Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Bells With Some Bling!

Hello dear friends. I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I was in the mood to craft a little something for Christmas this afternoon, so I thought I would share with you what I made. My husband;s aunt called me a few nights ago and asked me if I wanted some crocheted bells her mom (hubby's grandma) made years ago.  She told me they were made with embroidery thread and starched similar to one his grandma made for us years ago. I told her I would love to have them. They are a pretty ecru color. I have been wanting to add a little aqua in my decor since it is my favorite color these days. I had these glittery styrofoam balls in my craft stash, along with the natural and gold baker's twine, so I got to work.
Here are my supplies...this stuff makes me happy!

I used a large needle and threaded my balls and bells onto a piece of the twine.

Here's what it looks like. Simple project and very quick!

Here it is hanging. I raised my postcard banner up a bit and hung it underneath. 
I love it!

Another angle.....

From the back.....

What do you think?

Yesterday I had to run to the grocery store to buy ingredients for the dishes I was making for a family reunion. I had to stop by a yard sale and thrift store while I was out. Fortunately, I only found one thing. This brand new set of tart molds for.....$1!

I see Christmas ornaments in store for these sweet little molds!

I also wanted to let you know I have come up with a perfect solution for our new TV. It is quite large...50". It fits perfectly on the cabinet with just a couple inches to spare on either side. In a post last week, I had asked your opinion on whether I should leave the TV on the cabinet or mount it on the wall so I have space to decorate on the cabinet. 

Old TV

Well, I have decided to leave it on the cabinet, but I have a plan and hope to get it done in the next few days. I will share as soon as it is done. I am so excited!
New TV
I have to get back to the kitchen to dip my candies in chocolate. Tomorrow is the Pre-K & Kindergarten Candy Contest. We have these little cook-offs about once a month. The theme this month is candy. I am making an old favorite. I'll share the recipe soon. This week is Secret Santa at work...that's always fun! Tuesday night is the faculty and staff Christmas party. It is always fun. I'm looking forward to it. Thursday is my class party. It is a pajama party. We will have breakfast foods, and watch a new Christmas movie I bought them. They are so excited to wear pj's to school and to be honest, so am I! I have a busy, but fun week and am looking forward to it. Hope you have a beautiful week.

Until next time.....


  1. I love those bells and what you did with them Vicky! And that new TV is awesome! Bet you love it!


  2. Love the crochet bells and turquoise glitter ornament garland! Looks perfect hanging there. Sounds like you have a lot of fun holiday things going on this week! Enjoy every minute!

  3. Wow Vicky your bells are so pretty and everything looks so festive. Enjoy all of yiur parties.

  4. So lucky to receive the bells and love how you have displayed them. Next week sounds fun and exciting! Did you buy special PJ's for the party?

  5. Hello Vicky!

    I love those bells. Your home looks lovely and full of Christmas Cheer. I have been so busy with getting everything ready for family coming. I feel like I haven't been home hardly at all this month. I baked for 3 days straight and am so glad I am done with that task. Now, I can enjoy all those cookies! :-) I have a ton of wrapping to do and now we have to butcher my sons elk tomorrow. So much for that much needed nap! Ha!

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


  6. The bells are so special and the turquoise is perfect with them! Love your decorating! Have a great week!

  7. That is so cute!!! I love the touch of color you added. I would fit right in at your PJ's party. Have fun Vicky!

  8. Your bell garland is so pretty especially with the pops of color mixed in. Your pajama party sounds like so much fun, I'm sure the kids are really looking forward to it. Happy week to you.

  9. What a lovely garland, my friend. I used similar red balls last year and made a garland with them with felt flowers :)

    The bells are simply precious and how wonderful to have them.

    May you have a beautiful Monday. Hugs to you!

  10. When I first saw you thread the needle, I thought you were using the turquoise balls for the clappers of the bells. However, I love the way you strung it all together and made it more colorful and noticeable. Plus, I love the vintage bells and know you are so glad to have them!

  11. I love your garland! I'm always in awe when I see the gorgeous things that were crocheted or tatted years ago. Almost a lost art.

    Love your new big tv, can't wait until we get ours! Enjoy your candy contest. :)

  12. Hi Vicky! I love your new tv! We are getting another one, we bought a smaller one 32 and that is going into the bedroom now. I love it! I love all of your decorating! The tart tins were a great buy!! I have some and have not had time to do anything yet. Thanks for hosting the Ornament exchange and I am glad to call you my new friend! Have a wonderful Christmas!! I am looking forward to my week off as the dealership closes at 3 on the 24th and we come back the 2nd. I am ready to get some things done! XO Linda


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