Saturday, January 3, 2015

Camellias and a Calendar

Hello friends. 
I'm so glad you're here! Won't you take a walk with me and look at my lovely camellias.

 I have enjoyed having more time to blog these past few days. If you read my word of the year post a few days ago, you might remember me saying I was going to practice diligence in many areas of my life. 

I am happy to report I am sticking to it so far. 
I am excited about this year and some new activities I am embarking upon. 
I have been wanting to keep a journal forever. I am famous for starting one and not sticking to it. It is one of the things I want to be diligent with this year. So far, so good! I am excited to combine art with journaling and use some of my supplies in my craft room that I rarely get to use! 

I am also going to take up embroidery again. I used to enjoy it years ago and then I had kids and life got busy and I forgot all about it. I have found some awesome books on Amazon and can't wait to get started! It will be something to do in the evenings while the hubby and I wind down and watch TV. 

I have enjoyed piddling around the house over the past few days. My camellias are in bloom and so beautiful. They are my favorite flower. Today I picked a small bouquet for my table. 

This one with all the "ruffles" is a favorite! I haven't had many blooms on this one in years past, but this year it decided to bloom. 

While I enjoyed the glitzy New Year's tablescape, it had to go. 
I prefer simpler tables most of the time. 

Remember the votives I thrifted on my Friday Finds post? 
One made its way into this centerpiece.

I love the hobnail milk glass vase. Vintage bottles look like they belong here.

I printed the sweetest calendar created by Erin Leigh. I am finding great inspiration for my art journaling on her website as well. I love her work....:)

She shared a few ideas about how to display the calendar pages. 
I loved this idea....clipped to a vintage book. 

I love this vintage stopper bottle that belonged to my Granny Valentine. I wish there was a way for me to know where she got this one. Bottle digging was a hobby of hers. I sure miss both of my grannies! What I wouldn't give to sit and talk to them once again.

I love these camellias...they make such a sweet bouquet.

Have you done any decorating, tweaking, or rearranging for the new year? 
I always enjoy changing things up a bit. 
The hubby and I have so many plans for our home this our screened porch, and gut and remodel our kitchen, master bedroom, and master bath. Lots to do, but I look forward to the changes that we will make. 

Have a beautiful weekend my friends! 

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Until next time.....


  1. Your camellias are gorgeous. Love that you used them in your sweet vignette. Sounds like big plans for 2015...keep us posted!

  2. I love the camellias Vicky, it's so lovely to start bringing the outside in again. I'm going to have a look at Erin's site now. As for my clear up, I've kept everything very plain and simple - one of the disadvantages of getting a home ready to sell! xx

  3. I can't believe you have flowers blooming... everything here is D.E.A.D. and it's a whopping 21 degrees outside =( I have been cleaning up too. I put away all the Christmas decor and rearranged a few things since it looks so bare after removing the holiday decor always. And of course I'm still putzing around with my bedroom redo projects! I'm off to check out Erin's website!


  4. Your camellias are so beautiful Vicky. I love the arrangement on your table.

    You have big plans for the home this year...I wish you all the best with those and hope everything goes smoothly.

    Keep up the good work with your journal, that is something that I have never be able to do. Not sure why...

    I look forward to seeing your embroidery!

  5. journaling . . . camelias . . . sweet table settings . . . life sounds good on Willie Mae Lane

  6. When we were in Savannah last week we paid a visit to the magnolia plantation and camellias were one of the few flowers that were blooming.,they remind me so much of peonies, one of my very favs.

    Your table arrangement is stunning Vicky!


  7. The calendar clipped onto a vintage book is very clever and extra pretty - I will have to remember that idea :)

    Your flowers are beautiful and so romantic looking, my friend. Thank you for treating us to a post of loveliness. Hugs to you!

  8. What a great post. It feels like we've been able to have a real visit. Here's to a wonderful year ahead.

  9. What an enjoyable post, Vicky!
    Good for you, in that you have already put your heart into making your word for the year work for you!
    I believe using the art along with your journaling will make all the difference for you to keep it going.
    Your table center piece was just lovely graced with those gorgeous flowers.
    I will look forward to seeing the changes you and your hubby plan to make in your home this coming year.

    Joy to you!

  10. I can't imagine anything in bloom. You are so lucky and your flowers are just gorgeous. Love that you have put your thrift finds to good use! We are sitting in -25C temperatures...that's -13F burrrrrr.


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