Thursday, July 7, 2016

June Wrap-Up & July Beginnings!

Hi there! So glad you stopped by today! How have you been? It's summer break for me but I have been pretty busy this summer and just haven't had a lot of time to blog. Today I am sharing what has been happening since I returned from Washington DC
First and most exciting was Miranda's return from Europe! She is home and living with the hubby and I for a while. I am so happy she is here! We have enjoyed having her here to spend time with. 

I started a bullet journal and it has been my favorite way to plan, make lists, and document life so far! I will share more soon!

I found some amazing deals at Hobby Lobby and had to bring a few things home. The Love canvas, heart mirror and glass box are all for my bedroom which will be getting a remodel sometime soon.

I also found these two pieces. I have been wanting a clock similar to this one for some time now. It's very big...almost 2 feet high. I am not loving the color but it will be easy to repaint.

I tended my parent's garden while they were on vacation. Isn't the okra bloom beautiful! The okra was so tasty! It is one of my favorite veggies.

Rooster is growing like a weed! He is such a stinker. We have to keep things put away and keep doors closed because if he can get to something....well, see what happens! He found a brand new package of tissue paper and shredded it while I was in the shower. LOL!

My workouts with my personal trainer is going pretty well. My arthritis is flared up right now and is trying to get me down, but I am not going to let it. Here's an example of the one hour workouts we are doing. The exercises alone are a challenge, but add to that the extreme Florida temperatures and humidity and it is! I am trying to start walking more as well. 
I am really trying to stay determined!

I bought some new candles at Bath and Body Works and love the Istanbul one. It smells so good!

I went to a 3-day teaching conference in Orlando and this was the resort where I stayed. It was beautiful! The conference was great as well!

We went to BJ's for supper the first night and it was free pizookie day so of course we all had one. I chose salted caramel.

The next night we went to Ikea and the Cheesecake Factory. My dish was always! I saved half of it for lunch the following day.

And you can't go to the Cheesecake Factory and not order cheesecake. I saved half of this as well.

One of the famous teacher bloggers at the conference is sponsored by Astro Brights paper and they gave her a ton to give away. Here was her Instagram status and picture. I'm in the denim jacket and long black skirt (which Miranda bought me from Primark in England). 

On the 4th, we did what most Americans do and watched fireworks. We are blessed to have a neighbor up the road who puts on a big show for the community. There are a few other fireworks displays locally but this one is close to home.

I ordered an adorable salt and pepper cellar I saw on Instagram. I love it!

I picked up this adorable little dish at Tuesday Morning for a couple bucks. There is a rooster on top and a bee on the side. There is a raised honeycomb design all over as well. It is super cute!

It's sitting on the buffet in the dining room for now....

along with my new H.....

and a few other things I shopped the house for.

I am loving this look for summer!

There were many other events and happenings throughout June as well. We saw a few movies, went to a water park, have done some shopping, as well as other random things. I have been reading and working a bit on school related things. We have a short trip planned for next week. I will share if we get to go. I hope you are all enjoying life. I am off to do some visiting.

Until next time.....

Be Blessed,


  1. I just love our summer decor. Such refreshing colors, Vicky.

    I know you must be thrilled to have Miranda home. Our daughter is home from college for the summer and we are loving it! This will probably be the last one since she is a senior now....where does the time go?

    You've been very busy and found some nice deals. I am very interested in your bullet journal and look forward to learning more.

  2. Hi Vicky, my, my, what a fun post. You have been a busy gal and that list of exercises from your trainer . . . I got worn out reading it. I love all of your purchases and am looking forward to your bedroom make-over. You are just going through every room in your house . . . and soon you'll be living in a totally new home :)
    Two questions:
    * How do you cook your Okra?
    * How can you only eat half a slice of cheese cake? I would have eaten that piece and ordered another for the next day :)
    As always, I enjoyed visiting with you and it is great to hear that your daughter is home safe and sound from her adventure abroad. I am sure she has been sharing many stories with you about her life in Europe.
    Happy Summer!
    Connie :)

  3. Your summer decor looks so pretty. It really sounds like you are having a nice summer Vicky. Take care.

  4. Yay, Miranda is home! Did her boyfriend come too? Looks like you've been staying super busy Vicky!


  5. You are having a busy and fun summer. I know you are so happy to have Miranda home! I'm feeling better and recovering from my surgery. Did a bit too much today so have to take it easy for a couple of days now! I look forward to hearing more about your journal.

  6. Yay! So happy Miranda is home! You look like you have had a busy summer. Love all your new finds. What color are you gonna paint the clock? I was just at hobby lobby and found no fun treasures! :( Oh well....
    All is good here. Its very hot here and its going to be in triple digits for several days. PTL for swamp coolers!
    Enjoy your weekend, Vicky!
    Hugs, Amy

  7. My, you have been busy!Summer is going by fast and I haven't even done a thing :-( The Okra blossoms ARE beautiful, I want some just for the flowers. I'm hungry now after I've seen all your food! I am shopping at Hobby Lobby tomorrow.....haven't been there in months :-(

  8. Oh my, that resort looks amazing! How I would love to go there right now {{smiles}} I am so glad the conference went well and you were able to enjoy your time there.

    It was truly a joy to catch up with you, sweet friend. How I have missed you! Love and hugs!

  9. Ah...dear Vicky, you always discover the most gorgeous things for your lovely home! I love each sweet new item you've added to your decor...{{smiles}}
    How exciting to have Miranda home for awhile! You must be delighted...will she be returning to Prague? I can't believe the time has gone by so swiftly...surely it was just the other day she hopped on a plane and began working there?? {{smiles}}
    Rooster is growing very quickly...I bet he keeps you on your toes!
    And my...I think that cheesecake looks utterly too delicious for words...I might have to visit the Cheesecake Factory {sounds amazing!} when, Lord Willing, I travel to the States! :-)
    Thinking of you lots and sending you big hugs...I have missed you!
    All my love and of course, hugs!

  10. Lots of things to comment on...hope I remember them all. lol

    For starters, I'm definitely interested in that journal. Did you say bullets? I'm in!

    Will Amanda be returning to Prague? A friend is visiting there now and it looks like a lovely city,mouth if course I've seen some pics already ;).

    I read that list and oh my! I hate burpees! I can't read everything but some of the things I don't even know what they are! Good for you. Keep up the good work, and stay away from Cheesecake Factory and free pizookies! lol


  11. What a wonderfully packed month and a fabulous start to July. Your finds are awesome but you really got me with your little honeycomb dish. Since, we started keeping a hive of our own I really love finds that are honeybee inspired. I'm so glad your daughters back. Best wishes for good times for the remainder of the summer. I can't wait to see what else you'll be into!

  12. Nice to catch up with you! Summer is getting away from me and I must post soon. Been painting and improving the house as usual!

  13. HI Vicky, sounds like a fun filled summer for you. I know you're enjoying Miranda being home - is she staying in the States or heading back to Prague at some point? It was good to catch up on your summer. Rooster is so cute! My boys are 3 1/2 and finally not tearing everything up but I think tissue paper might be too fun to pass up. Lol. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. We just got back from ours so I'm playing catch up!

  14. Enjoyed your catch up post and so glad to see Miranda is back home! Enjoy your sweet time together. I have some blog reading to do myself. :)

  15. I knew you would have a conference or two in the summer.

    How exciting that Miranda is home again.

  16. You must be thrilled to have your daughter with you. Keep steady on the workout... I've been serious most days for months now and I do feel better in a toned body... Speaking of, it's time for some exercise!


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