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Prague....Final Post (Souvenirs)

Hello and happy Monday! 
Oh it feels good knowing I have this week off! I don't have much planned at all. Some of my work friends and I are planning to take a day trip down to Cedar Key on Wednesday, but that's about it for outings. I plan to spend a lot of time resting and doing some more organizing and purging and some blogging too! Today I am sharing my final post about my trip to Prague. I purchased a few things while I was there and wanted to share. 

Everywhere you look, there are nesting dolls. In fact, there are wooden toys of all sorts. I have always wanted a set of nesting dolls so I purchased a set there. I fell in love with a gorgeous set but did not want to spend the amount of Crowns they wanted for them, so I opted for this set instead. I love the pretty green color and she has a cute face too. Just look at those lips. :)

The smallest one is so tiny...less than an inch tall!

I bought this small watercolor of one of the beautiful views. I have it framed on my bookshelf now. You will see it in a photo further down.

I love purchasing ornaments while on vacation, so of course I found a few to bring home. This hand painted clay jingle bell was so unique. I had to have it.

These laser cut wooden ornaments were everywhere at the Christmas Market. They were fairly inexpensive too so I bought several of them to give away to family and friends as well as a couple for myself.

This adorable straw pig is put away for Miranda. She picked it out at the Christmas Market and I bought it for her and have it put away for her future Christmas tree.

A wooden bookmark.

These adorable pieces which you might remember from my Valentine's decor post. These were purchased from a strange little store called Tiger. It reminded me of a Dollar type store. It was like a maze going through the place...very odd!

I also bought this rainbow tape there. 

As well as this box of foil.

Isn't it neat? I couldn't pass it up! It's in my craft room waiting for just the right project someday!

And lastly, I bought thus little mug for an ornament but for now it is sitting on my bookshelf. The cobblestone was picked up from a pile of loose ones I found. This city has more cobblestones than I have ever seen in my life. It seemed like millions and I am not exaggerating!  The rock was picked up at Vysehrad. A friend at school had requested I bring her a rock, so I picked up one for myself as well.

I also kept one of each type of coin they use there. I really wanted to keep one of each bill as well but I didn't want to "waste" money doing that. Their currency is so pretty there. They also don't really have change like we do. Their coins are more like our small bills. They have 50, 20, 10, 5, and 2 Crown coins. The 50 Crown coin is about $2. Anything below a 100 Crown bill is in the form of a coin. It took me a couple days to get adjusted to this new currency. The 1,000 Crown bill is about $40. I was constantly trying to figure out how much I was spending on things. Very confusing! The coins are pretty though aren't they? The 50 is two types of metal.

Here is is displayed along with my coins from the Bahamas.

I picked up several small gifts as well as some snacks to bring back and share with my students and family. My students loved trying snacks from another country. And that wraps up my Prague posts. Sorry it took me a while to get through them all. I hope you enjoyed visiting this amazing city with me. And, I hope you have a lovely week in your own city, town, or wherever you live! I will be back in a day or two to share a craft room update.
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  1. I followed you all over Prague. You found a good variety of items to bring back. Especially the clay jingle bell and the nesting doll. Vysehrad called - they want their cobblestones back :>)))

  2. Your Prague posts were a lot of fun, Vicky. Not as much fun as I'm sure you had while there though.

    You picked some nice treasures. The foil is quite interesting, wonder what you will do with it :)

    Enjoy your week off!

  3. Great souvenirs! I love the clay bell and the nesting dolls!! Wonderful memories.

  4. Hi Vicky, it is great to see that you are blogging again. I have missed you . . . I loved strolling along with you through Prague and I am so happy that you were able to go there and visit your daughter. Have a nice spring break . . . I image that the beaches are filled with college kids this time of the year and not the most fun to visit, but I'm sure you will have a lovely week.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  5. Oh my Vicky - What a wonderful trip you had! How fun that you picked up Christmas ornaments. That is a perfect souvenir. Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your sweet words with me. We will be doing Easter for the next two weeks, then our Easter break - followed by insects and plants till the end of the year! The lapbook is a ton of work. I had a mom volunteer who put it all together. She came in each Tuesday and spent the mornings gluing! LOL! Since we are a private school we have a full day kinder and we are able to do lots of fun things - we have more time. Have a great time on your Spring Break!

  6. Hello Vicky, what sweet nesting dolls you found! I did love those lips!!
    It is so wonderful when our children live in far away places it allows us to have new adventures. I do hope you enjoy your Spring break!
    Thinking of you!
    Hugs, Roxy

  7. Awww, I love those nesting dolls! Looks like you got some great things that you can cherish for years to come :o)


  8. Just love your sweet nesting dolls! In a favorite color of yours too! You bought some sweet souvenirs. It must have been hard to choose. Enjoy your week...and don't do too much work! :)

  9. I have loved "visiting" Prague with you! You bought some amazing things - I think I like the straw pig the best! So cute. :-) The watercolor is just beautiful. And the coins are very interesting. Thank you for sharing your travels with us!
    Have a wonderful week! Hugs,

  10. That will be a trip you won't soon forget!

    Such pretty souvenirs you have now that no doubt will always remain special.


  11. That will be a trip you won't soon forget!

    Such pretty souvenirs you have now that no doubt will always remain special.


  12. I just love nesting dolls! How special to have such a keepsake from a great country. Thanks for taking us on a tour of it!

  13. What great souvenirs to bring back memories of your travels. I love the thought of you bringing back rocks! xx

  14. It was like I was right there with you during your trip to Prague. What fun! :)
    Those nesting dolls are so cute! I love the red hearts. What great little treasures you have to remember your trip by.
    I love that foil with the strawberries on it. Now, how come we can't find stuff like that here. ;) Way cute!

    I hope you have an amazing Spring Break!
    Hugs, Amy

  15. What fun remembrances of Prague. It will be great at Christmas when you hang your ornaments on your tree.

    How much longer will Miranda be in Prague.

  16. LOVE your nesting dolls Vicky. You really found some treasures in Prague. I can hardly wait to see what you do with your foil. I have never seen anything like that here. Have a lovely week off and enjoy your break! Cheers.

  17. I really enjoyed all your posts about your trip. You brought back some fun items. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think the nesting dolls were really cute. And that pig!


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