Saturday, August 23, 2014

More Mobile Home Renovations!

Hello friends! I am happy to report I survived my first week with students. This week I only had 4-6 per day on Tuesday through Friday, so it was pretty easy! Starting Monday, they will all be there and I will be totally exhausted at the end of each day for the first few weeks. It takes some time to get kinders to learn all the rules and procedures. For you non-teachers, procedures are those things you have to train the kids to how to enter the room and where to put their things, how to push in their chairs and sit on the rug, how to act properly in the bathroom, how to walk in line without touching the person in front of you, and about a million other things...;) So, while I still have a bit of energy, I thought I would share the part of the renovation that I gave a sneak peek of on my blog tour on Monday. 

Several months ago, my sweet blog friend Magali  shared this project she did in her cottage. I fell in love with it and immediately knew I would do something similar when we started our renovations. Here's a photo of Magali's wall with built in shelf. You can read her post here. If you don't already know Magali...I highly recommend you pay her a visit. She shares updates to her little cottage, photos of her sweet kitties, yummy recipes, and she takes you on trips around France. I so enjoy my visits with her...:) Thanks so much Magali for giving me this idea.

Here's my opening with my shelf. While mine is not just like Magali's, it is very similar and I just love it! My shelf drops down around 12-14 "...can't remember for sure, and the hubby is gone to the races so I can't ask him. I never liked this big opening between my living room and dining room, but now I love it! The photo below is taken from the dining room side. You can see my front door and the plank wall on the right with my entry area. That white spot on the door is a reflection from the entry mirror. You can see a peek of my new curtains in the living room as well. 

This is taken from the front door. You can see the same curtains in my dining room. I have two windows in there, one on either side of my china cabinet. I will share more of that room soon. We still have a few things to finish in there, like trim and hanging the chandelier. I also haven't found a table I like and we may end up building one. Anywho, the arrow in the photo points to where we stopped with our bead board. When we remodel the kitchen one day, we will be tearing out everything and starting over from this point. The bar will be bumped out closer to the window with a wider overhang for bar stools. I have lots of plans for the kitchen, but that reno will have to wait a while. We still have to reno our master bathroom and bedroom first. See the little black table on the right? 

I don't think I shared it and this area yet. The little table holds my phone charger and purse and is where I drop my mail for a few days until it makes it to my desk in the craft room. The gold chalkboard is a mirror that used to hang in my living room and was painted turquoise blue. I just took the mirror out and spray painted the backside with chalkboard paint. That way, I can still use it for a mirror when I get tired of this. I am really into gold lately, so the turquoise went away and I love how it turned out. 

Here's a shot of the opening from another angle in the dining room. You can see that my new built in bookshelves are to the right of it. 

I love the cast iron brackets I found at Hobby Lobby. I had a 40% off coupon and a $20 gift card, so for two brackets and a cast iron anchor for my gallery wall, I only paid $1.20 out of pocket! Great deal! The brackets were just over $8 each which I though was a really good deal even without a coupon. 

Here's another little update on my plank wall. We hung my print and clock to the right of the TV stand. We really want a larger flat screen and are hoping to get a good deal during the holidays. It may be mounted on the wall, but I haven't decided yet. 

So, that's it for today. We are slowly finishing things up, but are having to save a bit to totally finish. That's OK though since I have been so busy with school. We were also getting a little burned out on all the work, so it's been nice taking a break from it for a bit. The hubby has enjoyed having time to piddle on his race car and clean and organize his shop. It had been neglected for weeks. I'm off to finish up a few things for school and enjoy my night at home alone. I can watch what I want to on TV and just relax in my pretty new living room. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. 

Until next time....


  1. I love the shelf you added to the opening between rooms. Genius!

    Your entire Reno project has turned out so lovely Vicky. It's like a new house. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Enjoy your quiet evening.

  2. Funny those are the exact same procedures I once taught my seventh graders! You did not mention the beautiful collection of white things on the fab new shelf. I am thinking maybe I will tear put a piece of wall if you lend me Joey for a few days! I like the way you have an entry table for all those things that get thrown around in our house. Enjoy being home alone - I am sure Sadie is keeping you company.

  3. Wow, it's looking so great Vicky! I love that little shelf in the opening, so clever! Everything looks great as usual! :o)


  4. Hello Vicky, I love the whole new look! And I also love that little table. I laughed over all the rules the little people need to learn :o)
    Blessings, Roxy

  5. How it all! Your hard work has really paid off. Love the shelf...turned out great.

  6. Beautiful, those cast iron brackets were really cheap, I love cast iron. The self looks beautiful with all the white jugs, it's all so pretty. We recently put our flat screen on the wall, I much prefer it there!

  7. so cute! I love the open shelf....something you wouldn't want to do in CA :-) Everything looks so nice.

  8. Fabulous! Love the table, and what a deal on those brackets! Looking good!,

  9. I love Magali! Love your open shelf too! It looks amazing. Hope you enjoy your TV night.

  10. You lucky thing to be able to sit down and chill out in your lovely living room surrounded by such wonderful things. It's all coming together and looks gorgeous! Well done you! I don't know where you get the time xx

  11. Hi Vicky, wow you did a great job with the shelf and everything looks lovely! Good luck with school. I can't believe that school starts next Wednesday for my daughter. The summer really went too fast. Take care & have a nice week.

  12. The reno's you and your hubby have done are awesome! I am in love with your wooden wall.

  13. Hello!
    So glad you had a great week back to school. I hope you have a wonderful school year. I just love your house. It feels so warm and inviting! Keep up the AWESOME work!


  14. I kid you not, the second I saw the shelf with pretties on it I said out loud, "How cute! You could do this for me, dear (talking to my husband)." haha I love it and I can see how your friend inspired the two of you are inspiring me!

    Your home is simply lovely, my friend, just like you :) Love and hugs!

  15. Love that shelf! What a great display area! I love what you've done with your home. Glad school is going well so far. I know it's tiring!!

  16. I love the idea you got from Magali and your version turned out great.

    I wish we had a Hobby Lobby anywhere nearby because I was looking for brackets and the only ones I found are $20 + each. We changed our mind about shelving because of the high cost of the brackets.

    Good luck this next week with your little ones.

  17. Love it! That shelf is genius! I've not seen it done in blog land. Your home is really beautiful! I'm glad you shared how you painted the back of the mirror ... I have a similar mirror that would make a great chalkboard. And that plank wall!!!!! Wow!
    Have a great week at school!

  18. All I can say is WOW, WOW and more WOWS!! Your home is just beautiful, Vicky. You and your hubby have done a fabulous job.
    Enjoy the new!
    Blessings to you! Debbie

  19. Thank you so much for mentionning me! I like your version of the project very much and I see you are lucky to have a thicker wall which allows you a really nice display!

  20. Wow Vicky, your shelf looks just amazing. Love those brackets!

  21. Hi Vicky,
    Love seeing all the projects you have managed to knock out. All amazing I might add. Enjoy the conference, and can't wait to see the progress on the family room.
    Inspirational Minimalist Home Idea

  22. You've sure been busy, so many fun projects. Love the shelf with all your pretty pitchers.

  23. Everything looks great and I love, love the shelf. I'm trying to figure where I could put one in my apartment. It looks so good and shows off the pottery. Wishes for a great week. The little ones are so lucky to have you for a teacher.

  24. Vicky, I love the shelf! It really adds to both rooms and makes a wonderful display area. I really like how all your projects are coming together. It's all looking great! Hope your week goes well...I know your students will be blessed by you.


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