited to get the inside looking as pretty as the rest of the kitchen. 
Welcome to my .....

I bought this little sign last summer. You may remember it from this post. It looked like this when I bought it.

Very cute! I had planned to put it on the guest bathroom door but I really didn't think the white sign would pop on the white door, so I repurposed it. I painted it black and used one of my chalk pens to write Pantry on it and go over the raised scroll design. Not perfect but good enough for me! And free to boot! What do you think?

OK...on the inside of the door, I placed a Command hook that I already had to hang out lunch bags from during the weekend. During the week. they usually sit out on the counter because we use them every day. There are also a couple water bottle holders hanging there that I use when I go for a walk.

Here's the inside. It's hard to get a good shot but you get the idea. 

On the right wall, I repurposed this little cubby shelf that I have had for quite some time. It used to hold pretty things. I had no good place to hang it after we remodeled the dining room and kitchen so it was not being used. It works perfectly to hold baking supplies. I love it here!

The left wall holds a custom built spice rack the hubby whipped up for me! Isn't it awesome? I am blessed with not only a talented hubby, but a loving one as well. He loves making me happy. :)

The top of the shelf holds a few vintage bottles that I wasn't using anywhere else in the house. A little something decorative in this otherwise utilitarian space.

We left the original shelves in place but covered the top of each one with a thin piece of wood and trimmed the front of each shelf as well. I decided to stain them instead of paint because I knew paint would get scuffed badly in a pantry. Now I don't have to worry about repainting in the future. The hubby also built me some smaller, half shelves that you will see in between each big shelf. These are awesome and really help me maximize my space.

Last summer I bought two of these wooden crates on sale at JoAnne's just for this project. I finally get to put them to use. Do you see the small white casters on the bottom in the photo above? I ordered those from Amazon and we attached them to the crates so I can easily roll them in and out . They hold a ton of stuff. The one on the right holds large boxes like cereal and crackers, as well as bread. I love those two clear containers I found at the Dollar General. One holds open sleeves of saltine crackers and the other one holds Ritz or any other round cracker. Those containers were one of the two new purchases for the pantry. They were $3. The crate on the left holds all my sprinkles and cookie cutters. I want to tweak this one a little but it is fine for now.

The bottom shelf holds a wooden box that we have had laying around for years. It holds bags of chips and snacks. The lazy Susan holds jars of things like honey and corn syrup, Crisco for an occasional baked treat, and seasoning packets for Ranch dressing and guacamole in the green container in the center. The two containers on the small shelf hold brown sugar and powdered sugar. I have used these for a few years now. They came from the Dollar General. Other baking items reside on this shelf as well.

Next up from the bottom shelf is the canned goods and the few boxed items I have. I don't buy a lot of pre-packaged things but I do use a few now and then. The white basket in front is one of a set of three in the pantry. They were my other new purchase. They technically didn't cost me anything because we had a $10 off $50 coupon for Lowe's and since we had spent almost $40, I told the hubby we should just find a couple things to get our total to $50 so we could save the $10 and get something for free. I found these for $8.97! This one holds snacks for our lunches...mainly granola bars. The little blue container on the right holds seasoning packets for things like tacos and chili.

The nest to the top shelf holds jars of dry goods. There is also a wire basket holding hot chocolate packets and the second white basket holds the hubby's peanut butter. 

The top shelf holds cooking oil. The lazy Susan holds oils and vinegars. And the last white basket holds extras like salad dressing, mayonnaise and so on for when we run out. I still want to make labels for these baskets. Maybe this weekend. 

And, that's it for the pantry tour. I am loving it! It feels so clean and organized. I threw out so much old stuff when I unloaded it for the remodel. I hope you enjoyed my little pantry tour. Nothing super fancy, but I think it turned out great. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. I'll be finishing up the last few things I need to do around the house before we pick Miranda and Shahid up Monday. I might even have a few minutes to post again. We'll see! 

Until next time.....


  1. Okay, your pantry looks amazing and you have totally inspired me to redo mine, sweet friend. I love the wooden drawers for organizing and the lazy susan is perfect! You are brilliant, Vicky :)

    Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  2. So much room and organization in a small space! I love that you decorated it too with those great bottles!

  3. It looks so nice, Vicky! The spice rack is perfect, I like how you finished the shelves (mine were already painted so I've had to repaint when I redid mine), the half shelves are a wonderful way to see what's in the back...I could go on but I'll just say it's wonderful! :-)
    I know you're enjoying it! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

  4. In my not so humble opinion, the pantry is the most important 'room' in any dwelling, and you have definitely made the most of yours. It looks great, and I bet every time you open the door it makes you smile :).

  5. I love your pantry makeover! Mine has wire shelves, so I use lots of baskets. I want to get crates with casters like you did...brilliant idea!

  6. I am not gonna lie....I have a bit of pantry envy. Looks fantastic and your sign is perfect! Have a great weekend!

  7. It's been so long since I've visited! Your pantry looks great and the pantry sign is a cute addition!

  8. It looks great Vicky! I love that you used every inch of space... the walls inside, the inside of the door, everything :o)


  9. You have done a super job of utilizing the space you have, Vicky! I think all of us who actually cook and enjoy it (at least most of the time), long for one of those walk-in pantries that have more storage capacity than the average household could possibly use, and they are gorgeous, too! What's funny about those "glitzy-glam" pantries is that they are usually connected to an equally posh kitchen and the lucky owner typically says they hate to cook! What? Oh well, the rest of us make-do with what we have and still manage to turn out some pretty good dishes. Really, my pantry isn't much bigger than yours, but getting even a teeny space well-organized can make them hold a whole bunch of good food!

    Warm hugs,

  10. Good Morning Sweet Friend! My neighbor's rooster is crowing and making it impossible to not put a big smile on my face and welcome in the new day. I love your new pantry . . . a place for everything and everything in it's place. That's a great feeling. Have a great day!
    Your blogging sister,

  11. Wow Vicky! I love it all! I love all of the wood elements, and covering the shelves with a thin piece of wood is brilliant - so much easier than making new shelves and you would never know that the old shelves are underneath! I love the spice rack and the wooden boxes, and the turquoise shelf is that little pop of beachy! ;) Love the idea of using those lazy Susan's too!
    We don't have a pantry in our home and I must say after seeing yours I have a big case of Pantry Envy! ;)
    Happy Almost Friday!!
    Hugs, Kimberley

  12. What a great space, Vicky! I love that you left the shelves wood and didn't paint them. It gives it a little rustic-y cottage feel.


  13. You have your pantry so organized and have utilized every inch. I love the wood covered shelves and pull out wood crates. So many ideas here.Love the natural wood in there.

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