Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Finds!

Hello friends! 
Happy Friday morning to you. 
If you know me, then you know I love to go treasure hunting. I haven't done much of that lately and I have tried to cut way back on my trips to the thrifts to keep from finding so many treasures. But, every now and then, I just need to go and look around. Sometimes I don't find anything at all and sometimes I find a few really sweet things to bring home. Such was the case on New Year's Eve when the hubby and I went to Gainesville for the day. I had to stop by Goodwill since we were so close and I am glad I did.
Look what I found.....

These pretty votives were such a pretty color. I liked the square shape and the quilted look. 
They were only $0.99 each, so into my cart they hopped! They will be used in my tablescapes.

These gorgeous crystal champagne glasses could not be passed up. I knew they were crystal before I ever clinked them together. There were five of them, but I only bought four. Did I need them? Absolutely not...and I may end up selling them, but, at just $0.99 each I had to purchase them. Look at this set of six on Etsy...$50. They are the exact same ones I bought!

They are beautiful glasses!

I kind of fell in love with this dish. I don't decorate much for St. Patrick's Day, but I do put out a few odds and ends, and this dish with the Irish blessing had to come home with me.

I love the Celtic braid on the side of the dish.

I love the blessing as well. This dish is about 8 inches in diameter. It is in perfect condition and cost just $1.99.

Now for my favorite find! 
You might be wondering what it is?

I wondered the same thing and I thought it might be a butter dish since it has a sweet little cow on top and the bottom part looks like a churn.

Based on my research, I was correct. 

You may remember my two butter bells and cow shaped creamers. I have a white iron stone and dairy theme going in my kitchen and this fits the bill for both! It is in perfect condition and cost just $1.99. 

The bottom is marked Calif USA. I am tickled pink with this sweet find!

So, have you been thrifting lately? If so, what did you find? 
I hope to be back soon with a few pictures of my white dairy themed collection. I am planning to give my kitchen a good cleaning out tomorrow and will be rearranging a bit as well. I'll snap a few pictures when I finish. 

Until next time....


  1. The butter dish is my favorite. The champagne flutes - a steal! It is hard to resist the thrifts this time of year when everyone is donating up a storm. We are having another rain-filled weekend so that may prevent me from shopping. But not much!

  2. I love all those finds Vicky! I totally would have bought that little cow butter dish. I have a collection of cow creamers and a couple of cow heads/busts! I have not been thrifting in a little while but I was thinking about going out today.


  3. Love the champagne pretty! The butter dish is awesome for you collection! I've found a few things and I need to take some photos and share!

  4. Hi Vicky, you have collection so many nice things and I hope you enjoy them all! Have a wonderful day and weekend.

  5. Oh Vicky, you always, always, always find the best items at thrift stores! I am in love with your pretty glasses and St. Patrick's Day dish :) I was in town today and thought about swinging by the thrift store, but decided not after seeing your pretties I wish I would have :)

    Happy weekend, my friend!

    P.S. -I really like the word your chose for this year!

  6. You're so lucky to be able to find such pretty things. Lately, if I find anything, it's seems to be practical things.....a Packer football shirt for hubby, a small storage container for my scrap booking supplies.

  7. You sure found some fun treasures. Aren't you glad you stopped in? I have 6 champagne glasses that look exactly like yours; think I've had them for at least 30 years. Great find!

  8. Such lovely finds. Those champagne glasses were a great deal, and I love the butter dish. I found some things before Christmas, but I still have to get them posted. Hopefully soon.

  9. I love that little butter dish! Cute and white? That makes two reasons for it to be perfect! Happy New Year! And good luck with the kids on Wednesday!

  10. I think the celtic dish is my favorite although I do love your crystal. Great thrift finds Vicky. Hope you are having a great weekend!


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