Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Little Red, White, & Blue

Hello there and.....

I spent a while out on the porch today, cleaning and sprucing it up a bit for summer. Yesterday, after my chiropractic and massage appointments, the hubby and I went to Kohl's so I could see what children's books and stuffed characters they were featuring. I wanted some for my class library and was lucky to find they were featuring Golden Books and characters. I will share those soon. As we were walking to the shoe department to look for hubby some shoes, we passed  a rack full of Americana decor for 50% off. There were many pretty things, but I decided to pick up this metal welcome sign to use on the porch for June and July. It was normally $19.99 but I only paid $10 for it which I thought was a great deal.

We went to lunch after we left Kohl's and Miranda met us on her lunch break. It was good to see her as I have been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to do any visiting. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Square 1 and then we parted ways. Miranda went back to work and the hubby and I headed to Rack Room shoes since we didn't find any he liked at Kohl's We had success at Rack Room and then we went to Target. I picked up these two stars for $3 each to hang on the door. 

I went to Target to look for some shorts for my trip next week. I bought one pair and then we went to Old Navy where I purchased two more pair. My shorts from last year are too big now so I had to have some new ones. We stopped by Publix on the way home and picked up a few things and that was our day. 

I need to find my box of Americana decor in the shed to see if I have anything else to add to the porch. I did find my little red wagon in the decor closet and added it to the table.

 I want to find some flowers to put inside instead of the aloe plant but it works for now. I'm hoping to find some when I run to Wal Mart tomorrow to pick up last minute items for my trip and groceries for the hubby and son while I am gone.

This Americana porch seems fitting since I am leaving Monday (my birthday) to head to Washington DC with our Safety Patrol group. You may remember me going last year as well. My nephew is going this year and I am his chaperone. We leave at 4:30 am and will arrive that night. We spend Tuesday and part of Wednesday in DC and then head to New York City Wednesday afternoon. We will eat supper in Times Square and see a Broadway show Wednesday evening! I believe we are seeing Aladdin. I am excited since I have not seen this show yet. I have been fortunate to see Phantom of the Opera, Lion King (on Broadway), Wicked, and Beauty & the Beast. I love Broadway and am super excited to see my second show in NYC!

We spend the following day and Friday morning touring NYC. We depart the city around noon to head back home. We will be driving through the night. If you would, please say a prayer for safe travels for us. We will be traveling in a charter bus. 

I have been too busy to get excited about the trip but I am sure it will be fun once I get there. This will be my fourth trip to DC and second trip to NYC. I've seen and done most everything already but my nephew Riley hasn't so this will be an awesome trip for him. 

I actually celebrated my birthday in NYC several years ago and this year I will be celebrating while traveling to DC. 

We still have lots to do to the porch but I am so enjoying it. The hubby has been working on the skirting around the front. I am looking forward to planting some things and landscaping around it. We are also hoping to lay sod soon.

So much to do and so little time to do it. It will all get done though...eventually.

I hope your Sunday is a restful one and my your week ahead be blessed. 

As always, thank you so much for taking time to stop by and visit. I appreciate your visits and kind comments so very much. 

Until next time.....


  1. Isn't it a great feeling to have to buy clothes because your old ones don't fit?! You've really been committed to losing weight Vicky, and you've done it! YAYYY!

    We were just in NY last night and we noticed it has changed a bit. Mostly for the better imo. We haven't been in almost a year I think. Sometimes I miss it, and I need my 'fix', but I'm always glad to leave when it's time to go. I think my ideal lifestyle would be to have a home in the country and a penthouse in the city because I'm definitely a country mouse/city mouse kinda gal :).

    The porch is really looking great! I can envision what it will look like when you add plants and sod and you're going to love hanging out there even more when that happens.

    Happy Birthday to you!


  2. Enjoy your trip! I know you will have a great time! Hugs and Happy Birthday!

  3. Hello Vicky, it sounds like you had fun shopping and lunch with your daughter. How exciting to be traveling to DC and NYC! I hope you have a great time and take a lot of photos. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.
    Hugs Julie

  4. Hello Vicky...
    So very delightful to catch up with life in your lovely part of the world! My, but it has been awhile... You've done some wonderful the pretty things you found on sale! Your upcoming trip to NYC sounds are going to have a blast! I am so excited for you and look forward to hearing all about it! Safe travels... And a very happy (belated) birthday to you, Vicky! I hope it was a truly special one...just like you! {{Smiles}} Always lovely to visit with you...sending big hugs your way!

  5. Love your Americana decor! Good finds! Isn't it nice to need a smaller size? Yay for you! It's a lot of work (I'm in the middle of changing my eating for healthier lifestyle). I know it is worth it though. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip and prayers for safe travels!

  6. The porch looks so inviting, Vicky. I love the way you have decorated it for June and July. Your trip sounds like a lot of fun and how fortunate for your nephew that he gets to go with you. Enjoy and safe travels!

  7. Your porch looks great, so inviting, and such a lovely place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
    Prayers for a fun trip and safe travels.

  8. Good morning, sweet friend! My, what a delightful porch! I would want to sit out there all day every day {{smiles}}

    Thinking of you and wishing you a beautiful day. Hugs!

  9. Wow! How fun to be buying smaller shorts! I hope you have a great trip to DC and NYC. Your porch is looking good!

  10. I really like the stars on your door. And your porch looks like the perfect place to spend summer!

  11. Fun patriotic decor!

    Hope you're having a great summer.


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